equip the kitchen with retro fridge

equip the kitchen with retro fridge

The kitchen with retro refrigerator is equipped an increasingly popular trend in kitchen design. Retro refrigerators come back to power. They are modern and give the kitchen a special character and charm of the past century. Thanks to its exterior design and wide range of colors in bright or pastel shades, each kitchen transforms the retro refrigerator in centerpiece. What is actually from the original retro fridge and how he is actively involved in the modern kitchen decor?

the modern kitchen with retro character and blue accents

the kitchen with blue kitchen cabinets, brick wall and retro fridge smeg as ideas for modern kitchen equipment in blue

One of the features that distinguishes the retro refrigerator from the others, namely the color. The color palette of bright and dark colors in high gloss provides the perfect accent to any kitchen and every taste. What hides behind the colored retro style of the 50s, 60s and 80s, is actually innovative technology, thanks to the modern retro fridge to the products belongs to the highest energy classes. And just the combination of both is to blame for the high price.

Can the kitchen with retro fridge also look modern?

retro fridge red for the kitchen made of wood with modern kitchen cabinets in wood and red Project ap1211_Alan Chu Arquiteto

original and muttige Farbgestung in the kitchen with a retro fridge in yellow

the kitchen in retro style with gelebem retro fridge smeg and gray kitchen cabinets and wood wall covering

equip the kitchen with Retro refrigerator Smeg in black

the kitchen in black and white with retro fridge black wallpaper with milk bottles, light gray kitchen cabinets, dining table and wood with black esstischstühlen_coole wall design kitchen with wallpaper and wall color black

Refrigerator Northstar in light yellow &# 8211; modern kitchen equipment in retro style

toole kitchen equipment with retro fridge in pale yellow and built-in kitchen cabinets with wood cabinet doors as ideas for modern kitchen design in white and wood

elegant kitchen design in blue, beige and white

the kitchen in retro style with retro fridge blau_kleine kitchen modern design with white kitchen cabinets, diy dining table around in blue and blue tappete with pattern

fresh color accents in the kitchen with a retro fridge in Orange

retro kitchen with retro fridge in orange_tolle ideas for modern kitchen design in retro style

Mini Retro fridge for mini-kitchens

small eck kitchen in the living room with glazing, corner worktop know about holzküchenschrönken and small retro fridge in pinkPhoto: Julien Fernandez

black refrigerator Smeg with sticker &# 8220; New York Time&# 8220; as cool retro accent in white kitchen

kitchen equipment with white kitchen cabinets, parquet and black retro fridge with stickers

the old refrigerator a new retro look gives magnets with cool label for refrigerators of KUDU

retro stickers for kühlschrank_alte refrigerator reshape and beautify

Of course, the real retro refrigerators determine an authentic retro character thanks to their unique designs in various colors, but this is an investment that has its price. Once you have decided the kitchen to renovate by this trend and set up with such a retro fridge, there are also cost-effective solution as an alternative to the colorful classic. Thanks to the diverse range of patterned adhesive films, stickers and tattoos Arte different from the contact paper, the old and boring refrigerator can easily and effectively reshape again. The best in the spice in this manner is the rapid conversion of your refrigerator, you can make new and very different again in some time. Here you’ll find some inspiration for and the steps by which you can turn the white refrigerator into a real eye-catcher.

Spring mood in the kitchen &# 8211; Flower tattoos for decoration of white refrigerator

the kitchen in retro style with white smeg fridge with flower-wandtattoo

DIY retro fridge sticker

The materials have to get you before are adhesive film, a pen, some detergent, sponge, cutter knife and a cloth.

Step 1: Measure the refrigerator to determine the required amount of adhesive film. To remain visible, the branding of the refrigerator, then you must first select and cut out his place on the label.

Step 2: make the surface clean, or wash with a sponge and then dry well with dry cloth.

Step 3: Before you have removed the protective foil, place the adhesive film to the selected part of the refrigerator and mark with a pencil the exact piece of paper that you need to cut and paste. So you is a simple way to attach the adhesive film by magnets on the fridge.

Step 4: Cut the adhesive film with a cutter knife and attach them to the refrigerator.

DIY retro refrigerator with hexagon pattern &# 8211; wallpaper &# 8220; sexy hexyl&# 8220; of chasing paper

for refrigerator redesign cool kitchen design with diy retro kühlschrank_bastelidee with adhesive foil

wallpaper &# 8220; speckle&# 8220; of chasing paper for a new refrigerator look

make small kitchen in retro style dress and white refrigerator with adhesive foil

renovate the kitchen, then pull the refrigerator door with

renovate kitchen and old refrigerator newly gestalten_tolle craft ideas for diy retro fridge

great and simple idea for kitchen renovation and design with a striped pattern of the refrigerator

the kitchen in white with diy retro fridge in stripe pattern

creative idea for refrigerator decoration of the kitchen of the wedding photographer Ruth Allen

small white kitchen with bar-counter, bar stool yellow, white wood-kitchen cabinets and diy retro refrigerator with a stripe pattern in golz and white

dress up the fridge with dots of adhesive film

cool ideas for kitchen equipment with diy retro kühlschrank_alter white refrigerator with golden score redesign

colorful dots for colorful decoration of a white refrigerator

the kitchen with wall color blue, kitchen cabinets white and retro refrigerator white with colorful dots

fresh green color accents for White Kitchen

cool craft ideas for DIY Retro Kühlschrank_ the white refrigerator redesign with green dots or foil stickers with green pattern

bring bright color in the kitchen with a refrigerator with yellow flowers

redesign creative ideas for diy retro refrigerator floral motif with klebefolie_weißer fridge with yellow

easy to embellish another alternative for DIY retro refrigerator or the old refrigerator is to delete it. This is slightly more complicated than decorating with stickers, but the effort will be worthwhile and beautiful and perform so cool results. There are already several Arte of varnish and paint for household appliances. In addition to a specially for the target color you can use in a product and spray paint, enamel varnish or paint and primer.

String ideas for the old refrigerator

ideas ideas for kitchen renovation, and emphasize refrigerator

DIY retro fridge by color

If you have the desire and the time for it, here are the steps:

Step 1: Before applying the color, you need Lightly the surface of the refrigerator. Then wash it off with soapy cloth and rinse the surface with a damp cloth.

Step 2: Protect Use the door handles, the brand logo and rubber seal of the refrigerator from the tape.

Step 3: Prepare the color and underline the refrigerator. You’ll need a small paint roller and small brush. After you’ve ever stained the surface, apply a second coat of paint.

Step 4: Once the paint is completely dry, you can peel off the tape and remove the remains of the paint with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

Step 5: For those who do not have enough merely a new color, the design comes as the next step. Who is brave enough or hand signal is good, the desired pattern with brushes and paint can paint directly on the already painted refrigerator. Who does not dare so what can, use painter template. In the following example, the blue-painted refrigerator is also covered with several black flowers, some of which also filled with white.

the old refrigerator emphasize and embellish with hand-painted flowers

kitchen equipment with diy retro fridge blue with blumenmuster_ideen for redesign old refrigerator with black and white flowers

beautify a retro fridge from the 50s with some color

retro refrigerator white new customize color

DIY chalkboard retro fridge

If we are already ‘redesign refrigerator with Color’ on the subject ”, then we can not miss the variant with chalk paint. Most of you face directly the typical black chalk color before, but in reality is a chalkboard surface possible in other colors.

a message panel and a refrigerator in a

renovate old refrigerator with chalk color streichen_tolle idea for kitchen and diy retro fridge

Step 1: Refrigerator light sanding surface first, then clean and easy to cover all parts that are to be protected from the paint with tape. It is best to remove the door handles.

Step 2: Usually, a layer of magnetic primer is to be applied before the chalk color. For those who have however read the instructions for use before, the idea just can not seem to fit, due to the possible effect of health.

Step 3: If you want to use a magnetic primer anyway to then decorate the refrigerator with magnets and still photos, let it dry completely and then carry the chalk color using paint roller. Let it dry chalk color for three days.

Step 4: In three days you will rub the whole surface with chalk and wipe it off. After that, the chalkboard refrigerator should already be ready for labeling.

the black retro refrigerator will always be a classic

retro fridge in black and white for vintage kitchen design with wood floor in black or

using magnetic primer and chalk color of any refrigerator turn into an original piece of retro

ideas for kitchen remodel and transform old refrigerator in chalkboardPhoto: Penny & Finn

Further inspire authentic kitchen design with colored refrigerator, we present a vintage refrigerator Spanish company Portobello Street, disguised modern refrigerators with wooden panels.

the modern refrigerator in vintage style &# 8220; Nevera Boston&# 8220; Portobello Street

retro refrigerator with wood cabinet doors in yellow for kitchen in retro style with stone wall

transform the boring refrigerator into a retro refrigerator with red tomatoes or with Orla Kiely pattern

equipped kitchen with retro kühlschrank_ideen for color design kitchen in white and red

the kitchen with retro fridge in shabby chic style

design ideas for kitchen design in retro style with retro refrigerator and wall covering books with pages

a Technicolor kitchen design with DIY retro fridge

colorful kitchen design with diy retro kühlschrank_dekoideen for white kitchen

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