Ideas for a minimalist bedroom

Ideas for a minimalist bedroom

For some, the bedroom is just another room in the apartment, for others an important private area to relax. What is the significance of this area and how important it is to set for you, everyone decides for himself. What counts for us is the good sleep! So that we can really be resting in the bedroom, the atmosphere plays an important role. Namely the colors and furniture create a certain atmosphere in every room, as well as in the bedroom. And the simple, with as little furniture, our bedroom is set up, the more unencumbered remains our sensory perception. How to set up your bedroom cozy and modern, we will provide you with some examples and ideas for a minimalist bedroom from the Italian furniture manufacturer LAGO demonstrate.

modern and minimalist bedroom design

modern bedrooms with built inspiration dresses rank white and modern bed with headboard gray and beige modern bedding

Look for elegant decor ideas and suggestions for modern bedroom furniture and bedroom sets? Want to make your bedroom a simple design? What they need for a chic interior design of your private area, how interesting floor coverings, modern bedroom sets and creative wall design with shelves, you will see the following bedroom concepts of Lago. As inspiration for a minimalist bedroom furniture and stylish color scheme, we will introduce 4 bed models in combination of modern wardrobes, wall shelves and flooring.

modern bedroom interior design ideas with the floating bed VELE

modern bedroom concepts with wood flooring and cool bed deco idea

We start with a minimalist bed design for innovative bedroom with breastfeeding. The floating bed VELE is equipped with a creative headboard, consisting of three with fabric or leather-covered panels and provides enough storage space. The three staggered in height panels offer a hidden place for storing various objects and see how a modern Books No matter.

Bedroom inspiration with bed fabric headboard as a storage area

bedroom ideas for modern furnishings with modern bedroom furniture in gray

The bed of the curve Air is a unique piece of furniture which completely corresponds by its design and invisible supports made of transparent glass panes, a minimalist bedroom furniture. The clear tempered glass provides absolute transparency and optical illusion of floating in the air bed. The shelves, drawers and backrest can be attached anywhere on the bed frame. The modern bookshelf this line you can, for example, attach along the side of the bed.

Ideas for a minimalist bedroom with bed &# 8222; Air&# 8220;

luxury bedroom bedroom wall shelves and wall color yellow and creative wall design with white sconce

cool bedroom and living room concept for small apartments and one-room apartments

small living room with bed and modern white shelves as Raumtrennug and wall color blue and lilla

modern bed design with clear glass panels for a floating look

contemporary bedroom design with wall shelves made of wood as a modern nightstands

Furnishing idea and wall design with the modular SYSTEM LAGOLINEA

bedroom design in blue and white with ball-pendulum lamp and white shelves

Bedroom color schemes by a colorful wardrobe

bedroom ideas for bedroom decor with wall color gray and round carpet in purple on a concrete pad

a futuristic bedroom in yellow with the bed &# 8222; Colleto&# 8220;

creative schlafyimmer design with yellow bed and bedside table, modern Kleiderschrankszstem with schiebbarer panel

The extraordinary line Colleto sets the substances in scene. The unique bed Colleto is designed with a shell of soft foam that envelops you while sleeping as noise and visual protection from all sides. The bed collar can shake up in an open, semi-open or fully closed. As part of this bedroom sets or as part of a modern living room furniture, you can choose the round Colletto table. The designer table can be used either as a round bedside table, or as a modern side table at a chic interior. The Rundtischchen consists of three painted glass plates, which can rotate around a central axis. The elegant design is hidden with a covering of the table with stretch fabric in two different colors and hence also a hidden storage area is managed. The round table fits perfectly in the bedroom and stands as a perfect design element in the living room.

Minimalist decor ideas for the bedroom with foam

bedroom inspiration for modern bed and round bedside tables in green

round designer table with rotating glass panels &# 8211; Colletto

round pedestal table and bedside table with yellow glass sheet and gray fabric sleeve for modern interior design in yellow and gray

modern furniture for modern interior design &# 8211; armchair HUGGY

furniture cool decorating ideas for living room with modern

colored bed frame and cool color scheme with the fabric-cabinet system Et Voilà

Modern bedroom in yellow and blue with yellow bedside table and bed in lillafarbe

Furnishing idea with a bed and wardrobe Air Wildwood N.O.W. and wall design with wallpaper N.O.W

modern bedroom idea with wooden bed and white wallpaper with stripes pattern for modern wall design

More warmth and comfort in the bedroom you will create determined by the use of wood materials. Accent in the wood flooring, the head of the bed, and the shelves in the bedroom can be. As an example, we introduce you to the bed Air Wildwood. Elegant design by the combination of glass and wood elements.

Bed with wooden headboard and elegant Abstellffläche in yellow fabric

creative bedroom furniture for a designer bedroom-design

contemporary wooden shelf as functional decoration idea for the bedroom

modern bedroom inspiration for bedroom design with wooden shelf and wardrobe with stripe pattern in black, white and green

Wooden sideboard and glass with white drawers as part of the bed

bedroom ideas for modern furnishings and ideas for sideboard bedroom

Another solution to make a designer bedrooms, gives you the bed FLUTTUA. In this model, the bed is only available on a height-adjustable leg and you can choose between a round or rectangular shape of the bed. The following example is a chic decor idea for minimalist bedroom, through the combination of FLUTTUA bed with an extremely modern, floating wardrobe line Et Voilà. The modern storage system consists of a sealed with permanently taut fabric shelving system. The low weight of this creative and modern wardrobe with fabric concealment will be mounted to the modern cabinet on the wall. The innovative cabinet system Et Voilà has many uses in the home and seamlessly adjustable. The panel can also play the role of a partition wall in the room.

Modern bedroom with bed Fluttua_Schrank ET VOILÀ_Teppich 36E8

minimalist bedroom interior in white with modern closet and floating bed with bedspread purple

interesting solution for minimalist bedroom furniture with closet 

bedroom with wall gray color gray and armchair with tappich in violet

Furnishing idea and wall design with REGAL TANGRAM and wooden floor SLIDE

bedroom design with rasa colored triangular wall shelves and night-Nazi and interesting wooden elements as cool wall design

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