Floor tiles in the bathroom - the trends in 2016

Floor tiles in the bathroom – the trends in 2016

Floor tiles in the bathroom - the trends in 2016

The new floor tile in the bathrooms are outside the usual norms. According to Tile Trends 2016 are the previously usual square or rectangular small formats for floor tiles in the bathroom past. The modern flooring quality ceramic shows real size as large tiles with numerous advantages such as the seamless laying of floor tile for a quiet and harmonious acting surface image. Because despite trendy contrasts and the targeted play with colors that applies harmonious image as an important stylistic element the current trend. And smaller rooms benefit from modern rectangular tiles form, as it stretches the space and gives it a certain size.

the modern bathroom &# 8211; Examples and tile trends in 2016 for modern bathroom design

modern bathroom with white wall tiles made of white marble, sink with floor to ceiling mirrors and indirect deckenbeleuchtung© iStock.com / ondatra-m

For each style a strong partner

Still valid is the visually harmonious effect of the combination of wall tile and floor tile. Otherwise, sets the floor tile in the bathroom 2016 strong contrasts. The floor tile in a complementary color to the colorful wall mosaic is just as stylishly as the unified design of wall and floor tile in the bathroom. Here’s own creativity knows few limits. Another trend is the use of multiple, coordinated tile designs for wall tile and the bottom tile in the bathroom. The partial reflection of the wall designs in the floor tiles in the bathroom sets interesting accents.

Floor tiles in the bathroom – Trends 2016

modern bathroom with large floor tiles, translucent partition and large glass doors to the shower area and sauna with wall tiles in wood optics© iStock.com / NelleG

the floor tiles as a wall covering &# 8211; toole inspiration for bathroom design in black and white of baths with sloping

bad modern design with white wood paneling covers and black floor and wall tiles© iStock.com / Jens Barslund

Urban Gray or elegant black for the bathroom floor tiles

An important issue is the color of the floor tile in the bathroom. Everything here is almost allowed. High-gloss black is found in the designs at Tile Kemmler are presented, as well as urban gray in different variations. are particularly interesting in gray and white held Checkerboard pattern to the optical space division, if this is done in combination with large gray floor tiles of the same color. Floor tiles historic design in white or shades of brown are also in vogue and harmonize perfectly with the trend of burnished and bronzed fixtures.

Combination of square and narrow rectangular floor tiles in the bathroom &# 8211;

Areas defined by color and tile format

modern bathroom with black and white bathroom tiles, washbasin and fitted wardrobes in high gloss black and install ceiling light© iStock.com / ExcellentPhoto

Fancy colored? Strong colors are also in vogue

the floor tile next to elegant floor tiles in the bathroom in muted, dark colors partly to show in the bathroom in 2016 from its colorful side. Hexagonal small tiles in several colors by the expert laying work of professionals to motley Tiled flooring in retro style. An ever-increasing popularity show elaborate and colorful color mosaic with ornate part patterns.

They make playful color accent in the bathroom by combining shades

modern bathroom with laminate and mosaic in blau_bad ideas for concrete bathroom furnishings with washstand, wall hanging cabinet wood and bathroom tiles with blue© iStock.com / robin images

Natural stone and wood look for the wellness paradise

Multi-colored mosaics are the trend in 2016 for the wall area. Especially brown tones dominate the purist-elegant look combined with restrained lines of the equipment. This offers the bright floor tile imitates natural stone as a harmonious complement. Alternatively, the bathroom decorated in clean lines and all-white obtained by Floor tiles wood look an elegant feel-good atmosphere.

Bathroom design in warm natural colors &# 8211; Floor tiles Trends 2016 in brown-beige

bad modern design with wall color beige, floor tiles in natural stone optics beige, glass room dividers lit and large-size windows© moodboard / moodboard / Thinkstock

Delicate mosaics for optical separation and interesting accents

Floor tiles in the bathroom, in the form of a mosaic of Trend 2016 are more and more often you conquer the bathroom wall to the floor of the room. As a floor tile for the bathroom, the mosaic tile accents or shares the oasis in clear visual areas. Thus the wall mosaic of the ground floor shower continues as a floor mosaic in an attractive contrasting color inside the shower stall. Or it forms a harmonious unit with the wall tile. Mosaic tiles form numerous visually attractive ways to delineate sub-areas of the bathroom clear. To select these attractive floor tiles are in the bathroom in quiet pastel shades or in cheerful fresh color mixing or demanding patterns.

Floor tiles Trends 2016 &# 8211; make the big and small bathroom modern

bathroom ideas for modern bathroom in brown with an accent wall of mosaic, white freestanding bath and rear-lit bathroom mirror frames on wall mounted basin of natural stone brown © iStock.com / Vlajs

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