Hidden – secret rooms and -türe in the apartment

Hidden - secret rooms and -türe in the apartment

What hides behind the door? Well, it’s nice and clear &# 8211; Room, kitchen, garage, storeroom. But what is hidden behind a secret door, or in other words, behind a secret door? Then the question is where the door is hidden? Of course, the door refers to the access to a room. And if we want to use this space as a hiding place, the door converts a closet or part of the wall and disappears at once. You know well the trick with the suspended from the mural behind a cash register is installed.

Well, no matter what way you will need as a secret door or a secret room, we’ll show you different solutions on how to elegantly hide this. A door that has access to a storage space. Why not a secret door to the children, or the children to a hidden room, which can only be playful and interesting for the kids. A hiding place for your winter or summer clothes, for which you can not find a place in the wardrobe. Or simply as a simple and creative design in the room from which you as Your work space or bathroom can be entered. Here are examples of our secret in the home.

Hinged door in gold of linvisibile

Loft set up - minimalist living room design with visible metal construction and green Sesseln- wall prank idea

Secret door as part of the wall &# 8211; linvisibile

creative design door-wall design idea

secret door &# 8211; Tapetentür of linvisibile

hidden secret door Wall Murals design

Elegant apartment design with secret door of 2nd phase desig

modern living room furnishings - TV wall with wood paneling and shelves-minimalist living room with black leather sofas and wooden coffee tables

Secret door made of wood-paneling

Align land-living Holzboden- TV on the wall white window blind textile

Secret room behind a bookcase

blue bookcase - wall color scheme

Secret door in the game space

Wall prank idea - Game room Billiard Room

Storeroom behind secret door &# 8211; musée de Maurice Ravel

Wall Murals with stripes in gray geheimraum- floor tiles in black and white

Laggerraum under the stairs

Closet and wall shelf under the stairs

Access to the bathroom &# 8211; Manhattan-Micro-Loft- by Specht Harpman

modern bedroom Hardware- door with mirror-storage space under the stairs

Dressing room with a secret door as Tapetentür

Ankleideraum- wall design idea with wallpaper

hidden pool

Pool with mobile floor - modern pool ideas indoor pool

Stone wall secret door

Natursteim masonry wall design with natural stone decoration with green vase

 Mirror as a secret door

hidden - secret room behind mirror

Admission Hiter the wine rack

Storage room hidden under the stairs behind wooden wine rack

Hidden kitchen behind folding wall

modern loft device with a natural stone wall and Holzdecke- Folding metal wall

Secret room behind a secret door

Secret room behind wall bookshelf

Hidden storage space under the stairs

white door with built-in bookshelf wooden chair in red white staircase with wooden Range

Built-in bookcase as a secret door

Wood wall paneling with seating nook and upholstered cushions in red secret door my wall shelves


Secret door in the wall

Wall prank idea - black built-in closet


Hidden behind the wall

Natural stone wall deco idea- secret door setting

secret hiding

white swinging door for Lagger

Secret door to the children

Kinderzimmmer gestatung with closet-secret door

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