Front doors with style - even at Christmas time an eye-catcher

Front doors with style – even at Christmas time an eye-catcher

Front doors with style - even at Christmas time an eye-catcher

Modern doors have several functions. They present the house and its occupants to the outside, should be inviting, but to ward off unwanted intruders. Also an important feature of high-quality front doors: They insulate the heat so well that only a small portion of the precious energy is lost. In the following article there are tips and Christmas decorating ideas for a door with style.

Hastüren &# 8211; the reputation of our house, especially during the Christmas season

modern house doors brown wood with fenster_coole decorating ideas for Christmas time© / David Sucsy

Figurehead and shield at the same time

These two features should just play an important role when purchasing a new front door: The door should make a figurehead and shield a good figure. The manufacturer of front doors have adapted to the demands of their customers. To set known door manufacturers like Hörmann great importance to the safety of their products. A high level of protection while maintaining a stylish look – the two are quite available at an affordable price. Although the thermal insulation of the door is in the optimum range, it is worth investing in a high-quality doorstep anyway. In the long run just special energy-saving doors are paying off, which hold up to 50 percent more heat in the house than the standard version and thus save some money in the long term. They are equipped with a profile thickness of partially more than 80 millimeters.

Front doors with style – even at Christmas time an eye-catcher

beautiful and modern house doors in black with side verglasung_coole door decoration for christmas time with door wreath© / Pierre Desrosiers

Cold and wind should therefore at a modern door have no chance, just as burglars. Reliable protection offer door panels, which are composed of two shells. In addition, massive locks and bars provide good help when uninvited guests mess with your doorstep. The higher the so-called resistance class of the door, the harder it is for burglars. Thus, a high-resistance class as a deterrent since it takes several minutes to pick the lock successfully. There are now even intelligent door handles, which open only by fingerprint and leave control with Bluetooth.

the Einganstüren should equal time provide protection and a stylish look

intelligent door handles for entrance door and doorstep safety© / Choja

In the truest sense of the word, the look of a front door is in the foreground. Sure when choosing the personal taste of the residents and the style of the house is crucial. When the door fits harmoniously into the overall picture, it can be seen as an attractive showpiece.

Front doors &# 8211; the jewelry of a house

Modern house with the outer wall of black bricks with front door paint color in black eihnachtlich decorate with Christmas tree and wreath door© / Johnny Greig

Stars, wreaths and balls: festive decorating ideas for the front door

In the run up to Christmas many doors and windows shine in festive splendor. No wonder that a walk through the lit streets evokes the Christmas spirit and a lot of anticipation for the festival.

A popular way of guests during Advent to light the way, are LED lights or LED stars. They can be great drape as sparkling eye-catching to the door and combine with fresh pine branches. Also candles’re just in the dark season front of the house well. In a pretty lantern or as a lantern they radiate a lot of comfort.

For the holiday season can hardly be imagined without wreaths of fir branches. As a symbol of Advent they are as a decorative accessory that also sprayed at the front door charm. On a wide front door several small rings can be attached.

festive decorating ideas &# 8211; decorate front doors at Christmas time

modern wood front door with window to christmas time decorate with Christmas tree balls and Christmas door wreath© / Ron Thomas

Where a ring is, you can usually find the classic Christmas tree balls. Just the color combination green-red is still a perennial favorite at Christmas time. But other colors such as purple, blue or white provide cheerful splashes of color at the front door. should you overdo it with the colorful mix, however, is not – otherwise the lights decoration does not affect contemplative, but restless. The spherical decoration should therefore at best come from a family of colors. A pretty idea are balls that can be personalized. By the way, an original gift idea for Christmas! With Christmas motifs painted or pasted they are in fact a particularly beautiful door decoration.

Entrance and front door for Christmas decorating for cheerful mood and beautiful Christmas

front door for Christmas decorating for weihnachtszeit_moderne doors for modern house© / yang

Stars are also a big issue during the festive season. After all, the star of Bethlehem to the shepherds the way to the baby Jesus. In the period around Christmas we encounter them in all shapes and varieties. Especially the straw stars, like braided with a red ribbon. But star of felt or fabric are a welcome decoration for the Christmas doorstep.

Front doors &# 8211; an essential decorative and protective of our home

front doors for modern entrance areas and entrances of natural stone and cool decorating ideas for christmas time for happy Christmas everywhere© / peter spiro

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