Hexagon wall pattern ideas for great wall decoration

Hexagon wall pattern ideas for a great wall design

The design of an accent wall is a fantastic idea and one of the easiest varieties to freshen the room and revitalize. Among the many inspirations for creative color and spatial design using accent wall, we have today decided on the great wall design with a hexagon pattern wall. The naturally occurring hexagon shape has asserted itself over the years as a popular geometry patterns in design. Except oppressed textiles and home accessories in hexagonal shape, the wall with hexagons can creatively decorate. As? As wall-string pattern as Wanddeko with mirrors, stickers or shelves, as well as wall tiles of various sizes and of different materials.

cool Ombre wall painting ideas for an original Farngestaltung

creative interior design and color scheme living room with hexagon wall pattern in light gray, dark gray and orange, white sideboard, dining table and dining chairs around in white

Wall painting ideas with Hexagon wall pattern

Let’s start with some creative wall painting ideas for a Ombre Hexagon accent wall. What materials and tools you will need for such a bold and colorful wall design and how to share a hexagon pattern on the wall properly and paint, you will see the same.

Hexagon wall pattern ideas for a great color and wall design

cool wall prank idea with hexagon pattern for wall accent wall in gray and orange with hexagon wooden shelves

Step 1: Determine the size of the hexagons – Before you begin with mathematical calculations, measurements and sticking with tape, determine how big the hexagon-wall pattern should be. For the goal to cut the best two or three different sizes of cardboard hexagons that you hang on the wall. In this way, you can also decide whether to judge the hexagons with the corner or with the flat side down.

bright colors for a playful color scheme in the bedroom

creative color design bedrooms in yellow, pink and orange and original wall design with color and hexagon pattern wall wood

Step 2: The number of hexagons calculate – If you want to make the entire wall with hexagons would be useful to calculate the pattern layout. Once you have chosen the hexagon size, determine how many hexagons fit in the length and height of the wall surface inside. There is a distance between the individual hexagons, or from nearby areas and how large it may be, is to calculate time accurately.

Hexagon wall pattern ideas for colorful children

emphasize wall ideas for youth room with hexagon wall pattern in blue and orange

Step 3: Distribution and gluing the wall with tape – To glue the Hexagon wall pattern properly, share first on the wall surface. Using the ruler and measuring tape to draw vertical guides on the wall. The line spacing may correspond to the width between two flat sides or between two corners of the hexagonal shape. Once you have made the appropriate line division, use the already cut hexagon template to draw the entire wall pattern, or to make with tape.

Accent wall with hexagons in pastel colors for fresh color scheme of the kitchen

cool wall paint idea with hexagon pattern wall in light blue and light pink for accent wall in a small residential dining room dining table with round white and upholstered chairs gray

Wall design with Hexagon Sticker

Looks you the painting process too costly from, you can resort to the simpler version for wall design with hexagon stickers. The variety of removable adhesive films in of all possible colors and patterns allows endless design possibilities. In this case, you can make the desired wall pattern not only faster but also easier to remove it or simply change with a different pattern.

Walls different and colorful design with hexagon sticker

with wall color gray and pink colored hexagon-stickers interesting wall design

tinker hexagonal wall pattern of cork

Apart from adhesive film can be the wall with hexagons of different materials such as make cork. So a wall design is ideal for any workplace and home office because you have virtually an original DIY memo board from individual hexagons.

cool wall design with DIY Memoboard of individual hexagon slabs

cool decorating ideas for home office with diy diy wanddeko and memo boards from slabs

Modern wall design with hexagon pattern on mirror

Modern wall design with wood mirror wall and hexagon-pattern ofInterior: architects’ Panacom “

Wall decoration with hexagonal mirrors

The hexa-mirror tiles offer a more interesting and simple design possibility with hexagon-wall pattern that would be a suitable solution for modern and individual wall design in the hallway and entrance area.

a wall on the corridor accentuate by hexagon wall pattern of mirrors 

original and modern wall design corridor spigeln with hexagon, black shoe shelf made of metal, white sideboard in baroque style and mirror in black mirror frame

three-dimensional wall design with Hexagn plates

3D wall tiles in hexagon-shape for modern living room wall design in white and gray3D visualization panel of Denis Svirid

Wall pattern ideas with hexagon tiles

Even in the wet areas, as well as in the kitchen one accent wall can be produced with a hexagonal pattern, thanks to the diverse range of hexagonal ceramic wall tiles, porcelain and glass. The wall covering with mosaic sets the splash wall behind the kitchen counter scene and by flat or textured Hexagon tiles in matte or gloss can put an elegant accent in the bathroom.

small hexa-marble tiles for discreet and stylish kitchen design

Modern wall design kitchen with fire panel of hexagon-mosaic in white, gray and white holzwandregalen_moderne kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, white mischbaterie and retro refrigerator whiteKitchen Styling: Jackie Brown

hexagonal glass tiles for a modern wall covering with gloss

wall design with hexagon glass tilesGlass tiles of Casa California Collection of Oceanside Glass Styles

matching hexagonal ceramic tiles for every style

cool interior design in industrial style wall tiles with white and black hexagon and diy table made of wood with vintage stoolstextured ceramic tiles of brocade series of NATUCER

the small bathroom modern design with white hexagon wall tiles

tiles modern bathroom design in industrial style with sliding glass doors, white hexagon, black washbasin cabinet and round wandspiegel in black mirror frameProject PURO Poznan from Design Studio Black Sheep

beautiful wall pattern ideas for modern bathroom design

cool design idea tiles with black hexagon and a small rustic washstand made of wood with a round sink and black taps and modern bathroom in blackPorcelain tile BEEHIVE black mat of Perini

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