Free Standing Bath-modern Bathroom

Free Standing Bath-modern Bathroom

A freestanding bath is more of a piece of furniture as a piece of inventory, the flexible placement and strong visual statement allows the room. Compared to a built-in bathtub, the freestanding bathtub needs more space. Weight is also the selection of Wannenfüllinstalation, which can be floor mounted or carried on the wall or ceiling.

The free-standing baths are available in a wide range of styles and types. As a free-standing claw-foot bathtub in a vintage bathroom fixtures or sleek modern forms as a designer of furniture. Round or rectangular, ceramic, wood, glass or natural stone. They give the bathroom a luxurious look.

Most of the free-standing bath is inserted in the center of the room, which corresponds to no closets in their vicinity. In our examples, but you will also find a solution for it. Another important thing is to remember is the shower. Typically in the case is a walk-in shower.

 Bathroom with marble

modern bathing facility in white with tub of white marble

creative bath with base support made of white double-sided bookcase

 Elegant bath with glass walls

overflowing bathtub with glass walls

Free-standing wood bathtub and shower

modern decor for the bathroom with two showers and freestanding wooden tubs

modern bathroom facilities with two free-standing sinks with mirrors

green Bath

Modern Bathroom with window

Modern Bathroom in white with leather chairs and Spegel

interesting bathroom facility with bath stone

Modern glass tub with sun

modern glass bathtub with a round glass table and lamp

Asian bathroom design with wooden bathtub in the gravel

Modern Bathroom with window wall and bathtub with stainless steel frame

Bathroom equipment in white with wooden chairs and two ceramic sinks on wooden plate

minimalist Bathroom with ceramic tub with black frame

designer freestanding bathtub

detached Badewane in black with silver feet and flower motif

Modern Bathroom with marble floors, wooden deck and free-standing bathtub made of natural stone

freestanding ceramic tub with wooden platform

hi-tech bathtub with glass walls

rectangular free-standing bathtub

Modern ceramic bath with shower

freestanding bath with freely stand eder shower

modern bathroom facilities with black tiles and stainless steel

minimalist Bathroom with wooden floor fireplace undKeramik bath

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