Garden Ideas – small garden on the roof

Garden Ideas - small garden on the roof

We provide examples of small gardens in the city. A green terrace design of your roof. Garden Ideas for roof terraces where you can relax and enjoy the summer rays cozy. If you have no way in the summer to run away from the city, take advantage of reducing your rooftop stress. Design your own roof garden. Discover different ideas for landscaping on small or large terraces. Terrace design with hedges and large flower pots, forms by a small garden as a green accent to the wooden floor. Interesting patio decor with levels that can be defined by different shaped garden. Garden design in free-form shapes with rounded seating and green spaces. Roof terrace design with garden and garden furniture, as well as examples of grilling on the deck. Simple ideas for planting your own city garden where you can enjoy alone or with friends unforgettable moments.

Garden Ideas in the city

Terrace design with grass and handrails of hedges

Terrace design with layers and a small garden in the city

Garden idea for roof terrace with wooden floors and wooden seats

Rooftop garden idea

small garden on the roof with wooden floor and sunbeds

Terrace design with small garden 

small garden in urban garden furniture cushions and pillows with yellow with red and orange stripes

Garden Ideas in the city

Garden Ideas roof terrace with rattan furniture and wooden coffee table

Garden idea with island on the roof &# 8211; Roof terrace design

Landscaping with stone and wooden bench with cushions

Garden design for small and narrow terraces

Roof terrace with small stone garden and wooden floor

Garden idea with water on the terrace

Garden idea in the city - garden with water and a small wooden bridge-deck design with natural stone and wooden rocking gait

Garden idea with lighting design &# 8211; Terrace with garden design

Garden idea for patio with two levels and garden wall made of wooden boards and greening

Small garden in the city &# 8211; Terra Seng species

small terrace design with plants

Landscaping Ideas

horticultural terrace with stairs made of natural stone

Terrace with small garden design 

Garden idea for patio with brick walls and hedges

Landscaping with water and round seat

Garden idea with natural stone and wood

Roof garden idea


Rooftop hedge and Steinfliesen- dining table with stools in orange

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