DIY bowl record

DIY bowl record

Sometimes the designer stuff hiding in your house and you have no idea to do so. Case, you are owners of old records, they want to throw away, you can rearrange them as interesting shells and use functional again. A cool and creative craft ideas for sustainable use of old records. Depending on the size of the record, you can create a self-made designer piece, which can be used for storing all kinds of small items, such as jewelry, candy, or even as a fruit sounds. If you like to tinker want a cool cup but you do not have records or no old, then you can certainly get a pair of them from a record store that are inexpensive. Here are the steps for your DIY shell.

simple and creative craft ideas for DIY bowl records

craft ideas with old records for DIY designer pieces

Step 1. First, you need to preheat the oven to 100-120 ° C. Ask a ovenproof dish on the baking sheet. Instead of a tray, you can also use a cup or screen from oven-proof material.

cool idea for reuse your old records

DIY bowl records step by step

step 2. Place the record on the plate / the cup and then the two together in the oven. The placed on the cup side will be the inside of the sounds. Let the record in the oven as long until they begin to flutter, or to melt. Another variant for deformation in the oven, the positioning of the disc on a tray as a lid. Place a cup or a can across the plate. Thus, the record when heated by the load from the cup, is downwardly sink into the cup, or melt.

As you can tinker your own designer shell itself?

cool craft idea for DIY shell and DIY lampshade records

Step 3. The hot record will be only a few seconds malleable, if you take out of the oven! This means you need to work fairly quickly, which is to bend the plate and print. To the heated record, during processing to hold onto the cup, use a rod.

fantastic homemade cup of records

DIY bowl record with instructions

chic table decoration with shells DIY

creative craft ideas for handmade shell

You can reach the deformation of the DIY bowl by hand or by the insertion of the record in another bowl. If you are not satisfied with the result, put the record again in the oven to correct the error. You can also try a different technique for new and creative shape of your shell. You just have to experiment!

Inspiration for modern DIY shells

cool DIY clang of black vinyl records

creative idea with reshaped records for DIY DIY vase or flower pot

DIY black vase records

Another Forme your Handmade Shell

DIY round sounds for fruit bowl

Record for creative and interesting DIY lampshade of a pendulum lamp

craft idea for lamp itself expanding records

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