Deko tinkering with lace – 17 cool craft ideas for DIY decoration

Deko tinkering with lace - 17 cool craft ideas for DIY decoration

If you have old curtains made of lace or crocheted doilies some home with whom you do not know what to do. If you love to tinker with new and creative decoration of old and already unnecessary things, here you will find some cool craft ideas for DIY decoration of lace and crochet blankets. Check out our ideas on the subject ” Deko tinkering with lace ” and you will perhaps be fast after searching for lace and doilies, if you do not have those here.

creative craft and decorating ideas with lace

cool craft ideas for Halloween and creative diy deco with black plates and spinning top,

Halloween Decoration tinker with cobweb lace

black spray paint or black Grundierspray

Scissors and paper

Tip with a cobweb pattern

repositionable and removable adhesive (e.g., Elmer&# 8217; s)

Cut several pieces from the tip, spray all parts with repositionable adhesive and let it dry for a few minutes. Then arrange the cut tip portions on the plate and by pressing lightly fasten each part to the plate surface. Now spray the already designed interface with the black Grundierspray. To achieve a great effect when spraying the paint, spray with short bursts from a greater distance. When you are finished with the stain, let the paint dry for 5 minutes and gently remove the top.

Deko tinkering with lace &# 8211; 17 cool craft ideas for DIY decoration

Vintage Deco tinker with wooden frame and lace as a cool idea wanddeko

Shabby Chic Deco tinker with lace and wooden frame

Here is a cool craft idea with lace for a creative decoration in the Shabby Chic style. All you need round doilies and old wooden frame or a window frame. Pull the doily over the frame and staple it to the back. That’s it! Your rustic wall decoration is ready!

creative tinkering with lace and tone for a creative wedding ring pillow Alternative

tinker pointed zub basteln_coole ideas for wedding

Cool idea for DIY wedding ring pillow alternative and decorative bowl of clay

air-drying clay


Rolling pin, wooden stick and bowl

round plastic cover

Roll out the sound to a thickness of about 5mm. Then put the lace on the clay and roll again with the rolling pin. To cut out the desired shape, use either a bowl or plastic lid. Using a wooden stick to make two holes. Place the cut out shape in a bowl. Press it lightly with your fingers to the bottom of the bowl to form your DIY -Tonschale. Let it dry over night. You can make rough edges with sandpaper smooth.

Deko tinkering with lace &# 8211; cool idea for DIY vase and DIY tealight holder with lace print

deco tinker with lace in the cool Hochzeitsdeko ideas with white tea light holders and diy vases as table decoration

tinker Heart garland of white lace

heart deco tinker with top bands as a cool wedding ideas for DIY Wedding Decor

DIY heart deco lace

This is a fantastic decoration idea for weddings and for Valentine’s Day. To Tinker, you need heart-shaped cookie cutter, white lace, clear-drying craft glue (e.g. Mod Podge), brush, sewing needle and thread. Apply glue to the heart shape on and then the lace ribbon on it. Leave the top longer with heart shape top. Then coat the tip 3-4 times with adhesive. Allow each coat to dry adhesive before they move on. If the peak heart is completely dry, remove it from the cutters using a butter knife. Forms the heart shape again by hand.

Lace imprint for creative DIY wedding invitations

wedding and labels tinker with tips

DIY invitations, etiquette and gift packaging with Lace imprint

Glass plate and tip

Toothpicks and paper towel

Inking roller with rubber pad

water-based printing ink

Paper goods for greeting and invitation card

Craft tips: Protect the work surface with paper. First practice the technique on paper. Cut about 1cm from both the tip ends out to get clean edge of the print.

First, prepare a glass plate on which the whole top can be customized for the desired impression. Using a paint roller to distribute a thin even layer of paint on the glass. Insert the tip with the print side down on it. Roll the paint roller or twice over the top. Lift one corner of the tip by means of a toothpick and remove the tip with fingers from the ink pan out. First set only one end of the tip to the paper, and then put the rest slowly. Now, put it a paper towel to remove the excess color using a clean paint roller. Remove the top again with the aid of a toothpick and let dry the tip impression. In this way, great DIY can tinker invitations for weddings and other special occasions.

cool deco tinker with lace for champagne and Weinglässer

creative tinkering with sharp as a cool idea for party decorations

Creative tip Deco tinker for wine and champagne glasses

Tip or paper Spitzendeckchen

Craft glue e.g. Mod Podge

Foam brush, pencil and scissors

Draw by the contour of the stem glasses-ground at the tip or on a paper-lace with a pencil. Cut out the circles. Coat the bottom of each glass with glue and place the sliced ​​circles it one. Press lightly on the glass surface until they are well stuck. If they are dried, apply another layer of glue. Make the base edge clean and let the glue dry again. Repeat coating with adhesive 2-3 Malle yet what can actually take a few days. Wait forever, until the adhesive has dried before applying another layer.

If these cool deco want to tinker with lace. First make the glass surface clean with alcohol. After you have cut the circles from the top, stick them to the glass base by means of spray adhesive 3M and let it dry for about 1 hour.

cool inspiration for wine glasses with lace pattern

creative tinkering with pointed black

DIY Lampenschirn of lace as a cool idea for DIY decoration in Shabby Chic Style

diy lamp in vintagestyle with lampenschirn lace

DIY lampshade doilies

Remove the fabric of an old lamp shade. Measure the height and width of the lampshade and arrange the lace according to the dimensions. Sew the doilies with white silk. Then you sew it to the lampshade frame.

cool idea for Deko tinkering with lace as an idea for improvement of old furniture

furniture and renovate streichen_DIY stool blue with pointed motif

Wall Art tinker with lace print on canvas

cool deco tinker with spitzen_diy wanddeko gray with canvas and lace

make screens with lace pattern

Canvas and spray paint

Doilies of different sizes

Arrange the doilies. Attach them well to the screen with the help of some spray adhesive or pins and spray with the selected color. Wait a few minutes before removing the top templates. but this way we can tinker and an even more interesting decor, in which the lace stay glued to the screen.

Modern wall design in white with DIY pictures from doilies

cool deco ideas with DIY Decoration made canvases and round doilies

creative decorating tinker with Lace imprint on light bulbs

pendulum lamp itself basteln_bastelidee with sharp

reshape old furniture with spray paint and lace

sideboard white with lace gestalten_coole craft idea for antique wooden furniture

great craft idea with lace for DIY anti-mosquito screens on the windows

creative tinkering with curtains

Window blinds as window decoration tinker with lace

ideas craft ideas with lace for DIY fenstersichtschutz_coole deco tinker

DIY window blinds with lace and cornstarch

Tip and brush

2 tablespoons cornstarch

2 tablespoons hot water

1 ½ cup of boiling water

Iron out the top. Then cut the parts from the top out of the appropriate size. Now, mix the cornstarch with the hot water. Enter to mix 1 ½ cup of boiling water. Brushing the window with a thick layer of the mixture and insert the pre-cut tip. Wear it another thick layer of the starch mixture and allow to dry. Your window decoration and screening is done. If you want to make the window again view free, you just spray the top with water and pull the tip away. make windows with hot water and sponge clean.

Tip for decoration crafts &# 8211; creative craft ideas and decorating ideas

do it yourself projects and ideas deco with lace

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