DIY vase as a decoration idea and handmade gift

DIY vase as a decoration idea and handmade gift

The fresh flowers are always an appropriate decoration for various occasions and an essential part of the table setting. For as a decoration with flowers but it is also the perfect flower containers needed. To cast flowers in water, we can use allermögliche items such as glasses, bottles, cans, various wraps, as well as light bulbs or tubes of different materials as vases actually. The options are simply endless. Today we will only show you some creative and simple craft ideas on how to make small and large vases themselves and make. To inspire you, we have prepared 30 great ideas for an original DIY vase that you can tinker not only as a creative decoration idea for home, but also as a creative gift idea for women. A DIY vase is fantastic idea for homemade gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or other special celebrations of a woman. And if you like to see more great inspiration and craft ideas for modern vases, then take a look at our Cool painting ideas for DIY glass vases.

creative and easy craft ideas for vases

make vases even with gold foil spring as a creative craft ideas for table decoration and gift ideas for mothers day

DIY vase with gold


3 brush

gold leaf

Glue for gold leaf

Sealer for gold

Step 1: coating about 1/3 of the lower half vases with the adhesive and then wait until the adhesive is tacky and almost dry.

Step 2: Tear off pieces of gold foil and carry them on it with a brush and fingers.

Step 3: brush the excess particles of the gold film with a dry brush and spray the vase with the sealer.

DIY vase as a decoration idea and handmade gift

simple craft ideas for DIY vase as a homemade gift for women and mothers

DIY vase with shells

Create a container or vase easily and quickly by the bonding of shells on it and tinker a great Sommerdeko.

Craft idea for DIY vase piston and book pages

several pages of books

glass tubes

Line and circle punch

Step 1: Place the sheets on each other and punch holes with the same diameter of the glass tube.

Step 2: Apply the books leaves on edge by cord together. Insert the glass tubes into the holes and decorate small vases with flowers.

make vases themselves as fresh decoration for spring

vase do it yourself and colorful make a gift idea for mothers and creative diy tischdeko

DIY vase with mosaic of eggshell

Plastic containers for the vase



White color for the vase

Step 1: Dry the broken egg shells.

Step 2: Paint plastic containers in white and the already dried skins in different colors.

Step 3: Apply to craft glue in places where you want to paste the broken egg shells. The little egg shell parts to fix well, print them with your thumbnail.

DIY vase &# 8211; a wünderschöne crafting idea for homemade Mother’s Day gift

simple craft ideas for small DIY vase as a cool decoration and gift idea for homemade gifts

DIY vase with dot pattern

Glass bottle, vase or vessel

Masking tape and punch

Paint for glass and spray paint

Step 1: pour paint directly into glass. Shake the vase to cover the interior with color. Let the paint dry.

Step 2: punching holes by masking tape.

Step 3: Stick the perforated masking tape to the vase. Cover the rest of the vase with masking tape and make the dot pattern with the spray paint. Allow to dry for a few minutes and then remove the point stencil carefully.

make glass vases even with swirl pattern with different colors

cool vases make itself with farbe_coole craft ideas for DIY vase as a self-made for women

make vase itself with swirl pattern

the same applies as for the upper Technique example of this DIY vase with swirl pattern. Start simply drops of different colors to give in glass and shake the glass. If the color in the glass is too thick, you can add 1-2 drops of water and shake the bottle again. Place the vase with the opening downwards to expire unnecessary amount of color. Once the paint is well drained, the vase can be lying to dry for 48 hours.

cool idea for DIY vase in stone look

make modern vases even with sprayfarbe_coole Decorating ideas vases with diy

Vases as an original decoration and gift ideas

DIY vase of glass and spitzendeckchen_vasen make themselves as creative decoration idea and make gifts for yourself

DIY vase doilies

Step 1: Wrap the lace around the glass vase.

Step 2: Cut the unnecessary part of the doily off.

Step 3: Sew the meeting ends edges of the top cover.

make Ombre vase itself

ombre vases themselves machen_interessante craft ideas for DIY vase as an original gift and cool spring decorations

Ombre make vases themselves

glass bottle


Acrylic paint of your choice (for the darkest color)

Acrylic paint White

Container for mixing the color

Craft glue e.g. Mod Podge or clear glaze aerosol spray e.g. of Krylon

Step 1: Thoroughly remove the label from the bottle using hot water and knives.

Step 2: Pour a the selected acrylic paint into the container.

Step 3: Paint your first on the ground. Paint a circumferential strip and let it dry for a few minutes and apply a further layer on the color.

Step 4: Now add a little white paint and paint the second lighter stripes in the bottle. Repeat the addition of white color, to produce even brighter shade.

Step 5: Once you have finished and dry with designing your DIY Ombre vase, seal the paint with a layer of clear glaze.

fantastic idea for DIY vase of glass Kolbe

modern DIY vase gold of glass kolbe as a cool gift idea for mother's day

10 simple and creative ideas on how to make a vase itself.

cool vases Orders to various art and weise_coole deco ideas with diy vase

Flowers In Glass &# 8211; stylish decoration with DIY vase and palm leaves

vase make itself with goldfarbe_coole decorating ideas with flowers in glass

DIY Pineapple Vase

Vase in egg shape of West Elm


Gold spray paint

Spray color white – satin finish

Scissors and leaves less Palme

Step 1: Spray the white vase.

Step 2: Wrap around the vase around, so that there is the yarn perpendicular gaps between the yarns.

Step 3: Spray it the golden color and let the paint dry.

Step 4: Cut the wound yarn around the vase from above.

modern DIY vase made of paper

make vases himself as a cool dekoration_basteln with paper

Cool craft idea for DIY vase made of cardboard

vase template 1 and template 2

Cardboard, glue and scissors

Step 1: Press the template and cut the triangles out.

Step 2: Draw all the lines on the template

Step 3: Fold all vertical lines in the same direction.

Step 4: Glue the tabs and hold firmly until they are well stuck.

simple craft ideas for vases themselves machen_selbstgemachte gifts for mothers

make modern vase itself with rubber bands

Glass vase

rubber bands


Spray paint for Matt surface

Pull the rubber bands on the glass vase and fill the vase with newspaper. Spray the vase with frosted spray paint several times, where you have to dry each coat of paint for 10 minutes. Additionally, you can make a film with clear glitter spray paint. Allow to dry over night and then remove rubber bands.

DIY vase small spring flowers and glass balloon

creative tinker make Frühling_kleine vases

Cool craft idea with tea light holders and balloon for DIY vase – Cut about 2.5 cm from the mouth of the balloon. Slide the balloon over the silver cup. Pull the cut opening out or insert clean them.

original vases selbermachen of copper tubing

modern and original decoration ideas with diy vase_basteln with metal pipe

simple crafts for creative DIY vase bowl

tinker with tischdeko diy vase_ spring decorations

Vases selbermachen potato chip package

DIY vase as a cool decoration idea for gartentische_basteln with stones

tinker vase of flowers and design with stones

empty pack of Pringles


Spray adhesive


Adhesive Mod Podge

Sponges and brushes

Water and paper towels

Rubber coating spray (for filling and sealing of cracks)

Step 1: Spray the interior of the package Pringles with the rubber coating in order to make them waterproof.

Step 2: gluing the stones in the package with the aid of the spray. If you have covered the whole package with stones, let them dry.

Step 3: Once the glued pieces are dry, apply the grout from between the stones. Before the mortar is dry, scrape off excess mortar from the stones and press the mortar between them. Remove the excess mortar first with paper towel and then with moistened brush. Allow to dry the mortar on the night.

Step 4: The next day you coat the stones with Mod Podge to make a shiny surface and allow to dry again.

DIY vase as inspiration for modern decoration and creative crafting

tinker with concrete as a cool craft idea for DIY vase_vasen as decorating ideas and gift ideas

DIY vase with photos &# 8211; a cool craft and gift idea

vases selbermachen pvc pipe and fotos_kreative decoration idea and gift ideas for homemade with photos

DIY vase made of PVC pipe

PVC pipe of various sizes

PVC cover

PVC pipe cement

Mod Podge Outdoor (water-based sealants, adhesives and coatings)


craft glue

Laser copies of photos

foam brush

Forstner bit (optional)

Step 1: Cut the PVC tube in various lengths.

Step 2: Attach the PVC cap on the tubes with the help from the raw cement. Let dry.

Step 3: Make laser copies of your chosen photos that are as high as the tube and so broad that they wrap completely around the tube.

Step 4: Dip the printed photos in water and coat in the meantime the tube from the outside with Mod Podge. Then take the pictures of the water out, carefully remove with fingers the abundance of water and place it on the tube. The photo with hands bubbles flatten and place to dry in the side.

Step 5: Attach the tube vases on the wood surface with adhesive or drill holes with the Forstner bit, in which insert the vase. Before you fill the DIY vase with water, let it dry for 24 hours.

 Flowers in glass as a creative and modern wall decoration

make vases themselves and decorate wall

Walls creatively customize diy Wasen

wall hanging vases themselves machen_diy wanddeko with diy vases and plants

Tinkering with wood &# 8211; interesting ideas for DIY vases

creative craft ideas for DIY vase as a gift idea for women

Wood and glass tubes for original DIY vase

tinker with wood as a cool idea for DIY vase and diy deco florals

DIY wooden vase as a cool decoration idea for rustic weddings

Fensterdeko cool and table decoration diy vase wood as decorating ideas for Hochzeitsdeko

make beautiful vases themselves with spray paint

vases Orders in gelb_coole decorating ideas with diy vase of glass

make vases themselves with color and texture

vases as homemade geschnk and cool decoration with flowers

DIY vase from clay with texture

Glass vase

Color Glass

3D Color

crystal-clear silicone sealant (Krylon Make It Last

Step 1: Draw the desired scene with the 3D color directly on the vase. Let the paint dry for several hours.

Step 2: Paint Vase with the color of glass. Apply two or three coats of paint and let dry for one hour.

Step 3: Finally, spray the vase with crystal-clear sealant.

Craft idea with 3D color for DIY Honeycomb Vase 

flower pots and vases make itself with honeycomb pattern

tinker vases of glass bottles and creative design with cord

tinker with bindfaden_ cool ideas for vases make itself with cord

DIY vase as a creative idea for homemade gifts and decoration

vases themselves make plastic spoon as a cool craft idea for DIY tischdeko white

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