Flat paint without dripping, thanks to innovative ink tray

Flat paint without dripping, thanks to innovative ink tray

Does your home renovation or refreshment, or you want the living room just new and to make different, that automatically means that you have to emphasize the term rentals. A process that who has already painted walls and ceilings, know how aufendig and dirty it can be. How complex the strike and the entsprechede preparation is vorcher, of course, depends on the area to be painted and covered with protective film. But the problem of lost time to cover furniture and floors before painting, and the problem with the drops and Klecken after coating, are already solved. A protection-free painting without drops is made possible thanks to an innovative paint tray.

innovative ink tray for quick and clean painting walls and ceilings

wall paint blobs without using antigravitation-color tub© Paint2it

The magic ink tray ”Paint2It-Pro”, Is the first anti-gravity-ink tray The leak-proof paint tray is round, has a diameter of 35cm and consists of two parts:. Black tray with hand strap and top layer of unique bristle-fiber fabric that keeps the latex paint and if you also paint tray turn around. This means you can hold the ink tray oblique, drop, or color fill in the middle of the room without having assured that the flooring with a protective film.

Apartment emphasize without tarpaulins and drop on the floor

© Paint2it

This exceptional paint tray holds up to 340g Latexfrabe and innovative anti-gravity technology keeps the color fresh as long as you emphasize. Thanks to the handle on the back to the round ink tray can directly hand, and on the head, which makes the house strike not only faster but also easier.

the strike will make you stop worrying

innovatibe color tub to ceiling paint without blobs© Paint2it

the innovative paint tray helps you with the wall design with a creative and multi-colored pattern

emphasize creative wall pattern with the innovative color-tub for six latex colors© Paint2it

Alternatively, you can use the ink tray with disposable cover sheets that you need to just peel and stick. This also resealable bags are available in which the ink tray with the unused color to the day is long storage box without the paint to dry. As long as the disposable liner is attached to the ink tray, they can be washed ploblemlos with running water and reuse it a second time. Once you are done with the painting and want to pour back into the container colors the rest of the color, they just need belonging to the ink tray squeegee.

the round paint tray with disposable liner makes the flat-brushing easier and faster

cool wall ideas emphasize the innovative color tub© Paint2it

A further advantage of the anti-gravity technology is the use of up to sixteen different colors in the ink trough at the same time without mixing them together. This is the perfect solution if you want to make the wall with a colorful wall pattern.

make the gewühnschte wall pattern in different colors quickly and easily

underline room without blobs with the help of leak proof color tub© Paint2it

the first leak-proof paint tray with anti-gravity technology to a clean house painting

time save emphasize thanks leak-proof paint tray in room© Paint2it

save money when painting by minimizing waste of color

time and money saving at room streichen_horizontale and vertical surfaces strike quickly and without blobs© Paint2it

We can say that if this new ink tray really works so magical, it is not just innovation in painting area, special one savers of our time and our money. The apartment strike will be determined faster and cleaner, as the elaborate preparation is auffalen. The amount of unused, dried and spilled latex paint, which is normally lost in a brushing process is minimized. This leads to another positive, namely a cost-saving effect.

can paint the house a pleasant occupation be

emphasize wall ideas for quick wall design with the matching wall color© Paint2it

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