Great craft and decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day

Great craft and decorating ideas for Valentine's Day

The Valentine feeds! The day of love, romance and chocolate will come in about a month, which means that the time for the right Valentine’s Day gift and for planning a romantic surprise is slow. Who wants to celebrate the day of lovers prefer home to create a romantic mood fold in their own homes, can conjure a loving Valentinsdeko. For all lovers who have been on the lookout for great craft and decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day, we have prepared a fantastic range of creative examples and ideas for a romantic and modern DIY decoration.

Valentine’s Day celebrate festive with customized decoration

rustic decoration for valentinstga selbermachen with wood letters and red heart

Among the many decorating ideas with the heart, you’ll find some cool ideas for creative tinkering with wood and pallets. Interesting ideas such as a heart or a heart shape made of various materials as a wonderful decoration and make Valentine’s present itself can, are also there. Let us also the original ideas for Valentine’s cards full with messages of love not forgotten. Let yourself be inspired and create your own fun and romantic decoration for Valentine’s Day.

great craft and decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day

tinker creative wanddeko for valentine day love write nails with and thread

tinker pictures with symbols of love

Surely you’ve ever seen the creative representation allermöglicher motifs and forms by means of nails and thread. Have you ever tried this technique? If not, Valentine’s Day is an appropriate occasion for it. You just need a wood plate and to nail it in a certain shape to the wood enough nails. The best way to express the desired image or design on paper. Attach it to the wood by means of masking tape and mark with pencil single Pinkte where the nails have come to form the image. Once all nails are nailed on it, remove the paper. To make the image more vivid, begin colored thread around each nail to rewind and binding. Would you like to make a colored background for the image, simply cancel before the wooden board. As an alternative to wood panel you can color a screen as desired and use as a base.


simple craft idea for DIY heart of rolled pieces of paper

heart deco tinker with paper and kartion as a cool craft idea for Valentine's Day

DIY coronary paper

Here is another simple craft idea for DIY Heart decoration. Ales what you need to obtain is colored or bemustertes wrapping paper, glue, cardboard, paper and matching ribbon to hang the coronary. Draw a large heart shape on the board first and cut out them. You can not be perfect quiet, as it will remain hidden under the rolled-up pieces of paper. Then cut strips of wrapping paper to roll from a pencil which you can select. Then you cut the rolls to the required length and just stick it to the heart shape. Finally, tie the ribbon and hang your heart decoration.

lovingly decorated for Valentine’s Day itself tinker with cork

cool craft ideas for DIY heart of cork as a romantic decoration on valentinstah

tinker heart decoration made of cork

If you like to drink wine and collect the corks of wine bottles, you can tinker great things. In addition to the diverse Bastelideen with cork, you may already know, here come two more inspiration for a DIY heart. The thing to do here is simply a big heart to draw on paper and use it as a guideline for the wreath of cork, or cut a heart shape made of cardboard or paper and glue the cork on it. In both cases, you use hot glue to glue the cork to one another.

Mark February 14 on a DIY Valentine’s Day Calendar

original decoration idea for valentine's day with diy calendar picture frame

note the February 14

Would like to remind your significant other on Valentine’s Day in a creative way or surprise them with a great decoration for your desk, then you see this fantastic craft idea for a DIY calendar with many hearts in the picture frame. The idea is ideal for other important dates and events. first for the target print the February calendar template on white cardboard. The gray lines that you see are the guides for the heart pattern. With a heart-Motivlocher make 47 hearts in different shades of pink. Once the hearts are cut, fold them in half and using tweezers stick them on the printed cardboard. Have a Heart to mark the date. Finally, you just need the perfect picture frame.

so the Valentine’s Day Calendar Deco is to tinker

cool idea valentine for DIY deco and diy valentines day

cool ideas Valentine’s Day with DIY Decoration made of wood

rustic decoration with heart motif selbermachen wood as a cool valentines day gift ideas, do it yourself

Wood and hearts

Those who love to make presents itself and to tinker Decoration made of wood, just can master something cool for Valentine’s Day. Besides the typical examples of DIY wall decoration of inscribed with sayings pallets or wooden boards, and many other creative decorative items for Valentine’s Day as light holders and plates are to tinker with a heart cut out of wood. More simpler version for DIY heart decoration would, for example a wooden disc to decorate with selbstgemaltem heart and an old key, or make a heart wreath wooden discs. Just let your creativity and you will surely make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and the most beautiful Valentinsdeko itself.

tinker with wood for Valentine’s Day

creative tinkering of Holzdeko for valentine's day

Heart Wreath itself tinker with wooden discs

Decorating ideas for heart itself tinker with wood

DIY wall decoration with &# 8220; Love&# 8220; Inscription and heart of ruffles

cool craft ideas with pallets for DIY wall decoration

Miss Valentine decoration with heart-shaped doilies of paper

homemade heart decoration with pointed-servietten_diy garland with hearts for Valentine's Day

cool idea for romantic decoration with DIY heart candlestick made of wood

wood candle holder with heart motif itself make for romantic deco with candles for Valentine's Day

wervandeln the empty jars in great lanterns

diy with glittering heart-motif itself make wind lights preserving jar and wire

homemade tea light holder for Valentine’s Day for an even more romantic atmosphere

cool ideas for romantic valentine deco with diy candle holder cans

more romance in space bring with branches and pink colored hearts

cool ud romantic table decoration with branches and candles in heart betonvase

decorate a small Valentine’s Day tree with self-made heart pillow

heart pillow cool idea for an original decoration on Valentine with DIY and small fir tree in flower pot

the table on Valentine’s fresh and original decorate with succulents and hearts

rustic decoration idea with fat plants in wooden box for modern kitchen in vintage style with wooden dining table and white metal chairs blue

creative garnish drinks for Valentine’s Day and serve with heart

strawberry heart tole ideas valentines day with heart and ice cubes with Gläserdeko

Love and fruits &# 8211; fun and creative ideas for Valentine’s Day Surprise

cool alternative for valentine card from bananas and strawberries bouquet of

elegant, creative, modern Valentinstagdeko in white and gray

interesting decorating ideas for Valentine's Day with diy Cupid arrows and vintage decoration with suitcases, bird cage gray and Love inscription

chic decor in white with candles, books, picture frames, vases and heart with green twigs

cool decorating ideas in white with holzbirderrahmen and paper hearts on the wall and white candles and hold pots of flowers

cool ideas for heart decoration for Valentinstah in rustic style

interesting decorating ideas button with hearts and heart-shaped back as a door decoration

simple and romantic decoration for February 14 in Light Pink

vintage decorating ideas for Valentine's Day with di-teller and dko and diy Heart Sticks

decorate sideboard with a DIY bottle creative for Valentine’s Day

cool deco ideas valentines with a bottles inscription in glass bottles with xoxo and tap white conifers

beautiful decorating ideas with hearts in picture frames

diy decode with picture frame, herzfiduren and hearts of paper

lovely decor in Rustic Style with fresh flowers in pink

Stylish decorating ideas for rustic decoration in white with wooden window frames, books and white vases with pink colored flowers

tinker heart made of different materials and decorate stylish with heart

heart-deco itself tinker wood, cloth, wire and metal

tinker heart garland of metal and wire

cool craft ideas with wire and metal for DIY heart-deco for rustic decoration

a heart-shaped wreath of bells or flowers as libevolle Gartendeko idea

heart as a cool garden decorations themselves tinker with fresh flowers and red bell

Love and plants &# 8211; decorate the flower pots with a heart for even more Stimmug

cool and modern decorating ideas with succulents in diy flower pots with heart motif

great decorating ideas for DIY Valentinstagdeko with pallets

deco with pallets themselves make for Valentine's Day

elagante fireplace decorating ideas in white and red for Valentine’s Day

the white fireplace romantic decorate with glass bottles, branches, cones and DIY love-making pallets from

Cushion with heart motif as a simple decoration and a great accent for Valentine’s Day

romantic decoration with pillows and candles in front of the fireplace

Fireplace rustukal and romantic decorate with Amor

fireplace of white bricks with wood shelf rustic decorating around wooden, wood key, rustic decorative items and diy black blackboard

surprise creative your significant other for Valentine’s Day

cool ideas for romantic valentine deco with heart-balloons and heart image instigate pink colored

creative alternative and ideas for romantic and sußige Valentinskarte

the bed in original Valentine card with transform bobbons and chocolate

with heart make the garden as part of a romantic surprise

gartengestaltung for Valentine with brightly painted hearts along the gartenweg

decorate stones with colorful hearts

interesting decoration idea with stones and hearts for Valentine's Day

Show your Libe not only on Valentine’s Day!

sew heart pillows of pluck and mini-nest decorate as great DIY decoration idea valentine

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