In the airborne light FLYTE

In the airborne light FLYTE

In the airborne light FLYTE

The creative and unique idea by Swedish designer Simon Morris for an elegant, small and even levitating lamp, is a clever combination of the decade for magnetic induction of Nikola Tesla with the classic light bulb Edison. The airborne lamp FLYTE is the result of many experiments and many years of work. &# 8222; FLYTE is a lamp that floats by means of magnetic levitation in the air and is supplied through the air with electricity. With FLYTE the bulb is released. &# 8220; the designer says in his Kickstarter campaign, where he wants to collect $ 80,000 for the project. You can also order a piece for $ 250 already. The designer hopes that he can deliver the ordered lamps in October, 2015.

floating in the air lamp from the Designer Simon Morris

cool idea for interior design with floating light as table lamp

modern table lamp with wood panel of three different types of wood

modern lamps as a floating table lamps

the small creative table lamp with induction system

modern floating table lamp as a cool design element

The cool lamp consists only of two separate parts – a wooden base and the well-known light bulb. The, equipped with a magnetic, rectangular base plate is made of oak, ash or walnut. A luminous flux of 60 lumens generated by four, in the bulb built-in, low voltage LEDs. When the lamp is energized, the bulb can levitate and rotate continuously with almost no friction. To turn the lamp on and off, just the surface of the wood panel to touch. Instead of batteries, the lamp is powered by an induction system, the (inductive energy transfer) is compatible with the Qi system. This means that you can use the wood panel and the battery charging from your smartphone. You just have to let the mobile phone lying on it.

creative and modern table lamp in wood and floating light bulb

modern lamp with free-floating light bulb for interesting interior design

the wooden plate of floating lamp as a charger for your cell phone

modern lamp with inductive energy transfer

creative lighting for the home and to take away

cool interior with modern table lamp wooden plate and bulb

floating and rotating lamp with magnetic and LEDs

construction of floating in the air lamp

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