extremely small two-room apartment with chic interior design

extremely small two-room apartment with chic interior design

extremely small two-room apartment with chic interior design

The area of ​​this extremely small two-room apartment is only 35 square meters. The L-shaped living room combined kitchen and a small living room, from which one enters the bedroom. A small but modern kitchen is located in the corner of the room and equipped with a functional bar, which defines the dining area, and thus the required space is saved for a standard table. This elegant and pragmatic solution forms a cooking and an entertainment area and stands as a separation element between the two. The narrow living room is an extension of the equipment with furniture on the wall side. Compared to the wall arranged on the bed, there is a narrow sideboard and a built-in wall television. In this way, maximum payload and traffic area of ​​the two-room apartment results. Access to the cute bedroom allows the living room. The door to the sleeping area is part of an elegant wall design with wall panels. The small bedroom is also very functional with built-in TV and wardrobe with sliding door. The amounts suspended ceiling in both rooms is designed with an indirect edge lighting. In addition, as a discreet ceiling design, including ceiling lights are mounted in black-painted elongated niches. The color scheme in white and gray is also transmitted in the bathroom, creating an elegant, quiet and simple interior design throughout the apartment.

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