Groundcover for fantastic garden design

Groundcover for fantastic garden design

A fantastic solution for beautiful, extensive landscaping provide the so-called ground cover plants that grow rapidly and extensively care. The ground cover are years beautify your garden and form a carpet-like, colorful gardens. They are ideal for areas such as suspension, the shadow area under trees or the edge area of ​​the lawn. They are very popular because of its beauty and voluminous effect. They also protect the soil from erosion. The best ground cover can plant them in Hebst and cover the garden with beautiful flowers in spring. Thanks to the different colors and shapes of leaves and flowers, this Bepflanzungsart offers an eclectic garden design from spring to late autumn. The sunny garden sites are suitable for flowering in spring ground cover. Typical varieties that bloom in summer are as the Everlasting and the ball flower. The ground cover is easy to clean in principle. What must make a fertilizer in early spring and then again in the period from June to July. The hardy evergreen ground cover can be fertilized until October in order to survive the winter. It is best to use organic fertilizers which act slowly. Do not use much fertilizer, especially with the growing in the shade ground cover so that they can grow close enough. To further help you to choose what kind of ground cover plants for a fantastic garden design, we will introduce you to 35 plants. The types of flowers are divided into 4 groups: flowering ground cover for sunny or shady locations with a flowering period in spring or summer.

white ribbon flowers for garden design in white

fantastic design for the garden with white garden flowers

Flowering ground cover in the spring for locations in the shade

1. Genuine Fiederpolster (Leptin squalida) – the Fiederpolster is a perennial, which has about 39 species. The Real Fiederpolster is from 5cm to 10 cm high and reaches a width up to 30 cm. The yellow flowers bloom from June to July. The ground cover is ideal for a sunny spot on dry to fresh soils and can withstand temperatures down to -12 ° C.

Landscaping with Genuine Fiederpolster

ground cover plants for landscaping in spring

2. periwinkle (Vinca minor) – the white, blue or pink colored flowers of evergreen beautify the garden from spring to autumn. This ground cover is adaptable, fast-growing and easy to maintain. Ideal for shady or semi-shady locations.

Idea for ground cover &# 8211; the little periwinkle with blue flowers

ground cover for landscaping with delicate blue flowers

3. Bishop&# 8217; s weed (aegopodium podagraria &Variegatum; # 8218&# 8216) – a ground cover that spreads quickly in the shade. To avoid undesired proliferation, you bordieren the earth around the ground cover.

You make shady places with the ground cover &# 8211; Bishop&# 8217; s weed

beautiful garden ideas for garden design with green groundcover

4. Bugle (Ajuga) – is an annual or biennial plant that grows fairly quickly and has bronz-brownish leaves.

Günsel &# 8222; bronze beauty&# 8220; for dark green garden design with ground cover

ground cover for shady location in the garden

5. Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) – a herbaceous bellflower, which can be up to 30 cm high. In between April and June five to ten breitglockige flowers develop in a racemose inflorescence. Shady places are ideal for these flowers.

Garden design with spring flowers for shady locations

Spring flowers for the garden

Book 6 finial (Polygala chamaebuxus) – as well as alpine dwarf book, Shrubby finial known. The plant belongs to the evergreen half bushes, which reach a height wax stature heights of 5 to 30 cm. The garish purple colored flowers appear from March to May The book finial grows up to 20 cm and loves partial shade to sunny locations.

Landscaping with book finial &# 8222; PurplePassion&# 8220;

ground cover for the Frügling

Flowering ground cover in the spring for locations in full sun

7. Bellflower &# 8218; Dickson&# 8217; s Gold&# 8216; (Campanula garganica) &# 8211; it is a perennial ground cover with blue flowers. The flower has heart-shaped leaves and grows up to 5 cm high.

&# 8218; Dickson&# 8217; s Gold&# 8216; for decorating sunny spots in the garden

ground cover as flat gartengestaltung

8. cushion phlox (Phlox subulata) – this ground cover is also known as carpet phlox. The cushion phlox blooming in spring in white, red, purple, pink, and often can be seen as two colors. It is the ideal solution for shaping the edges of sunny garden paths. The ground cover is perennial but slow growing.

beautiful carpet phlox for colorful floral design

beautiful garden ideas with ground cover in purple and pink

9. Woolly chickweed (Cerastium tomentosum) – the evergreen is used by 15 to 30 cm high. The Woolly chickweed is used except as a ground cover, as an ornamental plant for rock gardens. A fresh floral design with white flowers for sunny locations.

the Woolly chickweed as a white groundcover in the garden

cool ideas for garden design with ground cover in white

10. Soap herbs (Saponaria) – is a wall for crowns and troughs of suitable ground cover, the permeable, moderately rich soil and a sunny location likes. The herb has a wax soap height of 30 cm to 40 cm.

Ground cover in full sun &# 8211; herbal soap

pink colored flowers for flat floral design

11. speedwell (Veronica prostrate) – the prize is the smaller Variande the famous Veronika Blumen. The blue ground cover blooms in the spring and form a green carpet of leaves.

beautiful garden idea for landscaping with rocks and ground cover

cool landscaping with ground cover in blue

12. woodruff (Galium odoratum) – also called Fragrant bedstraw, is an overwintering green plant that is up from 5 cm to 50 cm. The flowering period runs from April to May or June. This type ground cover can reproduce vegetatively by stolons.

Woodruff as a decoration in the garden

beautiful garden ideas for garden design with ground cover in white

13. Gold Strawberry (Waldsteinia fragarioides) – also known as strawberry Waldsteinie. The plant forms streamers and reaches a guard height of 8 to 20 cm. It flowers from May to June and has yellow flowers. The Goldberry is used as a ground cover in the formation of groups of trees.

Gold Strawberry for garden design in green with yellow flowers

ideas for garden design with gold strawberries as ground cover

14 Ruddy cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum) – is one of the most popular perennial sunflowers, which is extremely floriferous and disease resistant. The plant is well suited as ground cover and can beautify a permanent flowering from May to September with its crimson flowers of the garden. It is easy to clean, unpretentious and loves sunny locations.

flowering ground cover from spring until the end of summer

gartengestaltung with blood red cranesbill for beautiful garden landscape

Flowering ground cover in the summer for sunny locations

15. Pink evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa) &# 8211; The heyday of this ground Deckers is from June to September. The pink evening primrose can be from 10 cm up to 50 cm and a daytime and night-flowering, which, however, does not survive the harsh winter. The green parts of the plant are edible.

Inspiration for garden design with pink evening primrose as ground cover

garden ideas for floral decoration with ground cover

16. Houseleeks (sempervivum) – these plants grow as clumps and are evergreen and perennial. They consist of hemispherical or star-shaped spread rosettes. The Houseleeks are most of 7cm to 20 high. They are well suited as a green roof and terrariums, as a decoration in stone garden. A good combination they form with the fat hens.

Idea for cool garden design with Houseleeks

terrarium and rock garden decorate with Houseleeks

17. sedum (Sedum) – or also called stonecrop, annual or perennial plant can be. The fleshy leaves of sedum store water. The low-growing varieties are colored not very colorful but are ideal for sunny locations and summer bloom in yellow.

Fettenhennen for sunny gardens and a beautiful garden

cool landscaping with fat hens

18 Breckland Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) – the Breckland Thyme as a fragrant ground cover with small white or purple colored flowers. The plant is slightly growing, evergreen, height can reach 10 cm and blooms from July to September.

 Breckland Thyme for fantastic garden with a fresh scent

garden design with low-growing purple flowers

19 dog-ear or Hare’s Ear (Stachys byzantina) – has velvety, densely white hairy leaves that resemble dog-eared. The plant prefers sunny areas with well drained, nutrient-poor soils. The dog-ear, also called Wollziest, can be planted in sunny to partially shaded moderately Gartenfflächen. They prefer sandy soils.

the dog-eared combines ideally with purple colored flowers such as lavender

Eselsohr as ground cover for creative landscaping

20. Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla) – this kräutige, shrub-shaped, deciduous plant is a shrub with small leaves in green or yellowish color. The lady’s mantle needs a good water supply and plenty of light.

Lady’s mantle as ground cover and design next pond pool in the garden

gartengestaltung with lady's mantle for pond basin

21. thrift (Armeria) – plant with single standing Blütenstandsschäften that are pubescent and wrapped with multitubular sheaths. She is a bushy, evergreen shrub that can be wide and 20 cm high and 30 cm. The colors of the flowers are white, pink to light red, there is also variety in flame red, golden yellow and dark red with white edges. The flowering period is from June to September. The thrift loves full sun locations and can withstand wind. It is ideal for planting in gardens by the sea, and in sunny rock gardens.

fantstische garden landscape with red thrifts

chic gartengestaltung with thrift

22 Lampranthus – fantastic ground cover, flowering During the whole summer. The variety Lampranthus “Lido” is colored in white and pink. The flower grows up to 5 cm and is ideal for covering sunny locations.

Lampranthus flowers for fantastic colored garden design with ground cover

fantastic Gartenlanschaft in bright colors

Flowering ground cover in summer for locations in the shade

23 Japanese snake Beard (Ophiopogon japonicus) – a grass-like, evergreen plant that is often used as an aquarium plant. In the garden, preferably fresh, humus soil and is hardy enough. In summer, the Snake Bart drives short inflorescences with small flowers in white or blue that make up dark blue berries develop. Ideal for planting in the shade.

Japanese snake beard as decoration for garden paths

lawn as ground cover for garden design

24. Creeping Buttercup (Ranunculus repens) – the fast-growing, perennial plant reaches stature heights of 10 to 50 cm, has yellowed leaves and nectar is one of the slightly poisonous flowers. The flowering period is from late spring to early summer and are suitable for shady locations.

select Creeping Buttercup for ground cover

Creeping Buttercup as ground cover

25 Taubnesseln (Lamium) – the ideal, perennial and easy growing plant for ground cover. Most varieties bloom in summer in white or pink.

silver leaves and delicate pink flowers as ground cover

garden ideas for design with Zierpflanuen as Taubnesseln

26 moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia &# 8218; Centaurea&# 8216) – the moneywort spreads quickly and is perfect for coverage of large areas for this reason. The evergreen has golden leaves and grows in the shade and in full sun.

Moneywort as a fantastic gold colored ground cover in the garden

cool idea for bodendecker

27. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) – the species of this plant grow as evergreen or deciduous. They bloom in early summer and love the shady locations.

Epimedium in purple color for your garden

fantastic landscaping with ornamental flowers in violet

28 Cornus canadensis (Cornus canadensis) – the Cornus canadensis can grow to 30 cm. The inflorescence consists of four white, sometimes pink-colored bracts. The plant flowers from July to August and the red, non-toxic berries ripen in September. It is the perfect solution for planting in Schaten.

fantastic garden design with white flowers and red berries

interesting garden design with ground cover plants

29. Ordinary Haselwurz (Asarum Europaeum) &# 8211; the Ordinary Haselwurz is among the evergreens and has heart-shaped, glossy leaves. The wax level achieved from 5cm to 10 cm. The plant needs calcareous nutrient-rich and rather wet and dry clay or clay soil. It is poisonous and grows best in the shade.

a green carpet of wild ginger

gartengestaltung with evergreen plants

30 Ysander (Pachysandra) – one of the evergreen shrubs and half is a monoecious getrenntgeschlechtige plant. In the female flowers two or three carpels are fused into an ovary. White and pink colored, fragrant flowers bloom in spring and summer. The perennial plant is easy to maintain and is ideal for shady locations.

Ysander as ground cover in spring and summer

garden landscape with Ysander as ground cover

31 Japan Grass Mountain (Hakonechloa macra) – Japanese mountain grass is fresh green cascading plant with panicle flowers. It blooms from August to September and also has a fall foliage. The plant prefers soil rich in humus. The plant height reached 30 to 50 cm. The Japan mountain grass loves partial shade.

fantastic garden design with Japanese mountain grass

design for rock gardens japan mountain grass

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