Exotic plants in your own garden

Exotic plants in your own garden

Exotic plants in your own garden &# 8211; Those lucky enough to have their own garden, which can live out his green thumb right. In addition to native plants and flowers, many gardeners choose now also exotic plants to give their own green space that certain something. For many, the cultivation and breeding of these plants has become a popular hobby. However, anyone who keeps those plants must be well versed with these, as they require specific care. It must be created certain conditions, so that they can develop and thrive. So not only have to agree the lighting conditions, but also the maintenance of the plants. Here are a few tips are given on how to bring their exotic through the winter.

the garden in a Oasis transformed by some hardy palms

planting exotic as palm trees grow in gartenanlage© ClipDealer / sil007

Palm trees, the all-rounder

Those who want to give a certain exotic touch his garden, which makes with palm trees rarely something wrong. This type of plant automatically give the home a holiday character. The good thing is that there are different Varieties and sizes of palm trees there that can be adjusted according to your own garden. The palm trees that can be found rather in the southern regions, need special care. Before buying a palm tree, should be clearly informed about the maximum height of the palm, the site conditions and the necessary care. there when the conditions match those of the original home is best. Regular spraying the plants with diluted seaweed juice can promote the green of the leaves and the resistance.

Which exotic plants we can grow in your own garden?

exotic landscaping with banana plant in a pot© ClipDealer / vicushka

Hardy exotic plants

What is perhaps not many know that there are many hardy exotics. Many of these plants, for example, survive freezing temperatures in South America, can also survive the German winter. Even banana trees cope with the European winter temperatures. Pineapple and kiwi fruit or certain fig varieties are equally viable. to protect these types of plants in winter snow and ice accordingly is important. There are certain cases that can protect against icing.

Variety in the garden bring through exotic trees such as the kiwi

cool ideas for your own garden oasis with exotic Kiwibaum_passende exotic plants for the garden© ClipDealer / artist14

exotic plants such as the pineapple plant are also ideal for an exotic garden landscape

make garden and replant with matching exotic plants© ClipDealer / lzflzf

Other unusual plants for the garden

If you like it extraordinary that can change to other types of plants that are less known post here and a good picture. A good example is the Japanese Harlequin pasture until pink sheets gives a garden with its green and white with a good image and a real eye-catcher. Another special feature is that the Harlequin pasture develops red leaf tips in spring. The decorative shrub can be cultivated in the bucket and thus is ideal for Planting of balconies and terraces. The extraordinary plant that is a real eye catcher, also impresses with their ability to survive in our latitudes. So it is frost resistant and comes with a variety of soil conditions cope. So it is ideal for our domestic gardens.

a Harlequin pasture will also lend an exotic Garden at Home

plant some exotic are hardy and suitable for the domestic garten_strauch in the garden with a spherical section© ClipDealer / Faustmann

Another interesting plant is the coffee plant. This particular plant is in the southern areas of up to eight meters high. It is located in the southwestern rain forests of Ethiopia. Her green leaves have a rich color and after three to four years, white flowers that adorn any garden flourish. Since the plant does not tolerate direct sunlight, is a shady spot for the best. It can thrive, develop and simultaneously give a special flair to the garden.

the coffee tree as more unusual plant for the garden

Coffee tree with red and green coffee beans as an exotic plant for exotic landscaping© ClipDealer / gtstudio

The right amount of light supply

As with many other plants is the source of great prosperity and good growth for exotic plants adequate light source. Most exotic plants come from regions that are particularly rich in sunlight. Therefore, the location in your garden must be chosen wisely. Too much shade is poison for such plants. In winter, special lamps can be used for this purpose. Always, however, depends on the type of plant. For casting lukewarm rainwater is suitable. The nutritional requirements of such plants is relatively high. In return, special fertilizer that you get in every florist own. So your own exotic garden, nothing stands in the way. With a few simple means to bring the south to his home.

enliven the garden with exotic tropical plants

fantastic landscaping with exotisschen plant in flower pots and exotic flowers in hanging pots with wooden pergola© ClipDealer / subbotina

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