Indirect lighting for creative lighting and interior design

Indirect lighting for creative lighting and interior design

Indirect lighting for a dramatic spatial and lighting design! Indirect lighting is the perfect solution when you need more light in the room, which is focused directly on the eyes. At a lower light intensity, the light does not blind us and the space is optimally illuminated.

indirect lighting for spectacular interior design &# 8211; Interior Carol Zimmermann

modern living room interir with upholstered chairs and coffee table gray wood as ideas for color design living room gray

Where can the indirect lighting use the most? Basically everywhere. What you need to take in view of the size and the function of the room. The different types of vehicles can improve the lighting and the perception of each room. The indirect lighting, you can define different spatial areas and accentuate different objects in the room. In the living room are mostly wall shelves, or the TV area staged by additional lights. In the bedroom, indirect lighting is often installed behind the headboard of a bed, which serves as a substitute for bedside lamps. Indirect lighting without additional lighting fixtures produced the best and most easily by LED strips. One of the most popular variations for interior with LED lighting is the indirect ceiling lighting that is hidden along the corners between ceilings and walls and inconspicuous. Through this type of ceiling design it can also be a fascinating 3D effect can be produced on smooth surfaces.

hidden wall lighting as a design element in the bedroom

Modern bedroom with bed and wardrobe in white and wall design with wood and wall lamp for indirect lighting bedrooms

blue light in the kitchen as a color scheme at night

modern kitchen with white cover design by blue indirect deckenbeleuchtung

The indirect LED lighting, you can also create a creative color design. You know that the colors have a psychological impact. The question in this case would be what color for which room is appropriate. If the light is warm or cold, also plays a role. Cold light namely promotes the activity of the brain and improves concentration. So the blue light is suitable for the room where you work. A lighting design in green suits ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, as the green color, has a calming effect as the color of nature. If you want to search for a warm light effect and make a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room, then the yellow light is the right solution for it. However, since yellow light can lead to sleep, turn it one or two hours before slack off. If the atmosphere is supposed to be romantic, the red light is always appropriate. but if you want to combine more colors, which are fit together? The combination of red and blue light is determined not a good idea especially for home because your emotions are affected in two opposites, nor a harmonious atmosphere can be generated. The simultaneous combination of different colors of light can be uncomfortable. Our proposal in this case would be a use of different colors by switching. So you can always change the light to suit your mood, without account assignments, counteracting lighting design to influence your emotions. See how you can make the different rooms and room areas creative and interesting by indirect lighting. In the following examples, you will cool inspiration for modern lighting in the living room and bedroom, as well as find ideas for lighting design in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Be inspired by our 55 cool ideas for creative lighting and interior design by about direct lighting.

combined indirect lighting for harmonious ambience of a small living-dining room

small living room with a small kitchen and cooking island with white bar

indirect lighting with warm light for chic and bright interior design

modern living room with fireplace and dining table massiv_wandfarbe light green combined with white cabinets

Idea for suspended ceiling of wooden slats as a ceiling design

modern kitchen with brick wall and kitchen cabinets wood to the wood dining table

interesting inspration for indirect lighting above ceiling beams of costudio

light ideas living room white with light with roof windows and visible wooden structure

pleasant atmosphere by indirect lighting under a high shelf

minimalist living room interior design with fireplace and wall shelves with indirect lighting

cool idea for ceiling decorated with wooden slats for indirect ceiling lighting

living room set with green wingebauten books shelves and sitting area from floor cushions

a modern concrete building with wooden floor &# 8211; Yalumba winery Grieve Gillett

modern interior with illuminated concrete walls from floor

creative idea for indirect lighting by interesting pendant lamp to the floor &# 8211; costudio

minimalist modern living room of concrete with black leather furniture and cool pendant lamp made of glass bottles

Room wall set the scene by indirect lighting 

luxury living room inspirations for modern device with built-in fireplace white and integrated wall and ceiling lighting

underline wooden wardrobe and ceiling with indirect LED lighting

wall color GREETINGS small living room with sloping roof and Holzmöbeln_ and wood wall covering for rustic interiors

emphasize the wall Nuschen with indirect lighting and wood material

modern living room set with marble tiles and wall African wood with lighting

3D ceiling design with the help of LED strips for more light in the room

beautiful carpet tiles living room design with marble floors and fireplace and with indirekrer wall light

akzentieren on walls of exposed concrete slabs 

luxury living room with concrete corner sofa blue and cover design with deckenbeleuchtung

Idea for lighting design of the space areas of open living space

living room interior with beige corner sofa and coffee table around

Indirect lighting wall as an accent in an open kitchen with natural stone tiles &# 8211; costudio

luxury kitchen with cooking island and wood dining table white with black dining chairs

indirekre ceiling lighting as additional lighting for high rooms

modern living room with corner windows and minimalist fireplace white

Idea for more light in the room with indirect lighting above the windows

loft apartment idea with brick wall and holzdecke_moderne living room with wood floor and carpet around white blue

creative Wohnidee corridor with black wooden floor and door lighting Design Systems Ltd

living idea corridor black with wall color and illuminated front door black

Idea for indirect lighting in the entrance area in front of the door

modern house with entrance doors and built-in black sconce

Tageslich increase by indirect ceiling lighting &# 8211; Idea for bright rooms

modern living room inspirations for built wohwand against white corner sofa leather and beautiful carpet black with blue flowers

Wall lighting by light spots as a wall decoration idea

living room design with wallpaper gray and upholstered sofas coffee table with round black

elegant interior design in white with white light as an accent

luxury living room with white wall design and wall lighting

fantastic combination of light and water in Royal Garden, Shanghai

modern interior design with water and indirect wall lighting

Crown molding for elegant and indirect ceiling lighting Santa Ana

cover design with floor to ceiling make for indirect lighting

interesting idea for accent lighting in the living room &# 8211; Studio Lipparini

Modern living room with natural stone tiles and wall shelves from wood

welcoming atmosphere, with a warm light in the hallway &# 8211; Inspiration of costudio

idea for light design in the hallway

put emphasis on the seating area in the living room by indirect lighting 

cool idea for living room design with white lattice and wooden floor

Inspiration for indirect lighting in stairwell

stair side lighting by indirect wall lighting

integrated LED lighting along the stair stringer between stairs and brick wall

Modern interior stairs as stairs cheeks white lights illuminate

indirect lighting under the stair railing

modern living room with internal staircase and indirect beleuchtung_wandfarbe black for wall niche

House 1 of dot-partners as inspiration for creative lighting in the room 

luxury interior desihn with white natural stone walls and wood floor coverings

clear forms and indirect lighting for a minimalist interior via peter guthrie

creative lighting design by indirect lighting under a wooden bench

indirect lighting as wall decoration in the bathroom

luxury bathroom with bath paneling from wood and cool bathroom wall design with lighting behind glass wall

elegant lighting for bathroom mirror through slot in the ceiling

ideas for bathroom mirror lighting by indirect deckenbeleuchtung luxury bathroom design with natural stone wall and mirror wall

spectacular interior design for bedrooms with tons of ceiling &# 8211; Snow Hotel Archi Group MA and 1990 UAO

luxury bedroom inspiration for natural stone bedrooms with pendant lights and floor lighting

creative idea for bedroom concrete with sloping ceiling and indirect ceiling lighting

luxury bedrooms sloping roof made of concrete with ground lighting under the bed and a skylight

interesting lighting design concept for small bedrooms

small bedroom set with bed in wall niche and side wall light with LEB-strip and stand lamps

Idea for lighting design in the bedroom with open swimming area via

luxury bedroom wall niche in wooden glass wall with open bathroom with tub and calf

chic wall design with wood paneling and integrated LED lighting via 

luxury bedroom wooden bathtub with black marble

Idea for indirect wall lighting in the bedroom

bedroom wood with cool wall lights black with red light

Flinstone Malibu home of Dick Clark

modern home and modern bedroom design with brick-lined w-ends and indirect lighting

Windowsill from below illuminate as an idea for lighting design in the bedroom

modern bedroom with parquet and indirect lighting behind headboard

Windowsill as a headboard and LED lighting around the bed

interesting bedroom decorated with wooden bed and bed lighting

warm light in the bedroom as a ceiling design

luxury bedrooms with spieglwand and wall color beige

Ceiling lighting and punk lamps for the bedroom

bedroom parquet luxury with with headboard and pillow from

LED lighting alcoves &# 8211; Lighting accents in the bedroom

bedroom inspiration for modern bedroom furnishings and design with indirect lighting

Ceiling lights for indirect lighting in the bedroom

modern bedroom with concrete ceiling and built-in wardrobe with mirror and

cool design idea for small bedrooms on the roof with indirect lighting wooden beams

bedrooms sloping roof with wooden beams and roof windows

cool bedroom interior in wood with punk lights and sconces

modern bedroom interior design with wooden floor and wooden walls

interesting lighting and wall decoration in the bedroom

cool idea for wanddeko bedrooms and color design in purple

more light in the bedroom by lateral LED lighting

indirect lighting and ceiling lighting wall bedroom

Bedroom design in dark colors and indirect ceiling lighting

modern bedroom furnishings and wanddeko with wallpaper

Another inspiration for ceiling lights in the bedroom with exposed beams

Bedroom with sloping roof in white with mirror

Inspiration for indirect lighting in Lymm Water Tower by Ellis Williams Architects

modern bedroom interior in white with wall of glass blocks and partition with illuminated wall niche

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