Halloween Decoration Ideas for making your own

Halloween Decoration Ideas for making your own

It remains only a few times until the night of October 31 to November 01, when Halloween is celebrated again. What would Halloween be without matching Halloween decoration for a party? In each home a festive atmosphere to prevail. The night before All Saints’ Day is a particularly popular by the children celebration, not just because of the candy cool costumes and mask, but also because of participation in the decorative crafts. To be determined more fun together, as well as a cool, fresh and inexpensive decoration. For this year’s Halloween we will propose two creative Halloween decorating ideas to make your own, which to tinker either with your children together, or to use as a cool craft idea and game for a Halloween children’s party.

Halloween – Tinker himself the decoration for this year’s Halloween

ideas for halloween deco selbermachen as a craft idea for kids and for DIY lanterns

to make our first idea for Halloween Decoration himself is happy clippings and provides a DIY hanging decoration with bats from egg carton and puff spirits of cardboard. The materials you need for the DIY Halloween bats are egg carton, black color , brush, googly eyes, glue, tape and scissors of course. What is needed for the Halloween ghosts in the form of maple leaves, are artificial leaves, white color, black markers, glue and tape. After you worried all the materials we start with the crafts.

cool Halloween decoration ideas to make your own

creative halloween ideas for halloween decoration as DIY hang decoration

quick and easy Halloween decoration with DIY lilac mice

halloween deco idea eierkarton do it yourself than craft ideas for kids

Cut three cups from the egg carton from, so that the cups remain connected as a whole piece together. After that, form the wings of the bat by the truncation of two triangular pieces of both outer cup. Brush the cup with the black color and after the paint is completely dry, glue the googly eyes. For fixing the band, there are two possibilities. Either stick the tape to the cardboard cup, or make a small hole in the center of the central cup, through which the tape is pushed through and is fixed to the end of the tape by means of a hidden in the cup bottom node. If you have chosen the second option, make the hole before painting.

Halloween Decoration Crafts – creative craft idea with egg carton for Halloween

interesting halloween ideas for DIY Halloween Decoration

Halloween Decoration selbermachen as craft idea and game for a Halloween children’s party

tinker creative ideas for halloween kid party and halloween deco

making Halloween Vliedermaus decoration of egg carton itself

halloween deco ideas for DIY decoration as children craft idea for the halloween

The kids love the Halloween ghosts and so we will add those on this Halloween decoration. And since the autumn often gather the kids fallen leaves, which are also the symbols of this season, we will use the leaves motive for DIY Halloween ghosts. If you can not find any artificial cardboard maple leaves, cut those from itself. Paint the leaves from both sides in white and if the white paint is dry, draw small brush ghostly eyes and mouth.

Maple leaves for white DIY Halloween ghosts as a cool Halloween decoration idea

halloween deco idea Maple Leaf haunt with DIY Halloween decoration and orang fabric straps in black and

The next creative Halloween decoration idea is again a cool craft idea, this time for DIY Halloween lights. If you want to bring more mood with Halloween decoration in your living room, here’s an idea. The Origami Halloween lights provide small DIY lanterns are made of paper. You can use this as a hanging decoration, as a decoration in the hallway or on the fireplace and as Treppengeländer- and window decoration. You also could use the homemade origami lanterns as a cool decoration idea for other occasions, as well as a creative garden decoration. You need wax paper in orange and white, LED Christmas lights, scotch tape and a black waterproof marker.

the second cool Halloween decoration idea

halloween deco do it yourself from paper and shine as a cool tischdeko

Cut out 10 pieces of paper from the orange wax paper, 15cm x 15cm are large and another 5 pieces of paper with the same size of the white paper. Fold the square piece of paper twice, you unfold and fold again twice the open piece of paper from the other side diagonally into a triangle. Then fold the two triangular peaks down to the center to get a square. Now fold to the center of the lateral tips of the square together (two inwardly towards the front and two on the back side). Thereafter fold these small triangular tips reverse to each other together so that there may arise a bag from both sides. The origami lanterns are ready for painting. Make sure that the opening of the lantern from the upper side. Draw the ghostly faces of your Lantern spirits and blow gently on to bulge the lantern. Attach the Halloween ghosts to the lamp cord by Tesa and your cool Halloween decoration is ready.

tinker with wax paper as an inspiration for simple and creative origami lantern

creative halloween deco tinker and tinker idea for DIY lanterns of paper for garden decorations and party decorations

DIY Halloween lantern wax paper

DIY Halloween lanterns in white and orange as a cool Halloween idea to make yourself

get your Christmas lights for cool Halloween decoration with lanterns

creative halloween deco tinker as ghost-lanterns

Halloween mood with homemade origami lanterns

Halloween lantern made of paper itself make a cool Halloween deco ideas

creative wall design for Halloween with origami lanterns

haloween interesting deco ideas for creative Halloween decoration with selbgemachten origami-lanterns

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