Flower candles crafts

Flower candles crafts

Do you love candles? Would you like to tinker a cool candle with fresh flowers yourself? Then read on the steps. We offer two craft ideas for DIY flower candle that can make you a creative gift idea and a cool decoration. For the first craft idea we have chosen pink colored carnations as these for a fantastic DIY are as ideal spring flowers spring decoration. Instead cloves, you can of course use other fresh fragrant flowers and dry flowers and spices. What you’ll need for this cool craft idea? For the candle you can either use old candles or paraffin. Besides the flowers, you obviously need wicks, a small pot, small glass container and an empty can. If you want to create a scented candle, enter a few essential oil drops to attend.

creative craft idea for carnations candle as decoration and gift idea

Spring decorations themselves tinker with cloves


Melt the old candles by water-preparation (place the bowl with the wax in a container filled with about 5cm of water pot on the stove-top). Heat the hot plate and allow it to melt the wax. Wrap around part of the wick around a wooden stick or pencil. Let the rod lying on the glass container so that the wick is in the center of the vessel and up to the base falls. With the help of a brush and little wax, gently press the petals to the edges of the container. Then pour carefully from the melted wax in the container. Let cool off the wax and cut the coiled portion of the wick out. Your DIY flower candle is beautifully finished. In the evening you can light your home-made clove candle and relax with a glass of wine.

DIY flower candle with fresh flowers and plants

DIY Kerzendeko with DIY candles with herbarium

Herbarium for candles decoration with dry flowers

craft ideas with flowers

Here is yet another and lighter craft idea for DIY flower candle. For this you need only a tablespoon and the desired flowers and plants. You must heat the lower side of the spoon and easily print the petals on the candle surface with a spoon and smooth.

decorate your candles with roses and butterflies

tinker with paper napkins for DIY Kerzendeko

fantastic decoration with candles DIY flowers

craft idea fpr DIY candle with decoration from paper napkins

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