Frames, wooden discs for designers mirror

Frames, wooden discs for designers mirror

Frames, wooden discs for designers mirror

How can you make the newly painted, empty walls creative and stylish? The options for wall design are simply endless. Mostly we decorate the walls with images that serve their frames often as a color accent to the interior or as an extension of the color scheme in the room. People who want to make a modern and simple interior design, decorate the walls sparingly with a few decorative items or place the emphasis on just a decorative element. So sleek, modern wall decoration can be achieved simply with a wall mirror. The mirror is a typical element of the device in the hallway, bedroom and bathroom. In the living room the mirror is also used often as a whole wall of mirrors for an optical room extension, as well as chic wall design on a sideboard.

creative wall design wall mirror and DIY-frames made of wood

bedroom wall design ideas with wall mirrors and mirror frame from DIY wooden discs

We would like to inspire a creative wall design with mirror today. We have prepared a cool craft idea for DIY frame of wood slices. like to tinker with wood? Look for creative decorating ideas with mirrors and wood? Would you like to tinker a creative, modern wall design itself? Then our example of round mirror with wooden frame You will love and perhaps inspire for more cool wooden wall decoration. With such a wall mirror you will create certainly a strong accent in any room. The various-sized wooden discs transform the mere mirror in a unique and individual designer mirror. As you craft your own mirror with frame made of round wooden discs themselves, we will show the same.

Frames, wooden discs for designers mirror

Wood wanddeko with designer mirror with wooden frame

tinker round mirror with wooden frame itself

creative wall design with frames made of wood windows and wall mirror round

What materials you will need and how to build the framework step by step? First you get the mirror. The following example is the Ikea Spiegel KOLJA used with a diameter of 55 cm, which you can buy from Ikea for 15.99 euros. For the frame, you will need a 1 cm thick wooden board.

Wall mirror framed with wooden discs as creative wall decoration idea

round mirror wall with frame wooden discs as a modern and creative wall design

Step 1: First, place the mirror on the wood panel and draw the round mirror contour.

tinker with wood as a cool craft idea for DIY wall decoration wall mirror

round mirror with frame made of wood for creative wall design

step 2After you have signed the circle from the mirror, make another circle with a 20 cm larger diameter. That is, the second circular contour will be greater with 10cm. Now you cut the larger circle.

build round mirror frames made of wood

frame made of wood for round mirror selbermachen

Step 3: Cut a piece of wood of the plywood that you will use to hang the mirror on the wall. Nail the piece of wood to the back of the wooden circle. Attach a 8-10 cm long metal bar to the wood piece and a second on the wall.

Mirrors on the wall Befestogung

creative wall design with round wooden mirror

step 4: Now the time has come for sawing. Cut many different sized discs of wood from fallen branches in the garden.

Craft idea with wooden discs for interesting and modern mirror

round mirror with frame wooden discs selbermachen

Step 5: Brush the 10 cm wide circular area in the color of the wall where you will hang the mirror later. In this way, the small gaps between the wooden discs will appear as wall background. Begin to stick with wood glue the larger wooden discs along the mirror contour. Pasting the entire edge with small and large washers to get a special effect.

make mirror frame with different sized wooden discs

creative wall design with designer mirror with wooden frame

Step 6: By means of the s.g. Injection fixing (for mirrors) attach the mirror to the wood surface. Apply the adhesive to about 5 cm inwardly from the outer edge of the mirror contour. Place the mirror, and place something heavy on it.

interesting decoration idea for walls with DIY mirror frame

round mirror with wooden frame as decorating ideas living room

reshape old mirror with DIY wooden Spigelrahmen

mirror with wooden frame made of wood slices for creative wall design

Mirrors with wooden frame as a creative wall decoration

living room wall design with wall mirror as a round mirror with wooden frame made of wood slices

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