Design your own garden show

Design your own garden show

The best decoration for any garden are of course the flowers. Even in winter, we look forward to the little snowdrops. Then blossomed as a harbinger of spring, the Zwergkrokusse, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, freesias and many others that produce a colorful, fragrant spring carpet. In the summer bring joy to us on many other flowers and hedges. Already with the first sunny days we walk in the urban garden, in a park or along the river, where not only the trees are knocked out, but the green fields with flowers are dotted. This natural state garden show brings joy and determined mood! So an enjoyable atmosphere you can create in your garden with your own garden show. Our picture is put together as an inspiration for your garden design with flowers. For this you will also find some tips on how to choose the right types of flowers for your DIY Garden Show. Beautify your garden with mood and bright colors. Create your own beautiful and unique garden decoration with different flowers and plants.

design your own garden show of pansies and poppies

cool garden decoration with auto parts DIY Garden Show

As inspiration, we show you some pictures of the largest flower garden in the world, namely Keukenhof – “Kitchen garden”. The park, also known as the Garden of Europe, is situated near the Dutch town of Lisse. The flower garden is a unique state garden show that of 7,000,000. planted flower bulbs there and spreads to an area of ​​320,000 square meters.

State Garden Show in Keukenhof Park

blunteppich of blue and white flowers as example for DIY Garden Show

Landscaping in spring with tulips and hyacinths

cool garden show ideas with spring flowers

The garden was founded in 1949 by the then mayor of Lisse, the idea for a garden show different kinds of flowers of all Dutch and European flower growers. These colorful flowers area is divided into various gardens and garden styles, such as English, Japanese gardens, historic garden with old types of bulbs, water garden with shrubs and perennials.

fantastic Japanese garden in the flower garden “Kitchen garden”

Beautiful landscaping in Japanese style

Inspiration for design of garden paths and garden stairs

hedges garden stair design with

purple and pink colored flowers as color design of your garden

cool flower combination for DIY Garden Show

Flower carpet of yellow and red tulips combined with white and blue hyacinths

baispiel for garden show with tulips and hyzienthen white and blue

Tips for choosing the right garden flowers for your own garden show:

1. Select the plant according to the acreage by the following criteria:

fantastic color design in the garden with purple flowers and pink tulips color

&# 8211; lighting conditions -First, you notice how long, or how many hours the different growing areas are illuminated in your garden with direct sunlight. The flowers are divided into three groups according to the lighting conditions. Flowers that need a lot of sun can shine on 6 hours or more of direct sunlight. Flowers to be planted in partial shade, postpone a direct solar radiation less than 6 hours and are mostly to be planted under a tree. The third group of flowers takes less than 3 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Inspiration for Garden Design with begonias

FANTASTIC IDEA TO DIY Garden Show with begonias

&# 8211; The final plant size (Diameter and height) – you need to consider the final size to provide enough space for the maximum growth of the plant safely. If you want to make a lump-like planting various flowers, then let necessarily enough space between plants.

Gartdendeko with white flowers

gartengestaltung with wise flowers

&# 8211; planting time – Most flowers are to be planted during or after the last spring frost. Exceptions are the pansies that can withstand moderate frost, as well as many spring flowers, the bulbs need to be planted in the autumn. Flowers such as zinnia, Kosmee (Cosmos) and sunflower are very easy to grow if they are planted by seed.

fantastic combination of poppies and pansies

garden show with colored poppies

2. annuals and perennials?

&# 8211; One-year-old plants – The annuals bloom only one season long and die out after seed formation. Here are some types of flowers that you can plant in a 3er- to 5-group in order to achieve a perfect and colorful garden show quickly.

In the shadow – balsam, primrose (primula), begonias, coleus

In Halbschtten – pansies, geraniums, petunias, Vinca (periwinkle), chrysanthemum (autumn), begonias (in spring)

In the sunshine – geraniums, vinca, marigold, zinnia, sunflower, cosmos

Inspiration for garden design in purple with Petunia

vorgarten customize petunias in blue and purple

&# 8211; Perennial Plants – those are the spring flowers, the bulbs should be planted in the fall. After they have minimum of 6 weeks stayed in the frozen area under cultivation, they begin to bloom. Here is a proposal with flowers that you can plant in partial shade and in the sun: daffodil, tulips, iris, crocus, lilies and hyacinths. One of the most perennial flowers are roses. If you want to grow roses for the first time, take a variety that has a longer flowering.

cool flower combination for a Spring Garden Show

Spring decoration in the garden with spring flowers

Other flowers combination for your DIY Garden Show forms of the following flowers:

In the shadow – Lanzenfunkie (Hosta), astilbe, tränendes heart, Phlox (Phlox)

In partial shade – ornamental grasses, yarrow, Phlox

In the sunshine – clematis, ornamental grasses, sedum, Blue Diamond, Black-eyed Susan, daylily, perennial daylilies

Chrysanthemum Garden as inspiration for colorful DIY Garden Show

ideas for garden show

Ideas for garden show with water

beautiful garden ideas with floral design and garden fountain

Courtyard garden design with flowers

For example fpr garden show in hofgarten

chic garden design with Petinia

rock garden design with red and blue penuenie

Chrysanthemums for eien fabulous garden show

garden decoration with chrysanthemums

Ideas for Garden Design with flowers

garden decorations in green and purple

red and yellow flowers for your small front garden

fresh garden decoration with flowers

make you butterfly garden with low-growing flowers

fantastic flowers design for the garden in butterfly shape

red impatiens in the garden

terraced garden design with flowers

Garden design accented in blue and yellow

garden design ideas

white flowers carpet of meadow tanacetum

cool Gartendeko idea with white meadow tanacetum

Flowers and hedge for the front garden

front yard design with white and red flowers

Coleus plants as binte garden design

gartenschau of Coleus plants

the blue flame flower as a fresh accent in the garden

interesting garden decoration with blue flowers

make your garden with Passiflora incarnata

hedge with blue flowers

Inspiration for Garden Show design

garden idea with yellow and red flowers

romantic garden design in soft purple and pink colors

landscaping with wooden fence and white roses

yellow flowers for more humor in the garden

landscaping with flowers as inspiration for her garden

DIY water fountain in the garden decorated with flowers

diy small garden show in hofgarten

garish color schemes in the garden with Zinnia

gartengestaltung Zinnias

Inspiration for cool garden and color scheme

make garden paths colored

decorate courtyard garden with plants

Design your own garden show

make you small garden show with Frühlingsblümen

spring flowers for spring garden show

Gaillardia for colorful garden design

Gaillardia for colorful garden show in the garden

Shells as decoration in the garden

creative landscaping with pansies and large conch

beautiful landscaping with flowers carpet of spring flowers

horticultural show with spring flowers

beautiful garden idea with Petunia

gartenschau petunia

creative and fantastic garden decoration with white and pink color chrysanthemums

DIY garden decoration with gravel and chrysanthemums

Rock garden with lawn and inspiration Phlox in purple

gartenschau with stones and turf

relax in your garden

garden decoration with grass and flowers

bright colors for invigorating garden design with flowers

cool horticultural show

Daylily as part of your garden show

small garden design with small flowers

make your water garden with ornamental grasses &# 8211; Inspiration for Garden Show with water

garden paths made of wood and terraced garden with water and ornamental grasses

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