Halloween – 18 cool ideas for a cool Halloween Party

Halloween - 18 cool ideas for a cool Halloween Party

Are you planning to throw a party for this year’s Halloween? Then you will want to determine your guests with a cool Halloween Decoration surprise. Besides the suitable decoration, there are many details and things like invitations, costumes and menu, which you also need to nachdecken. To help you, we have prepared 18 cool Halloween ideas that you can bring the Halloween party in momentum. You will find here some simple recipes for Spooky drinks and appetizers, as well as other ideas that are suitable for a children’s Halloween party. Be inspired by our Halloween Decoration Ideas for making your own.

cool ghost decoration for your Halloween Party 

halloween ghost in 5 minutes tinker with balloons

The Helium balloons are always a suitable decor for any type of party. For Halloween, you obviously need balloons in matching colors such as orange, black and white, you can creatively customize ghost faces quickly and easily using lint-marker.

Recipe for smoking pumpkin punch for Halloween

halloween recipe for pumpkin-nog with smoking as cool table decoration ideas for halloween

What would a Halloween party without magic drink? Here is a recipe for pumpkin punch with smoke, which is served in pumpkin, which is also a great idea for Halloween table decoration. The ingredients for the punch are:

  • 1 bottle of rum / 1 cup lemon juice / 1 cup orange juice / spice 1 cup syrup / ½ cup pumpkin puree / 2 ½ cups Sprudelwasser
  • Dry ice / Big pumpkin / cinnamon sticks

Mix the rum, orange and lemon juice, spice syrup and pumpkin puree in a large bowl. Pour the mixture through fine sieve into a pot that will be until serving in the refrigerator. Make a large bowl, which is suitable for dry ice, into the already hollowed out pumpkin. For the goal you use metal bowl. Using a tongs fill the bowl with dry ground and place a second, smaller metal bowl for the punch in it. Pour the cooled mixture into the pumpkin, enter the sparkling water and mix you well. To create the magic smoke, pour hot water carefully into the bowl with the dry ice. Upon contact of dry ice to the hot water can be activated the steam. How long it will take the steam effect, it depends on the amount of dry ice, the temperature of the water and on the time for which melts the dry ice. To keep the effect going, the melted dry ice must be filled.

serve the best drinks for a Halloween party original 

halloween ideas for halloween drinks and cool DIY decoration

In addition to witches, vampires and proud participants of the creepy costume for Halloween Parade are. As a good host, you must also provide your vampire guests something corresponding to drink. A cocktail in bloody red, which is also served in syringes will be not only the perfect drink, but also part of the appropriate decoration for your Halloween party. The ingredients are: Sprite, grenadine and ice. Pour Sprite in glasses with ice, add some grenadine for taste and color and decorate the glasses with grenadine-filled syringes.

Halloween: the time for delicious sweets like these black glazed apples 

halloween recipe for black glazed apples as a cool idea for kids halloween party

The glazed apples are a must when it comes to Halloween and may also be black. Here is everything you need to make: Red apples, 3 cups sugar, 1 cup water, ½ cup corn syrup, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, ¼ tbsp red and ¼ tablespoon black food coloring.

First, carefully remove the stems by turning and impale them the apples in half with a skewer. Then, water, sugar and corn syrup mixed and melted at high heat in a saucepan. Stir the mixture vigorously until the sugar has dissolved. Bring the mixture to a boil until it is 150C° heated. Then take them off the heat and stir one the cinnamon and the red food coloring. If you want to make rotglasierte apples, simply dip the already prepared apples in the glaze and place them on a lined with baking paper baking sheet. Let the glazed apples to cool for about 10 minutes. For the black glazed Halloween apples just have to give the black food coloring into the glaze mixture. If the mixture is already become thicker, simply heat the glaze again.

simple recipe for Halloween Eyeball appetizers

cool halloween ideas for halloween speise_einfaches prescription for eyeballs cheese balls

Now you will learn how to prepare creative, quick and easy creepy eyeball snacks for your Halloween party. Ales what you will need are mini Babybel cheese, black olives without seeds, little ketchup and red food coloring gel. With the gel color and using the brush with a fine point you make the small cheese balls as bloodshot eyes. Place the sliced ​​olives on it and fill in the hole from the olive pit with ketchup.

decorate Halloween drinks with ice cubes Spider

halloween-cool-ideas-for-cool-halloween-party-deco-cum-spin ice cubes

The spiders are another inseparable Dekoelement a Halloween party. Except with a decorative spider web on the wall, you can make a Halloween mood with cool Spider ice cubes. Just get little plastic spiders that you will freeze in your ice cube tray.

Another tip for the original serving drinks at your Halloween party is the outline of the glasses with black sugar which can be found on zuckerbar.

Halloween decoration idea in black and white &# 8211; Glasses Decoration with black sugar

halloween ideas for spooky deco halloween with pumpkin in black

And since we’re on the subject spider decorations, here is a cool craft idea for DIY Spinnenwabe. You will need a wood panel, nails, black yarn and liquid fabric stiffener (fabric stiffener). Nail the nails on the wooden board in a star shape. Put the yarn in an old pot and pour the liquid fabric stiffener about it. Mix the yarn with hands, where you have to wear gloves in any case well. Then you begin to make the spider web on.

great craft idea for DIY spider web of black yarn

cool halloween decorating ideas for self machen_diy spiderweb of yarn

First, cut two pieces of yarn that will stretch as a cross from one side to the other side of the wood panel (red lines). Then clamp two other yarns before another corner to the plate to get the two diagonal (blue lines). Then drag each one thread from the middle nailed nail to the outside (green lines) between the already strained threads. Now you bind the rings of the spider’s web. Bind the thread on each of the transversely stretched filaments. Once you’re done, you can dry the spider web until it is grazing.

stock up table festive and decorate for Halloween with Totenkäpfen 

halloween skull decoration idea for spooky tischdeko

What would a Halloween decoration without skulls? To make your individual skull decoration itself, get the best one Papier-mache skull, which can be dyed and decorate quickly. As an example, here such a papier-mâché figure, which can be found on ” etsy ”, embellished with beech leaves. This type of decoration, still known as decoupage, offers a creative and simple design of various objects with paper and fabric. You need only tear some pages from an old book or newspaper in painting, apply craft glue to small area of ​​the selected object and glue the pieces of paper on it. If you want to make a skull in this way, you will make your fingers dirty determined because you need to use them to smooth strips of paper. After you have piled up some pieces of paper to the skull, wear it a second adhesive layer and carry on until the entire skull is completely covered.

Halloween party decoration with DIY fluorescent lamps

cool lanterns for halloween tinker with luminous rods

Another decoration, without which your Halloween party would be unthinkable, the appropriate illumination with spooky lanterns. The variants for DIY Halloween lanterns are numerous, here we will show two of them. For the first craft idea you will need the following materials: Light bars, jars, black adhesive foil, oven gloves, plastic cups, cutter knife and glue E6000.

Cut out different mind-faces of the black adhesive film and stick them to the outside of the jars. Before you continue with the project, you must know that the glow sticks consist of two parts. The fluoresced liquid located in a glass rod, which is used in a plastic rod with colorless gel. To bring the rods to light, the glass rod is to be broken and the two liquids mix. So you must first cut the end of the plastic rod and carefully pour the colorless liquid in a plastic cup. Then, with the oven gloves cancel carefully the glass rod and enter the colored liquid in plastic cups. Pour small amount of the mixed liquids in a mason jar. Glue the lid with glue E 6000 and swirl the glass around.

tinker Halloween lanterns from cans

creative craft ideas and decorating ideas for Halloween 2016

In the second craft idea for Halloween lights empty cans, a hammer and large nail, as well as marker, foam brush, paint and candles are required. Fill the can with water and place it in the freezer until the water freezes. Once that happens, you draw your own words on it with a marker. Place a bowl on a cloth and insert the design using by the hammer and the nail. To remove the ice, just leave the can under running hot water. Finally color the box in the desired color.

tinker Spooky door wreath for Halloween

diy halloween door sick black

Especially for Halloween the front yard and the entrance area are also festive decorating. An essential part of Halloween decoration is of course the door wreath. Here’s a cool inspiration for a DIY black Halloween door wreath. Used here is a foam wreath, decorative branches and flowers, black feather boa, black spray paint, craft glue, tape and spooky Halloween Dekoelemnte.

Color the foam wreath in black. Attach one end of the feather boa on the back of the foam form and wrap them tightly around. Finally, glue the second end back of the wreath. Then make so the decorative elements such as branches, leaves, bow to decorate the wreath. To hang the wreath on the door, forming a loop from the band that you can attach with hot glue on the back.

great craft idea for DIY cauldron for Halloween

halloween ideas for halloween decoration with diy cauldron for their halloween party

For all small and big witches, we have prepared a great and easy craft idea. By a similar imitate cauldron, you can buy it directly from a hobby shop and meet with little paper or fabric to decorate. You just have to cut out the desired decoration and using glue from the craft glue and a foam brush on the boiler.

Ghost halloween lantern itself tinker with solar paper lanterns 

creative halloween deco for garden with diy ghost lanterns

make flower pots to cool Halloween

halloween decoration with flowers pots

simple and creative Pumpkin Decoration

simple halloween tinker with wrapping paper and toiletpapier

Table decoration idea with Halloween candles

easy decoration for Halloween with candles

 packaging lollipops as a ghost as a cool idea for Halloween Sußigkeiten

lutcher geister for kids halloween party

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