Garden in the house – modern houses with garden design ideas

Garden in the house - modern houses with garden design ideas

Today, we have chosen 15 fascinating examples of garden in the house. Modern and minimalist garden ideas in the interior or as part of the interior. Unique interiors of several luxury homes that bring nature indoors with and present various combinations of materials. See incomparable interior design ideas in the can unite the modern decor of the living room with green garden. Ideas for design of rock garden that form in response to the components of exposed concrete. Open-space house interior with large picture windows and moving windows that allow border-free overflow and overflow from the interior and exterior space.

Luxury interior with garden &# 8211; Bosque da Ribeira Residence

make internal realizations with concrete floor and skylight with holzlamelen-wall design with natural stone and wood-living room with white sofa and wooden carpet panoramic windows to wood terrace

Open space house interior with garden terrace and exposed concrete walls

interir disinfected with concrete floor and wooden floor-garden with wooden wall and trees in large schawrzen blümentöpfen-living room with sliding glass windows

make living room with indoor garden and skylights

modern interior design with white kitchen and garden in the living room corner sofa with black pillows and set up a round table and natural stone floor-wood dining table with wooden benches-open kitchen

Garden idea in concrete house

realizations with concrete floor and concrete ceiling-living room with concrete stairs and yutongwand-sliding doors with black frame-wood table with black metal feet

Small garden in the interior &# 8211; Rock garden idea

modern home interior design with concrete floor slabs and white walls with wooden frame color design walls-thatch

Garden Ideas for rockery

Landscaping along the house- modern house with slidable windows with wooden window frames

Landscaping with gravel and stones &# 8211; luxury interior with rock garden

interior design with garden in the interior walls of sichtbetonplatten- wooden floor in the concrete house

Luxury house with water in the garden design

garden idea with water-covered terrace with roof terrace-garden with Wisser stone wall

Landscaping with water &# 8211; Ideas for rockery

garden idea - modern house with exposed concrete walls and garden

Garden idea of ​​open space houses &# 8211; walk-in garden

open space house with landscaping

Open space house with garden in the middle of the house

gartenidee- modern house with facade design wooden slats

Ideas for garden design with water in the middle of the house

Garden house-luxury house with garden in the middle and water around the garden

Modern house with a covered terrace and garden


luxury home design with a central garden and accordion doors

Interior design with water and garden &# 8211; Willow House

cover paneling interior design with natural stone floor and wood

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