Easter decoration craft – a great idea for Easter

Easter decoration craft - a great idea for Easter

What you can tinker at Easter!?! Here you will find 18 great craft ideas for creative Osterndeko. Let yourself inspire and surprise your guests and your family with an original Easter decorations for Easter 2016. If you search for creative inspirations for Easter, do you see our 150 cool decorating ideas for Easter 2015 as well as various Craft Ideas for Easter bunnies and Easter basket.

Easter decoration tinker with natural materials

great craft ideas for creative easter Easter decoration and great table decoration easter with yellow roses and eggshells

tinker Easter decoration &# 8211; great idea for Easter

interesting garnishment tinker with Easter eggs of wood and bottles with caps

tinker chess and checkers game at Easter

Materials and tools:

small and large wooden Easter eggs

Firing pin for wood

Crown corks and hot glue

Wood panel and wood finish

Step 1: Design the wooden eggs with a Brennstifft.

Step 2: Glue the eggs of crown corks

Step 3: Divide the wooden panel in squares with adhesive tape and coat the surface with varnish to tinker chess board.

Table stock up for Easter &# 8211; creative and easy crafts for Easter

tischdeko easter tinker with chocolaty easter bunny

Plate-Osterdeko tinker with chocolaty Easter Bunny

Materials and tools:

chocolate Easter bunnies invited

cute little Easter eggs

Speech (Original here)

Scissors or craft knife

Metal wire and Scotch tape

eingetopftes green, grass or moss

Step 1: Print the speech bubble template, cut out the bubbles and glue a piece of wire to the rear of each balloon. Then stick with paper glue on it a mirrored speech bubble to hide the mounting of the wire with tape.

Step 2: Unpack the chocolaty Easter bunny and insert gently the wire with the balloon.

Step 3: Arrange one or more Easter bunnies with eingetopftem Greens and small Oste-egg candies.

cool Easter craft ideas &# 8211; tinker flower buckets of eggshells as creative Osterdeko

unusual craft ideas easter with eggshells as flower pots

DIY EASTEREGG- flower pots

Materials and tools:

for planting

Wheat grass seeds


Egg carton and scissors

Preparation for the eggshell Flower Tub:

halved eggshells

Food coloring


Adhesive label or Aufklebepapier

Locker with pattern of your choice

Step 1: Plant about 5-7 days before you tinker wheat grass seeds in an egg box your EASTEREGG- flower pots. Let the egg carton on the windowsill and let the grass grow.

Step 2: After the grass has already grown prepare the egg shells for planting. With the help of a punch with patterns cut stencils out of the adhesive paper that you will stick to the halved Eierschelen before you have colored them.

Step 3: Prepare the egg color by the addition of 15 to 20 drops of food coloring and ½ tablespoon of vinegar to ¼ cup of hot water. Dip the egg shells with the glued patterns and leave them to dry on a corkboard with needles for about 15-30 minutes. When the paint is dry, remove the stuck templates.

Step 4: Divide the egg carton with the grown grass with a pair of scissors and place each basket with grass in a colored eggshell. If it is necessary, press the cardboard cups slightly to reinzustecken it in the egg shell and customize. The wheat grass should put up with proper care for about 1 week. The glass can be cut and grow again. If you want plants that can withstand longer time, you can plant rosemary or thyme instead Grass. You just need to moisten the earth and not flood.

Easter decoration ideas with Easter eggs

eggs decorate as yellow fögel in osternest_kreative craft ideas for easter

Easter crafts and decorating &# 8211; fantastic ideas for Easter and Easter decoration crafts

tinker eggs from wood, paint in blue and light pink and with paper flowers dekorieren_tolle garnishment tinker with Easter eggs

Gerlande tinker from eggs for Easter

ideas tinker with eierschelen_osterdeko craft ideas easter

tinker garland of real eggs for Easter

Materials and tools:


raw eggs

Thumbtack, straw and toothpick

Step 1: Blowing eggs! How do you do that? Gently tap a hole using a pushpin from both sides of the ice. Then enlarge the holes slightly back to the drawing pin until it is about 3mm is large. Then pierce a toothpick through both holes and swirl it around within the egg. Then with the help of a straw blow blow it out the egg inside. Then briefly rinse the blown egg and let dry in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Step 2: If you are the eggshells dry, pull the cord through the holes of the eggs. Make sure the egg shells on both ends of string with a knot.

Flag tinker with Easter bunny as an Easter decoration for outdoors

cool ideas for easter 2016 for garnishment tinker with bunny

Flag with Easter bunny sew as Easter decoration for outdoors

Materials and tools:


Easter Bunny Silhouette (original here)

Self-adhesive self-adhesive vinyl sheet for the silhouette of CAMEO® 

white acrylic paint and white 3D textile and craft paint from Tulip® Puffy ™

foam brush

white Pompon (4cm)

Hot glue gun and sewing machine

Step 1: Cut a 33 x 43cm first big piece of burlap. Sew two 1.5cm wide hems on both sides and a 3cm wide seam above, threading through the Easter flag to the flagpole.

Step 2: Print the Easter bunny silhouette on self-adhesive vinyl. Cut out the silhouette and glue the sheet with the cut out Easter bunny on the burlap.

Step 3: Using foam brush wear the white acrylic paint. When the paint has dried Apply a white outline along the Easter bunny silhouette with the 3D fabric paint. After the contour has dried, glue a white pompom with hot glue.

Siedeboard decorate for Easter &# 8211; tinker simple craft ideas and creative ideas for Easter decorations

creative easter decoration with bunny and bird houses as ideas for garnishment tinker

Easter decoration crafts for outdoors

simple craft ideas for easter easter basket

Sekura Easter eggs tinker and kreav decorate with cherry blossoms as a creative Easter decoration idea

craft ideas for easter eggs decorate with twine

tinker Sakura Easter eggs

Materials and tools:


plastic eggs

flower sequins

Superglue UHU

Highlighter and tweezers

Acrylics Bronze Metallic and Gold

Brush with a fine tip and water

Step 1: Wash and dry plastic eggs to remove the dirt of the surface.

Step 2: Splash bit of superglue at the foot of ice and pinch the end of the yarn thread using tweezers. Catch the thread on the adhesive roll up. Add back small amount of superglue to fix the yarn ends when rolling simultaneously to the plastic egg. Again and again press the rolled yarn with the flat end of the tweezers to glue the thread well. During the winding wearing superglue to about 6mm width. When you reach the top of the ice, cut the thread, inject super glue and roll the thread end.

Step 3: Draw it branches with a highlighter and follow the lines with the Bronze Metallic paint using a brush with a fine tip. Then repeat with the gold acrylic paint. Finally, glue the flower sequins and let well dry the Sakura eggs for several hours.

Easy Easter decoration crafts ideas &# 8211; make old new Easter Bunny

craft ideas for easter Easter decoration with bunny

reshape old Easter Bunny. You can easily re-create with spray paint your Easter Bunny. In this case, the white Easter bunny in silver color with a mirror effect of Rust-Oleum are sprayed three times.

great Easter decoration tinker with Easter bunny and music book pages in picture frames

easter bunny tinker with paper as ideas for original Easter decoration and garnishment tinker

Other cool idea for Easter decorations is the remodeling of Easter bunnies with Mod Podge glue and some leaves from the book or magazine.

tinker fresh table decoration Easter eggs with fresh flowers and sweets

cool garnishment tinker osterfest with flowers for the original tischdeko

DIY flower pots for Easter &# 8211; fantastic and easy craft idea for Easter decorations

garnishment tinker with ideas vessels and flowers

Easter decoration crafts with yarn and twigs as inspiration for fireplace decoration for Easter

Easter things themselves basteln_coole craft ideas easter eggs with wooden

Easter decoration tinker with children &# 8211; beautiful craft idea with plastic spoons

for Easter basteln_einfache with children craft ideas easter

DIY crafts placeholder for Easter

Materials and tools:

Floral foam

Pencil with eraser

white ribbon and tissue paper

Abrasive paper of fine grit

Cardboard and various colors

Hot glue gun and craft glue

Plastic spoon and terracotta flower pots

Step 1: Grinding easily the plastic spoon from both sides.

Step 2: Paint the plastic spoon in the desired colors. After the paint has dried, you can apply a second coat of paint. Then using the handle end of the brush to make the spoon handles with a dot pattern.

Step 3: Paint the terracotta flowerpots first two of them and the outside in white. Then paint the edges of the pots in the same color as the color of the spoon, which will place later in the pot. Now you make the rest of the pot with points using a pencil with eraser.

Step 4: Draw a beak in orange color with a fine brush and two points for eyes in black.

Step 5: Cut out the floral foam out 3cm cubes and glue each one of them in each pot.

Step 6: Cut nameplates from the carton and engage loops of the white band that will stick to each spoon.

tinker Easter eggs to Easter decoration &# 8211; simple and creative ideas for Easter

garnishment-tinker-to-osterfest-with-plastic eggs

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