Flooring in the living room: Cozy alternatives to parquet and laminate

Flooring in the living room: Cozy alternatives to parquet and laminate

The living room is the place where we spend most of our time when we are at home. Therefore, a comfortable interior in this room is very important, not we want to feel at ease here. Laminate and parquet are for this reason the most popular floor coverings in homes. They bring available through their warm wood look a cozy atmosphere in the room, are of high quality and durable and in many different designs. Meanwhile, however, many people are looking for an alternative for the flooring in the living room.

Which flooring is best suited for the living room?

white painted wooden floor in the nursery as ideas for Scandinavian nursery design

These six versions are especially popular:

  • tiling
  • Wood powder flooring
  • cork
  • PVC
  • linoleum
  • carpet

Below we explain the special features and the advantages and disadvantages of each flooring.

Tiles as a cozy alternative to parquet and laminate

small living room modern set with white leather sofa, black coffee table, black TV cabinet, white tiled floor and exposed concrete wall

Tiles are also in demand for the living room

Tiles are in the bathroom or in the kitchen? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Also for the living room, there is the easy-care, durable and durable flooring in homely design. Suitable are variants in unusual colors, marble appearance or in wood design. leaves to taste spread a luxurious castle ambience or Mediterranean flair with tiles in the living room. In addition to the wide range of optics tiles offer even in the living room but another advantage: They are perfect for use with underfloor heating.

a heated tile floor can be the right solution for both large and open living spaces

living dining room with floor tiles, rattan wood dining table with, fireplace and reading corner with two armchairs and red runderm side table in black with table lamp

Wood powder flooring combines the advantages of tile and wood floors

Those who can not decide between tiles and a wooden floor, but is looking for a floor covering that combines the advantages of both variants, is well advised with a so-called wood powder coating such as Nadura MEISTER. That is a durable and easy Flooring, the surface of wood fibers and mineral substances is. In the production of fine wood fibers are mixed with mineral components and pressed at high temperatures and under high pressure. Thanks to the special manufacturing process, the floor combines the durability and hardness of stone tiles with the warm look of a wooden floor. The proportion of wood fibers ensures that the body heat is not dissipated as quickly as with stoneware or ceramic floors. therefore keeping feet warm without slippers.

Parquet and laminate can be perfect with a wood powder flooring replace

living room with arched windows set classic with leather sofa and armchair in brown and dark parquet

Cork flooring is sustainable and visually versatile

An ecological and visually appealing alternative to parquet and laminate is a sustainable cork. He is laid usually as solid tiles that are glued to the ground and sealed later. Floating cork, however, is already sealed and is particularly easy via tongue and groove embarrassed. Because cork is a renewable resource, load a floor made of this material to the environment less than laminate or parquet. There is this coating in countless designs and colors, so that a fitting cork can be found for any living environment. A cork flooring has many advantages: it is easy to clean, anti-static, sound absorbing, insulating, warm to the touch and flexible. For allergy sufferers this flooring comes into question.

attractive and modern interior design with white cork flooring in wood design

extractor cover small corner kitchen with modern, built-in refrigerator in the wall dining area wall tiling with natural stone and vintage dining table with wooden chairs

PVC as a low-maintenance flooring solution

A floor covering made of PVC provides unlimited possibilities especially from a visual perspective. Whether as oak floorboards variant in marble appearance, the design of maple parquet or in a trendy color such as white or black – PVC a real transformation talent and arbitrary in any design is available. But also from a functional point has PVC a wide range of advantages:

  • resistant
  • Easy care
  • inexpensive
  • warm underfoot
  • Very easy to install

Unfortunately, PVC floor coverings are not always harmless to health, such as ECO-Test found in a product comparison in 2012: In PVC floors plasticizers are contained that are necessary to produce from the ground substance PVC flooring. “The manufacturers are mainly for phthalates,” the magazine writes. “Some phthalates act like hormones and can impair fertility.” In particular, PVC coverings from the Far East consumers should therefore be avoided.

different areas defined by the combination of different floor coverings

party room modern design with wavy bar counter in wood optic, brick walls with lighted wall shelves made of wood and wood flooring in optics

Linoleum: Good for health and the environment

Linoleum long had a rather bad reputation among floor coverings, but enjoys lately again growing in popularity. This coating consists of a mixture of natural resins, wood or cork flour, linseed oil, titanium oxide and limestone powder, and jute fabric dyes. Accordingly, linoleum is an ecological point of a better choice than PVC. The warm underfoot and takes resilient flooring is similar in appearance to the popular cork. There are many colors to choose from, with linoleum is always colored. Modern versions are also coated with polyurethane, which makes care easier. However, linoleum should be installed by a professional. However, once the flooring is once he has a similarly long life, such as parquet: Up to 25 years Linoleum can then survive.

Linoleum as durable and easy to clean flooring for an elegant room design

chic living-dining room design flooring with white, blue and yellow sofa chair on a black carpet, black accent wall with a modern fireplace and wall Africa with fitted shelves

Anything but old-fashioned: carpet

In the bedroom, the carpet was long the most popular flooring in general, and to this day it is preferred in this room of the apartment by many people. But also for the living room, a modern carpet offers. There is this flooring in myriad colors and qualities so that it allows an individual and great design. A large popular are nowadays carpet tiles. They are very easy to install, since similar laminate which is installed using the convenient click system. In addition, individual carpet tiles can be replaced if they have stains or damage. An exchange of the complete floor is not required.

the carpet &# 8211; a cozy and colorful addition to the parquet and laminate flooring

colorful living room design with patterned carpet tiles, designer upholstered sofa white and showcase deco with hanging pillow

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