Fresh wall decorating with plants

Fresh wall decorating with plants

A fresh and interesting wall decoration does not always match a design with modern wall shelves or pictures. You may have noticed how the fresh flowers bring a whole different atmosphere in the room. Instead of conventional interior design with plant pots, we’ll show interesting examples of a modern wall decoration with plants. As a wall decoration suitable for any room in your home. It can be used only as a decoration idea for the living room, bathroom and bedroom, or as a functional wall decoration for the kitchen, where you can grow your own herb garden itself. The wall you can make either small single-wall flower pots, or as an entire green wall.

 Idea for terrarium on the wall &# 8211; Picture frames to decorate with plants

Wall plants in black picture frame

Here you will find interesting and cool suggestions on how you can design your own wall garden. The term “wall color green” can also describe a beautiful green planted wall. Using modern flower pots that are specifically designed for wall or by a creative photo frame decoration, you can create a unique wall design with plants. Would you have a terrarium on the wall? Here we have some inspirations for it. For the craft fans who love flowers, we have a few examples of DIY wall decoration with plants, as well as self-made and off-hook on the wall flower pots and flower shelves.

Wall design with wall-terrarium

Wall decoration with small round terrarium

Inspiration for green wall of plants in rectangular Pflanbehältern

unhinged plant box for wall

Wall decoration with wall color green as a background for cool wall design with plants in picture frames

wall decoration wooden box

modern flower pots for the wall as a creative add some color to white wall

minimalist flower pots in different colors

Idea for Kreuter garden on the wall with porcelain flower pots of Farrah Sit

unhinged white flower pots for wall

minimalist wall design with modern wooden Wandregalten for planting

Wall decoration with plant containers made of wood

wall decoration in an elegant form of a vertical Blümentopf

steilischer plant container for wall

creative wall decoration with flowers

white wall pockets for plants

Inspiration for wall greening

Wall decoration with modern flower pot

Garden design with white Blümentöpfen for wall &# 8211; ceramic wall planters of West Elm

Wooden wall with white hung out plant containers

Arranging flowers for the garden wall

mediteranie wall decoration using plants

minimalist and modern wall garden

modular vertical plant containers

Idea for wall decoration in the kitchen with Kreuter garden on the wall

Small Pots for wall

Terraces ideas with screen of plants

suspended textile pockets for plants

DIY wall decoration with flowers

Wall decoration with glass jar

Wall terrarium with branches

interesting Planzenbehälter wooden

Design idea for the office space with a green wall of plants

vertical wall garden

Where you can your Kreuter garden in the kitchen to accommodate?

Plant wall design

Idea for DIY shelving system for flowerpots &# 8211; Kreuter garden figures

Home-made wall decoration with flower pots

A bookcase made of wooden crates as plant containers

Plant containers made of wood

interesting idea for the garden wall space

modular wall elements for plants

Window Decoration with flowerpots instead of curtains

Wall of white flower pots

Metal mesh decoration with plants

interesting wall decoration in black

fresh wall decoration and modern wall design with plants

elegant and functional wall design with Kreuter planters in the kitchen

vertical garden in the kitchen

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