Doorstop sew and do it yourself

Doorstop sew and do it yourself

Doorstop sew and do it yourself

Doorstop – a small accessory that combines function and decoration at the same time. They had ever experienced the situation in which you wear something and many times have to go through the door, but constantly closes behind you. Often we want to keep the door to the balcony or terrace open for longer periods in the summer and for that we sometimes have to search for a subject with which we keep them in the open position. One of the most famous doorstop is the door wedge buffer. Nowadays, there are on the market but also many other modern and more creative stoppers that serve not only open to holding the door, but also fulfill a decorative function.

cool craft ideas and inspiration for DIY doorstop

craft ideas for doorstops in fabric and wood

Allermögliche creative ideas for interesting doorstop made of different materials and in different forms are yet to see and find. Do you have a favorite animal that you would like to have as a decoration at home? Or do you want prefer an elegant door stopper that fits the modern interiors of your apartment? Here you will find some fantastic inspiration as you can sew your own doorstop, and cool and easy craft ideas with concrete and wood, through which you could make modern doorstops itself.

Doorstop sew and do it yourself

for hanging craft ideas for modern and cool doorstop

We start with a craft idea for DIY doorstop brick in felt. First, tie string on two locations about the bricks and by the nodes leaving two long cords that you will use later to hang the door stopper. Sew a bag made of felt, or simply stick side two pieces of felt. Wrap the brick from the bottom with paper and push it into the Filztasche You. Now you can make the paper away and carry on the lower side of the felt bag. Fold the felt as if you wrap a gift and attach the material by means of hot glue. Then cut a piece of rubber carpet underlay and glue it on it. Make two holes through which you have to pull the two longer cords left. Glue the felt from the upper side of the bag in the form of a pack me and tie the two strings. So that the door stop does not look boring, you can decorate it. If you do not use it, it can be hung as a door decoration on the door handle.

make brick doorstop itself

doorstop nähen_bastelideen door stop making itself

The second inspiration on how to make a doorstop itself, is a super simple craft idea for door wedge of wood. For that you are a block of wood in size 4cm x 16,50cm (W x L), white high-gloss color, top coat for wood (Miniwax polycrylic), leather strap 2cm x12, 5 cm (W x L), sandpaper, brass metal disk rosette M6 and a wood screw with a flat head in the appropriate size need.

First you draw with a pencil and a diagonal cut the block along the diagonal into two parts. Sand the cut triangle until you have a smooth surface shew. Brush the top of the door wedge in white and spray the rest of the topcoat. Then fold the leather strip in half and turn a hole through the center of both band ends. Place the brass rosette over the hole and using the drill to attach the leather handle of a door stop with the wooden Write. Iher DIY Türstommer is ready for use!

door stopper &# 8211; simple craft idea with wood for a DIY-door wedge

wood-doorstop itself machen_basteln with wood

Next, we will show you how to sew a owl doorstop himself. For this craft idea you will need fabrics in different colors and felt in gray and yellow, as well as adhesive inlay iron-on, buttons and a bag of rice. Here You can download the owl template to reprint the individual forms and cut.

Plug type A (eye), B (wing) and F (base) to the gray felt, draw their outlines from using pencil and cut each 2 pieces of All Forms from. Cut Form C from orange fabric or felt, and two pieces of Form D for the owl body, from one of your chosen fabrics with pattern. For the beak cut off Form E from the yellow felt.

Doorstop Owl &# 8211; so you can own sewing a doorstop

doorstop owl itself nähen_bastelideen for diy doorstop material

First, attach the gray eyes (A) to the orange face (C) using a hand stitches and sew the two switches. Glue the back of the finished owl-face to the adhesive liner by ironing. When the bonded adhesive inlay has cooled, remove the protective film from the other side and place the face shape with the adhesive side on one of the two body parts (D). Attach both parts again by ironing. Make tracked stitches along the contour of the face (Form C) and sew the beak.
Cut a strip of tape (12cm x 5cm) from the fabric from which you have chosen for the owl body. Fold it in half in length and sew it with a 5mm wide hem. Forms a loop through which you can hang a door stop.

Place the body shape of the ropes with the front side up and place the two wings on the two edges, so that they show for them to owls face. Now place it the second form D with face down and sew together the two forms through a 5mm wide hem along the mold. Attach the ground (F) with the front to the bottom of the owl body and sew the parts together at using a 10cm wide opening to be left, through which you will turn the owl. Finally, fill with rice, lens or other beans and sew the opening at.

tinker with concrete as a cool idea for a DIY concrete doorstop

doorstop tinker with concrete

Other cool craft idea for DIY doorstop, we will now show with concrete. For those who like to tinker with concrete, we have prepared a cool example of modern doorstop. Obtain 1m long rope or very thick string, 2 galvanized couplings, adhesive tape, a mold from empty milk or juice pack, or a round plastic container and of course concrete mix.

First you prepare the handle for a door stop. Cut the rope in half and tie the two cable ends of each piece with tape or adhesive tape so that they do not aufräufeln. Pull the ends together by a coupling piece.

Now you prepare the concrete mix according to the instructions of the pack in front and fill the empty package. Once the concrete starts to harden in themselves, plunge the coupling piece of rope handle in the middle. You will need to handle in this position hold for a few minutes until the concrete mix is ​​compacted. Allow to dry the mixture for a few days and then carefully remove the mold. Since the concrete can still be wet, allow it to dry until its color is bright for even few days. If your concrete doorstop is completely dry, attach a piece of felt or glue 4 Felt windshields at its base to protect your floor from scratches.

make doorstop concrete itself

creative doorstop itself machen_bastelideen with concrete for diy doorstop

Owl doorstop sew textiles themselves

owl-doorstop sew

Here is a vast inspiration with template, how you could sew a doorstop owl.

Doorstop sew in the form of an owl as a decorative accessory for your home

craft ideas for doorstops doorstop eule_coole selbermachen of felt

tinker with wood &# 8211; Craft ideas for modern doorstop made of wood

doorstop machen_kreative wood itself craft ideas with wood for DIY doorstop

Doorstop sew as a windbreak

doorstop itself nähen_bastelidee for DIY doorstop of foam tubes

Here we will show you how you can make a Affenfaust node Tüstopper itself. You have to bring about 13m rope and a tennis ball first.

cool idea for doorstops to make yourself out of rope and tennis ball

make craft ideas for node-doorstop itself

Take the rope with your left hand and hold it 16cm in about the end. who wrap the rope around your hand until you made four turns (Figure 1). In the fourth turn you have to pull the ropes down na, bringing it under the other three rounds and then turns on the throw (figure 2). In this way they make three turns again, this time around the first turn around three (Figure 3). After the third turn of the cable to hang down. Take the protruding end and plug it between the two three-piece turns (Figure 4), throw the rope over the outer side of the three side turns and then pull it back through the turns to you (Figure 5) .Then, the rope over these three turns again pulled back (Figure 6).

tinker doorstop of dragline &# 8211; so the monkey fist Knotten is made

doorstop selbermachen of rope in the form of nodules

You also need to make three turns (Figure 7) here. It’s finally time to use the tennis ball (Figure 8) and the node tighten (Figure 9). This is done by the tightening of each single winding. And you will have to repeat this step a few malls until the knot is symmetrical and tightened enough. Now the two cable ends must be cut off, right next to the node and with hot glue stick to it (Figure 10), so that the end tucked under one turn and remains invisible. The other, the longer delayed end, you will use for the handle of the node. Shorten the cable end until you have the desired length for the handle and again by means of hot melt adhesive attaching the end to the node (Figure 11).

Doorstop sew from felt &# 8211; cool crafting idea for a funny stone doorstop

doorstop sew in fabric

The materials you’ll need for this doorstop, are felt or wool felt, thread and needle, tailor’s chalk, pins and can combine with pebbles, beans, rice or lentil polyfill stuffing. You are the template For the doorstop in the shape of the stone.

Cut off three pieces of the stone shape and a felt strip (8 cm x 19 cm) for the handle of the felt. Mark with a pencil the eyes and the lips on the front of one of the three stone shapes. Embroider eyes with black thread by straight stitches and mouth by quilting stitches.

Mark the center of all three pieces. Now place the embroidered shape and one of the other stone shapes together with the front sides of each other and sew the two from the bottom to the top center of the forms. Then attach the third stone shape with the front to the two free sides of the already sewn form. Sew one of the two sides.

Fold the strip of tape lengthwise and then in half along to form a loop. Place the eyelet below the third felt part, so that the eyelet facing inward and the two ends of the band to the edge are. Sew along the edge and leave a small opening through which the Filztasche is reversed. Fill the inverted block making with rice or beans until the doorstop is hard and then you plug the polyfill stuffing inside. Sew the small opening and your stone doorstop is ready.

Sew doorstop or make doorstop itself is fun

Sew doorstop of felt itself

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