Furniture - Current trends, colors and styles

Furniture – Current trends, colors and styles

Furniture - Current trends, colors and styles

The modern bathroom has become for many an important space for rest and relaxation. It is no longer used only practical, it is used to maintain daily &# 8211; namely body and soul. Today, much more time is spent in the bathroom and it was made through an individual design into a cozy space. Even the construction of the house or apartment, this trend is taken into account. Modern bathrooms offer a generous space for a variety of design options. But even small bathrooms can be set up individually with beautiful bathroom furniture. For the establishment of the bathroom is a large variety of beautiful and stylish bathroom furniture to choose from.

Bathroom furniture &# 8211; Current trends, colors and styles

small bathroom modern design with wall color green and a small sink rund_schäne Badmäbel in combination with wrought iron for beautiful bathrooms

make bad harmonious and well thought out

Particularly important in a room with many elements such as the bath is the harmonically tuned means and style fidelity. If you like the vintage look, may for functional reasons, of course, like to combine with an appropriate fitting, but an angular cabinet with high-gloss finish does not fit it.

Specialized furniture lines agree the sanitary objects with the perfectly matching bathroom furniture from one another. This Badmöbelsysteme make the bathroom equipment easy. They adapt well perfectly to the space available. Manufacturers such as Keramag, running or Villeroy & Boch, which originally had only sanitary objects made of ceramics in the offer, offer bathroom furniture programs harmoniously combined with each other bathroom ceramics, furniture, fittings and accessories. Known furniture brands also offer bathroom equipment that adapt well to different bathroom ceramics. This makes the bathroom appear conceptually sophisticated and harmonious. As furniture, for example, vanity units, bathroom cabinets, mirror cabinets or modular cabinet systems lend themselves to the morning and evening Badroutine and additional storage space.

modern bathroom furniture for elegant bathroom design 

modern bathroom furniture and bathrooms ideas for modern bathroom design with wall hang-wanschtisch black and mirror frame silver on stone tiles as wanddeko

Less is more &# 8211; the purist style

More recently, many style-conscious people are turning to the minimalism. However strong the desire for a simple and orderly lifestyle is getting lost in an overabundance or superfluous without. The purist interior design style is characterized by great clarity and simplicity. He is intentionally limited to the essentials and leaves the eye for the really important things are free. This purist style for the design of the bathroom in bright colors or plain white is popular because it can provide the desired rest and relaxation of a stuffed everyday. But even strong contrasts can support this style perfectly. Despite the simple and sober design of the forms quality purist furniture look very luxurious and valuable.

Inspiration for simple bathroom design and stylish bathroom equipment

bad modern set up with wooden washstand and modern rectangular basin and bathroom mirror with lighting indireckter

Laufen Pro: perfect bathroom equipment in an unpretentious style

The running brand offers the Laufen Pro a modular bathroom furniture line, which fits perfectly with lower or very generous space in each bathroom. In the handle-free vanity cabinets of Laufen Pro series especially plenty of storage space for a wide bathroom utensils is offered. This is also a slightly smaller bathroom to a tidy room. The furniture are either selected in bright colors, characterized small spaces appear larger and more friendly. Or they are used in darker colors as contrast and eye-catching to the white bathroom ceramics. Strong contrasts can appear very exciting and powerful a bathroom.

purist bathroom furniture in black as a color accent to the white walls and bathroom tiles in wood design

modern washbasin with black cabinet and bathroom mirror with white lighting as a living idea for modern and beautiful bathroom furnishings in beige and

A big trend is to make the bathroom with as many natural interiors. Washbasins made of natural wood reminiscent of a living tree.

Get the nature in your bathroom

modern bathroom decorate with pflanzen_coole Decorating ideas for window sill in the bathroom

White ceramic basin in unusual or simple rectangular shapes look very noble. But even darker, carved in granite, naturally formed basins give rise to an archaic and unusual impression. Contrast to the natural materials can provide decorated with mosaics surfaces. The furniture also in this natural style as possible pure and simple, selected so that they do not detract too much attention to themselves and remain beautiful natural objects in the spotlight. Of course, decorated bathroom with large windows, lots of light inside can even create the impression, not to stay in a closed room. the naturalness is enhanced by skillfully used decorative accessories and houseplants.

With light and mirrors, you can create a fascinating atmosphere

So the bathroom can become a place of relaxation and recreation, it is very important to supply the room with sufficient light sources. In dark, confined spaces you feel uncomfortable quickly. Large mirror or mirror cabinets can reflect light and make the space appear larger.

Bathroom inspiration in vintage style

Vintage bathroom design with brick walls and stone double Waschbecken_badmöbel and bathroom inspirations for modern bathroom design

Small spaces should be designed in bright colors such as white or bright pastel colors. Various light elements beautiful accents particularly by soft, indirect lighting. Small lamps with color changers or candles can plunge the room into a fascinating play of color and light reflections. A stylish bathroom ensures in the bathroom &# 8211; For example, the relaxed Baden &# 8211; for greater well-being and enjoyment.

matching furniture and bright colors for small bathrooms

matching bathroom furniture for small and modern bathroom with dachfenster_weißes bathroom decorate in green and red

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