Energy efficient roofing with glass bricks

Energy efficient roofing with glass bricks

The innovative solar system from the Swedish company Soltech Energy represents an elegant roofing with glass tiles and absorber. In comparison with the konventionalen solar panels that are mounted on the roof, this solar power system allows an energy efficient but also stylish variant for the production of electricity and heating water by means of solar energy, in which the absorption area under the fortified with special roof chopping glass brick is. The solar energy is absorbed by the filled with heat transfer fluid absorber modules. The solar system is connected via a plastic accumulator tank to the conventional heating system of the building. When the sun’s energy is not enough, the conventional system is joined. The modern roofing material can also be used as roofing be used terraces, garden pools, tennis courts, etc..

The innovative roofing with glass tiles of Soltech

modern house with glass tiles and solar system

  energy-efficient and stylish roofing and solar system in a

innovative solar system with glass tiles

The glass tiles Soltech Pannan are developed as part of the energy systems and can be used as a conventional roofing. Imagine a transparent protective layer of the solar system and offer an interesting and functional solution for the roof. They are made of transparent glass with two vaults, which enables routing combination with the conventional double-arched hollow tiles. Since the glass bricks have a low iron oxide content, its silver gray color, which is also influenced by the sky and underlying materials. The roof tiles are modern with a smooth surface, like the glazed tile. A tile has the weight of 3.8kg, a light transmittance of 90% and rafter spacing 340-370 mm.

Glass tile Pannan as transparent weather protection of the solar system

modern roof with solar cells and glass bricks

The solar system Soltech is available in three variants – Sigma, Alfa and techno Solar and offers a flexible system that can be connected to different energy systems, such as district heating, geothermal, air-water heat pumps, pellet wood, oil or electric heaters , Of course, the greatest amount of energy is produced in the summer. but significant results can also be in the early spring, late fall and reach the sunny winter days while. To get the desired effect of the solar system, the roof should have a slope of 22 ° to 45 ° and, if not directly oriented to the south, then southwest or southeast.

energy-efficient heating of the house with modern energy systems with glass tiles

modern house with glass tiles as cover of solar system

interesting solution for solar roofs with glazed tiles of Soltech

creative roofing with glass tiles

The Sigma system can be installed on the entire roof or only part of it. If you need only partial roofing with absorbers, Soltech offers you the opportunity for a uniform coverage and visual impact of the entire roof with glass bricks. An interesting variant is the combination of systems and Sigma Power for a completely energy-neutral solution. The Soltech Sigma system system provides almost all year round hot water and heat, and the system power the amount of power consumed for a full year of a heat pump. In this way you take care of the entire heating your house- electricity, heat and hot water. The Techno Solar System is specifically designed for homes with roof structure of concrete, which are typical of Mediterranean and Arab countries.

the new efficient solar roof with Absober and glass bricks

double curved glass tile for solar systems on the roof

Example of an energy-efficient Mediterranean house with solar panels on the roof

Solar system and modern roofing for Mediterranean houses

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