Folding table or extendable dining table?

Folding table or extendable dining table?

For an elegant and chic Eesszimmereinrichtung, we have chosen four functional dining tables of different designers. Folding table or extendable dining table is the ideal solution for your living room? Which of the two table types is better? You can decide which concept suits to your imagination! The following models represent Italian design, creative solutions, high quality and functional furniture. We will present you four fantastic dining tables, which are ideal for a small living room, or will create more open space and movement space in your dining room. The tables are selected from the list of products the company HORM and can be ordered and available in many different countries. Where to bay?

The dining table LUX is our first proposal.

a country house with a stylish living room and setup with extendable dining table

luxury living room design wood with wooden floor and dining table white with colored dining chairs

A dining table with simple and austere lines from the Designer Carlo Cumini. The hallmark of this piece of furniture hidden in a built-in under the table top rod that functions as a steel grave assurance. Thanks to this design of the dining table has a special expansion capability. Through several modules, the table top can convert to an extra long work surface.

extendable dining table model LUX

luxury interior furnishings with modern dining table extendable

clear shapes and sleek design for the dining room

modern dining room set with extendable dining table walnut

By folding elements at the ends of the table, offers itself in any time nor room for more guests. The simple design of the dining table “Lux” offers an elegant look of the table in white or walnut.

Combination of folding table and extendable table

luxury living room inspirations with contemporary folding table white

In 1997, the designer Carlo Cumini designed the dining table CAPRIATA.

dining table with folding elements for doubling the table plate in the width

modern white folding table for modern dining establishment

The table has a narrow and long tabletop, which is atypical extendable in width and not in the length. Thanks to its proportions, the dining table for narrow and elongated rooms suitable. The supporting structure, which resembles a wooden roof remains visible. The table is in Capriata dining table with unique solution concept that is generated by correcting the holding frame and unfolding the extension elements contained therein, a wider area. In this way, the tabletop doubled.

extendable table in the width of a narrow and elongated living room

residential dining facility with an oblong dining table extendable

The third room model ASTOR is the creative collaboration between the designer Daniele Gaspardo and the group Graphite Design. The modern dining room served up is a fantastic solution for any living-dining room. Why is this table unique? The concept of Astor Tisch enables fast telescopic extension of the tabletop.

creative design for a luxury living room with extendable dining table ASTOR

interior design ideas with modernm Esszisch wooden extendable

How does this happen? The table top consists of wood slats, which are connected with thin aluminum inserts. In the simple drawing, the creative surface expands like a folding screen or like an accordion, which was actually the inspiration of the designer. In the extended condition, this results in an elegant and beautiful table surface of the alternate periodically wooden slats and intermediate Aluleisten.

Astor dining table setting with beauty and elegance

extendable dining table made of solid wood slats and aluminum elements

When closed, the Aluelemente remain hidden and invisible. The extendable dining table defines a visual motion effect that is proportionally to its useful function.

modern design concept for extendable dining table

modern dining table extensible,

Another project of Graphite Design is the folding table WOW PLUS.

modern extendable folding table model WOW PLUS

wood folding table for small residential dining room

Designed in 2005, the extendable table actually represents a modern folding table. The simple and elegant design allows a table extension of 80 cm in just seconds. The expansion happens by rotating the extension member about the pivot point of the frame. At the main table top, which remains horizontal, the 80 cm long wood panel inserts. The effect is really WOW. The dining table is perfect for small spaces and presents elegance and creativity.

funktinale interiors with a folding table

dining table extendable with wood board for modern interiors

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