Garden wall as a design element

Garden wall as a design element

Garden wall as a design element

Garden wall as a boundary and garden design. We have 30 interesting ideas for garden walls of various materials, in addition to a protective function also have an interesting visual effect. We provide the garden wall in front as a design element in the garden that forms its identity by the structure and color of the surface, and by the materiality. One of the belibtesten walls is the stone wall. But what do you think of a rejuvenating garden wall of climbing plants or water? If you want to retain a concrete wall your natural color and texture, or you want to represent as a painting in the garden? If a wall stands as a dividing wall in the garden, it should not be built creative, for example, through openings that allow interesting views COVERS on that are available behind areas? Create a dream garden where the garden wall plays its special role.

Garden wall made of concrete and coated in brown stones

modern house with beautiful garden and garden lighting of the garden wall

Why garden wall of natural stone? As a natural material, the natural stones are the perfect solution for an authentic and rustic garden design, their function as a screen, or as separation and separating different garden areas. By means of a stone wall can form a terraced garden design ideal. Thanks to its high capacity, the natural stones are the right design element in the form of garden paths as an addition to the garden wall. They last forever and require no maintenance, in comparison with the wood material.

creative garden wall &# 8211; Art of dry stone wall with masonry of pierson

gartengestaltung with drywall and mauerdeko with a tree image of round stones

Mortar Wall of red brick and stone as Gämelde &# 8211; pierson masonry

red garden wall of brick with decoration of mortared stone

In principle, there are two main types in the construction of a stone wall – dry stone wall, mortar or stone wall. The mortar wall differs with higher stability. It is more suitable for higher walls, as well as for the construction of niches, wall fountain, or archways. In the dry stone walls there are different types. The classic style is the stone wall, are published by the raw stones and created a nearly uniform joint. A special form is e.g. the cyclopean consisting of an irregular layering and gap formation. For the drywall to stones, such as limestone, sandstone, greywacke, quartzite or that are laid without binder are superimposed. In this case, the stability created by the stone formation. Frost resistance, color and of course the price, are important selection criteria. As an example of yellowish wall, is sandstone and limestone, porphyry or red sandstone of reddish hues and greywacke, granite, gneiss or limestone are suitable for gray wall. When it comes to the price, the loosely dumped rubble are very favorable. The rectangular, camp-like stones are more expensive, but the construction is much faster and easier, as no post-processing of the stones is necessary on site. Of course, the quarry stones, which are to get near, are more favorable than those that are mined in remote areas. By layering stones of different shape and size, you can create a unique design and even decorating your walls. You can also beautify the drywall by planting in rock garden plants. Here are some cool examples of interesting garden wall, which are formed by means of dry construction and simultaneously imagine the interesting decoration.

interesting garden wall design with wall windows wooden frame

garden wall of natural stone gray with small openings as Mauerdeko

creative Landscaping by garden wall from flat stones

flat river stones as drywall einrichten_idee for garden wall gray

further cool inspiration for landscaping with drywall Pierson Masonry

cat of stone as mauerdeko idea for the garden wall

Garden wall as a work of art with natural stones

river stones creative garden design with stone wall of

Wall Window as an idea for interesting garden design and Mauerdeko with flowers

Mortar wall with window opening brick

beautiful garden idea for Garden wall from Sandoline SF-cooperation

garden wall yellow of natural stone with wall lights as decoration

Garden wall with Folzfenstern as inspiration for interesting garden design and Mauerdeko

old wooden window as wall decoration

round wall openings as wall window or walk through the garden wall

gartengestaltung with round garden windows in stone wall

Visual link to the garden through decorative wall windows

ideas for garden wall

Garden wall ideas for the water garden

modern house with water garden and black concrete slabs

Gabion wall as inspiration for garden wall with stones

set garden with stone basket wall of stone and glass

recycled glass for gabion wall

garden wall made of stone baskets and glass

Ideas for garden lighting &# 8211; Garden wall of stone baskets with LED lighting

gartengestaltung and light design by the garden wall

Ideas for garden wall made of concrete

gray concrete wall as a garden wall with wall shelves

Combination of panes of glass, and natural stone 

cool garden wall of glass and white stones geschtrichenen

Color schemes in the garden &# 8211; Garden wall painting idea in white and purple

Brick wall paint idea as garden design in purple and white

Garden wall as a painting

emphasize wall idea hedges for garden wall small gardens with sitting area white and green wall of

Wall niches as a design idea for the garden wall

landscaping with stone wall and stone plants

cool idea for modern garden wall made of wood, cleft

garden wall wood for minimalist landscaping

 modern house with a garden wall made of concrete and wood paneling

cool idea for garden wall made of wood and glass panes

stacked logs as a garden wall

creative garden walls made of wood

Ideas for garden wall made of wooden boards and plants as a boundary to the neighbor house

modern garden wall wood vertical garden

fantastic color and landscaping by a wooden wall

cool landscaping with stone for the garden path and face protection wooden wall in yellow and blue painted

a plant camouflage wall and shade in the garden &# 8211; Hideo Kumaki Architect Office

modern house white with covered terraced and exterior shading

fantastic solution for garden wall as a waterfall wall

idea of ​​water in the garden

Water in the garden as a design idea and partition

beautiful garden ideas for wonderful garden with waterfall wall as a beautiful garden

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