Go green with Plug & Plant - 36 plant species for wall greening in home and office

Go green with Plug & Plant – 36 plant species for wall greening in home and office

Go green with Plug & Plant - 36 plant species for wall greening in home and office

Go green with Plug & Plant, an innovative and modular solution for modern wall design and easy wall greening in different shapes and sizes. The theme ” vertical garden ” is certainly not new and there is more and more current in urban and environmental terms. The desire of more and more city dwellers to have a small but private garden and the lack of space related, have led good to many different inspirations in this direction. Today we want that is one of the last inspiration for Vertical greening as an idea for modern wall design and fresh Wanddeko with plants imagine.

Walls quickly and easily thanks to intelligent greening Wall Garden Shop

modulate wall panels for living wanddeko and green wall design with plants

What’s Plug & Plant?

So is the new modular wall system for easy wall greening with prepackaged seeds that are ready to grow without soil. The Kickstarter project VERTICAL GREEN, called plug & Plant will allow the beautiful design with a stylish vertical garden in every shape and size, and in every living and working area. Apart from a stylish and compact design, the team of creative engineers, designers and architects working in a diverse assortment of up to 36 plant species. Thanks to this invention, will the desired Herb garden in the kitchen have, and enliven the walls in the living room and bedroom with plants and decorate at the same time reduce air toxins in space.

Go green with Plug & Plant &# 8211; 36 plant species for wall greening in home and office

go green with its own wall-herb garden in the kitchen

Create your own herb garden in the kitchen vertical

cool living idea for green wall design kitchen with a vertical herb garden

What makes this wall greening so simple and unique?

The vertical garden Plug & Plant consisting of wall modules with sensors for humidity, ambient temperature and light, intelligent water tank capable of watering the plants up to 30 days and single-Biofoam plant holders. The technology collects data for the environment and gives you tips for optimal plant growth. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth and to gehörigem app, you will be able to careless and simply maintain their wall greening and control.

Go green with Plug & Plant &# 8211; The modular wall system with sensors and Bluetooth for vertical planting

Go green with modern wall greening-System_wandpaneel with water container and BioFoam-sammenhalter for own interior-ecosystem

to a wall panel 12 are smart Biofoam sleeves to fasten with seeds

planting space-saving and modern wall design with different and kräütern

intelligent water tank in the form of clouds watering each plant individually as needed for a whole month

plant growth innovative technology for wall greening and modern wall design with

by mobile application allows you to control plant growth

cool wall greening with clever plant growth-System_go greem with green walls

Have you ever heard of smart Biofoam?

” Smart Biofoam ” is a 100% biodegradable polyurethane foam, which replaces the earth and space for the growth of plant roots possible because it has a density similar to the earth and the perfect balance between water and oxygen supply, the needs each plant, allows. Thanks to the hydrophobic growth technology of plug & Plant, the already planted seeds in Biofoam of more than 30 different plant species can quickly grow optimally and efficiently.

planting plants vertically and let it grow thanks biodegradable polyurethane foam

Wohnidee for vertical planting and cool wall design with plant thanks to the innovative system wall garden

coupling the already planted with seeds Biofoam boxes on the wall panel

go green with intelligent wandgarten_moderne wall design with a modular wall system comprising wall panel, Biofoam plant boxes with sensors and intelligent water container

Go green with Plug & Plant &# 8211; Modern wall design with plants and fresh herbs

creative ideas for modern living wall design in the bathroom with smart vertical garden

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