do it yourself decor in black, white and wood

do it yourself decor in black, white and wood

Create a stylish and modern decoration that provides a sufficient level of detail without overwhelming the room. As? We show you the same with 10 simple and creative ideas for do it yourself decor in black, white and wood. Namely the combination of the naturalness of the wood with the neutral colors of white and black, creating a refined and sophisticated design. The following craft ideas are a fantastic inspiration not only elegant decoration, but also for original gifts.

Inspiration for DIY wall decoration and gifts made of wood

wanddeko itself tinker from holzfußbodenbelag_wohnzimmer design in white and black with diy pictures

Our first inspiration is the work of Brianna country that uses parts of different wood flooring to create creative images with accents in black and white. Each piece of wood is cut and edited, so the beautiful wood grain pattern reappears. Then some pieces of wood are painted in black or white. The overall picture is arranged on a thick sheet of plywood and placed in a frame.

do it yourself decor in black, white and wood

kreatve craft ideas for wall decoration and DIY gifts from holz_dekoideen in black and white

Our second idea for do it yourself decor shows how to tinker modern small DIY planter made of wood itself.


  • Squares for wood frame volume
  • Saw and Gehrungsschmiege
  • Adhesive e.g. E6000®
  • Flowerpots 8cm ⌀
  • white and black color
  • foam brush

cool gift idea and elegant decoration idea with painted flower pots and DIY flower holder made of wood

creative gift ideas and craft ideas for do it yorself deco with wood and flower pots in white and black

Step 1: Cut 8 pieces x 8 cm for the square wooden frame up and down and 4 pieces x 9cm for the post.

Step 2: Glue first the two square wooden frame and let the glue dry well. Then attach the 4 post to a wooden frame and glue the end of the second wooden frame. Let dry.

Step 3: During the drying time, you can paint the terra cotta flower pots.

Step 4: The selected plant transplant in painted pot and put in wooden frame holder. This cool DIY tubs are also ideal for decoration with air plants.

original and simple craft ideas for do it yourself Decoration

cool table decoration with plants and original gift itself tinker wood

white walls decorate with modern DIY photo printing on textile

cool craft ideas for DIY wanddeko with photo printing on textil_dekoideen in black and white with side table round, candlestick black and white flowerpot

The third craft idea for DIY decoration is for everyone that wants creative photo prints himself. Look for original ideas for wall decoration? Here is a simple way for DIY wall hangings with photo printing on textile.


  • Spray adhesive
  • greaseproof paper
  • Image printing cardboard A4 or A3
  • inkjet
  • The outdoor fabric in ivory color
  • Kant piece of wood
  • Saw and Gehrungsschmiege
  • Adhesive e.g. E6000®
  • jute cord

Wall hanging himself tinkering as a modern wall decoration and creative gift

diy wandhängedeko with photo printing as a creative gift idea for yourself tinker

Step 1: spraying adhesive on the photo printing carton and place the wax paper on it, with the wax-coated side up. Flatten the paper smooth so that no air bubbles remain under the paper and cut the paper along the edge of the box from.

Step 2: Print the photo on the wax coat page.

Step 3: Once the photo, or the image is printed, place it print side down on the fabric and smooth the back of the timber in order to print the image on the cloth. If you placed the image once, you do not move the paper. Lift the paper carefully.

Step 4: Cut two wooden sticks and the desired jute cord length for your shelves. Apply glue E 6000 along one side of a four-square wooden stick on, insert the string ends it on both ends of the rod and the fabric edge. This way you also secure the lower edge of the fabric to the wooden stick.

tinker triangle bookends made of wood with black borders themselves

modern decoration idea with DIY bookends wooden slats

Next, we present a creative craft ideas for do-it-yourself book ends in a triangular shape with black edges.


  • Pine slats
  • Wood glue and duct tape
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Handsaw and Gehrungsschmiege
  • black acrylic paint and brush

cool craft idea for bookends than do it yorself decoration for white sideboards and shelves

modern decorating ideas with homemade bookends wood for white shelves and sideboard

Step 1: Measure three pieces of wood and mark on the wooden bar. The bookends of the image are 10cm high, 10cm long and 7cm wide. The wooden bar is 8mm thick. If you want your bookend in the same size, cut the three pieces of wood in the following lengths: Piece 1 – 9.2cm; 2 – 10cm; 3 – 13cm

Step 2: Wood pieces 1 and 2 are to be cut with straight ends and the two ends of the third piece in the angle of 45 degrees.

Step 3: Glue first piece 1 and 2 at 90-degree angle. After drying glue, the third piece.

Step 4: Once the wooden triangle has stuck, use the tape to paint the side piece of wood edges in black. Let the paint dry and decorate your bookshelves.

Decoration idea with home-made sculpture of branch

cool gift ideas and decorations to themselves tinker wood

Who loves tinkering with natural materials, can try the following inspiration for DIY wood sculpture for an original and handmade gift. For this craft idea is best suited a branch from the bearberry tree. Trim the leaves and let it hang out of direct sunlight, the branch in a dry place. For the sculpture base, get a block of wood and a wooden rod. After the branch is dry, drill a hole with the diameter of the wooden stick in the branch center and block of wood. Then simply attach to each other, the three parts with wood glue. You can make the branch with spray paint or spray paint in addition.

do it yorself decoration itself tinker with Naturmaterilien

they are looking for creative ideas for DIY gifts and decoration

Now we come to the two cool craft ideas for DIY furniture. First, we show you how to build a great bedside table with hairpin table legs himself. Want to make your bedroom with an accent mid-century, then take one of the most popular and easiest to build forms that time.

refresh the interior in the bedroom with do it yorself bedside tables

bedroom decorating ideas with diy bedside table in wood with black metal feet and plant in glass with water


  • plywood
  • Hairpin legs
  • wood glue
  • nails

Step 1: From wood panel cut two plates 15cm x 45cm for the sides and 2 sheets 45cm x 45cm for the top and bottom.

Step 2: gluing the side panels to the bottom plate and nail them from the underside of the plate. Secure the top plate in the same way.

Step 3: Unscrew the hairpin legs and your new bedside tables are ready. The screws should be no longer than the thickness of the wood panel.


Great idea for DIY furniture &# 8211; build modern dessert with hairpin legs on itself

bedside build yourself as a cool craft idea for DIY wood furniture

The second example of DIY furniture shows how you can build a modern tripod floor lamp itself.


  • Hanging lamp shade NYMÖ IKEA
  • Lamp suspension with switch, e.g. HEMMA IKEA
  • round wooden plate 35cm diameter, d 2,5mm
  • drilling machine
  • 3 x 4-Kant wooden posts 2x2cm, 180cm
  • Screws and the cordless screwdriver
  • washer M3.5
  • Hole saw 64mm diameter and 35mm diameter drill
  • black leather strap
  • screw
  • Command ™ Cable Clips

build DIY tripod floor lamp itself

build modern table lamp yourself with lamp stand and lampshade weiß_modernes living room with coffee table in solid wood and gray of armchairs

Step 1: Print the template for the holes in wooden plate and mark the center of the round wooden plate. With the hole saw, drill the central hole in the round wooden plate. Using the template mark the locations of outer three holes and drill them with the drill.

Step 2: Place the round plate on the lower steel frame of the lampshade and unplug the cable of the lamp attachment through the hole.

Step 3: Place the washer on the wooden plate and then unscrew the lamp attachment together.

Step 4: Measure 45cm from the end of a pole and mark the spot on two wooden rods to screw them together. Place the third pole between the already bound wooden rods and attach it to the other two with part of the leather loop.

Step 5: Measure 15cm from the top edge of each rod and screw at this point to the Schraubhacken and pull the wooden rods through the three smaller holes of the round plate by, so lay the wood panel and the lampshade on his heels.

Step 6: matches the three air feet, and the lamp shade by setting the third wooden rod and attach the tripod with the rest of the leather loop. To hide the cable, use Command ™ cable clips.

Instructions for DIY modern floor lamp with tripod wooden slats

build lamp itself with three rest wood as decoration idea for living room white

Since the cushions are a very popular decorative element in interior design, we have prepared two cool ideas for DIY pillow case black and white.

simple and creative decoration idea for pillows

Scandinavian decoration idea with diy pillow white and white feltdecke

With small white pompom and some glue you can decorate the white pillows easily and quickly and completely redesign. If you have no white pillows, and pillow cases at home, you can find those in IKEA. In the picture, the pillowcase was used VIGDIS of ramie. Obtain 6mm large pom-pons and glue for felt. Arrange the small balls and place them in the desired pattern on the pillowcase. Let the glue dry for about three hours.

do sew it yorserf pillowcase with pom-poms without

white pillowcase with white pompon itself tinker as a cool decoration idea for living room white

original idea for do it yourself Deco Kreustich Pillow

pillowcase with cross stitch sewing for modern decor in black and white

As a second option for modern decor and simple design of your Throw, we show you how you could embellish the pillowcase with 1cm large cross stitch. Pictured pillowcase were used in linen look and black thread.

small black crosses sewn and reshape the old pillow

DIY Pillow with cross stitch for modern and stylish decoration

Finally, we have another craft idea for DIY flower pot in black and white. Here textile used in stripe pattern instead of color. Since the textile with a stripe pattern is, you can cut out differently shaped parts and glue them in different directions to the flower pot.


  • Adhesive Mod Podge
  • Brush and scissors
  • Textile and flower pot

original idea for flower gifts in DIY flower pot

gift ideas for decorating selbermachen_blumentöpfe with textile and give flowers

fantastic do it yorself decorative and gift ideas in black and white

creative decorating ideas in black and white with fabric

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