DIY kennel and dog bed from pallets

DIY kennel and dog bed from pallets

Bring joy to your dogs and Tinker a cool dog bed or a kennel of pallets for them. We show you 18 ideas for DIY furniture from Euro pallets for large and small dogs. Unite the construction of outdoor furniture from pallets with the construction of dog furniture. Additionally, you can also make cool feeder itself. A homemade dog house with a flat roof offers the opportunity for an herb garden as a roof garden and so your dog has a leafy hut, which can be seen as garden design. For dogs who like watching high, we have a proposal for hut with stairs and roof terrace. For our four-legged friends who live at home with us, we have also prepared showing examples of a dog bed.

modern kennel courage staircase and roof terrace

cool kennel from pallets

Idea for easy kennel of Euro pallets

simple kennel triangle

elegant dog bed for small dogs

modern dog bed from pallets

DIY Futterscpender White

feed dispensers Bowls with three

blue dog bed for small dogs

diy dog ​​bed from Euro pallets

ideas for small dogs &# 8211; DIY dog beds

dog bed from pallets Bank in the form of a

kennel with flat roof

chair of euro pallets as kennel

pallets-futterspender- ideas for small dogs

dog bed from pallets

alsdachgarten kennel with flat roof

diy kennel with satelldach and covered terrace

roll dog bed from pallets in white

feed dispensers of pallets for dogs

diy kennel of Euro pallets Cool kennels

cool ideas for DIY doghouse from Euro pallets

pallets ideas for garden houses from euro pallets-made garden furniture

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