Deko-yourself – DIY wall decoration with feathers

Deko-yourself - DIY wall decoration with feathers

When I was after searching for cool craft ideas and creative DIY decorations, I found the following interesting wall decoration. The following creative crafting idea handest is an elegant homemade wall design with DIY feather hat by African style. The African Juju hat is not just an inexpensive decoration, if you want to tinker them from real feathers. but you can use any kind of springs. laced feathers are used for this DIY craft idea. You still need canvas, bending soft textile &# 8211; e.g. Felt, scissors and hot glue.

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decorate Wandfestaltung-africa African wanddeko idea with feathers sideboard

DIY wall decoration with feathers

creative craft ideas for the corridor

Deco Yourself &# 8211; DIY Feather wall decoration

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Decide how big you want the vintage Juju hat, use a bowl with the appropriate diameter to pull the desired diameter and cut out the circle base with scissors.

cool craft ideas &# 8211; creative DIY decoration

Wall design with spring flowerUnpack the laced feathers carefully, as they are very sensitive. Place the cut canvas circle in the middle of the felt and catch the springs from outside to inside to glue on. Avoid the overlap of the feathers.

African-feathered hat as wall decoration

feather deco selbermachen-idea with

The original fold with more body and texture, you need not spiral to prove the feathers one by one. If you have already made it to the middle, take a pair of springs in the hand and stick them together and then, so that no edges are visible in the middle.

deco tinker

ideas for DIY decoration with feathers

When the hot glue has dried, cut the unnecessary felt the back. To suspend the Juju hat on the wall, cut a small hole in the felt so that the mesh fabric is visible. Finally, hang your DIY decoration using small needle on the wall.

Wall design with feather hat

ideas creative wanddeko

homemade cool wall decoration idea &# 8211; Vintage Deco Juju hat

sideboard decorate and wanddeko with fedderhut

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vintage bastelideen- African deco

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