Decoration ideas with stones for inside and outside

Decoration ideas with stones for inside and outside

The stones – one of the most popular natural materials for cladding, flooring, and not least for many different craft ideas and interesting decorations. Large and small stones of various kinds and color are more often seen not only as a decoration in the garden, but also as part of modern interior design of private homes. In addition to the known wall paneling and floor design with natural stone, there are many more creative decorating ideas for inside and outside with stones. Those who love to collect stones, or to bring them as a reminder of every holiday home, can match this in an original way and make things cool items themselves.

Stones as part of modern interior design

cool bathroom ideas for wall design with black pieces diy mirror frame made of driftwood and pendulum lamps in industrial style

fresh decoration ideas for indoors and outdoors with stones

diy decoration with painted stones

interesting craft idea with stones for an elegant decoration and interior design

obstschale itself tinker with small stones as a cool idea tischdeko&# 8220; Lightness of Stone&# 8220; Linn Tale Haugen

great living and decorating ideas with stones for home

cool craft ideas for DIY wall shelf of stone and creative idea for stuhldeko

DIY coasters for pots, jars and Teekanen cork and stones

Table eidecken with diy coaster with flat stones

The small and flat stones are ideal for any kind of coasters. All you need is to simply glue the stones on a cork coasters. When the coaster is round, you catch the stones from the middle to attach to the outside. Additionally, you can paint the cork coasters, and the stones, let it dry and then glue.

round stone-Teekaneuntersetzer quickly and easily tinker

diy cup coaster with small black stones as decoration idea for white kitchen

DIY jewelry hanger for wall

great wall deco ideas with stones as jewelry diy-hanger

Look for creative ideas for keeping your necklaces, then get yourself some stones and double-sided adhesive foam layer between the two adhesive strips. First, stick a piece of adhesive tape to the flat side of the stone and then attach the stone-hanger to the wall.

modern DIY stone handles for cabinet doors and drawers

diy wall hangers and handles of stone as an original living ideas

original handles stones and rope for a new look of the old furniture

interesting interior design decoration idea for the living room with wooden shelf white and diy stone handles

decorative stones with glass layer as a decoration idea for a modern interior

failed deco ideas with stonesStone with glass of Ramon Todo

Stones as useful decoration on your desk 

simple and cool deco and craft ideas with stones

interesting wedding table decoration with stones

deco ideas with stones for wedding

 set the table original and easy to Gray

cool table deco ideas with steinen_tisch stock up on black stone, knowledge plates and gray cloth napkins

Spices in mussels &# 8211; great idea for a summer table decoration

romantic creative stock up and decorate with black stones and spices in shells

cool decoration idea with stones on &# 8220; Summer and sea&# 8220;

summer deco ideas shells with wood and stone-flower pots with sand and

Table space decoration idea in Asian style

deco ideas for table with blue stones

an invigorating decoration with fresh flowers, water and stones

matching table decorating ideas with flowers and stones

Stones and candles arrange as table decoration

great decorating ideas with candles and stones for the interior

fantastic decoration ideas with stones and candles

decoration idea with diy grid basket-teelichthalter

  • 1 sheet metal grid with squares 1.3 cm
  • Wire pliers, wire and stones

First cut from the metal grating is a rectangular piece (6 squares x 22 squares), with which you will then form a cylinder. For destination overlap a square range and secure the cylindrical shape by means of wire. Then you need a second cross-shaped piece from the grid out cut (see figure below). Fold the second piece of wire in the form of box and fasten the box again with wire. Leave only one side open to reinzustecken the cylinder and fix it in the middle of the mini-stone basket with wire. Then fill the small wire basket with stones and make the page. Finally, cut out the circular opening of the grid to make the tea light into the cylinder.

great craft idea for DIY wire basket Teelichthalter

craft ideas for DIY candle holder with metal gratings

romantic table decoration ideas with candles and stones

candlestick itself tinker from steinen_tolle tischdeko ideas with candles

Deco idea for the corridor with DIY sconces made of wood and pebbles

craft ideas for cool wall design with homemade Sconce wood

  • Wood panel d = 1.3cm 18cm x 14cm
  • Wood panel d = 1.3cm 8cm x 14cm
  • shingle
  • Teelichthalter
  • Hanger for picture frames
  • 2 L-bracket for a wall sconce
  • Sandpaper and hot glue
  • Color and spectacle brush

Once you have the two pieces of wood removed and they are completely dry, stick both to each other to fix them, and then attaching the L-bracket. Then you let the sconces are to glue the stones. Finally, stick to the Teeleuchthalter and fix the hanger.

simple craft idea for DIY mirror frame with stones

mirror frame for wandspiegel around itself tinker with stones

original decoration idea with DIY pictures of stones

Modern wall design with self-made images of stones

  • on frames Canvas Prints
  • Spryfarbe gold and black acrylic paint
  • flat boulders
  • Wood board, shallow brush and silicone

First, paint the wooden panel in black and let it dry. Then use a pencil to draw thin guides that will help you in arranging the stones. Glue the stones with clear silicone on the black wooden plate. You can fill the voids between the stones with sand or small pebbles. In this example, the already glued stones are also colored with gold spray paint, but you can choose another color or let the natural look of the stones. After the wood module has dried well with stones, stick it on the canvas with silicone adhesive.

Tinker cool pictures of stones &# 8211; cool idea for wall and Geschenkdeko 

creative wall decoration selbermachen with stones

beautiful idea for homemade memo board

diy memo blackboard with white picture frame and stones

use stones as great DIY photo holder

craft ideas for decoration with diy photo holders of stone

Stones as decoration of flower pots

deco idea with stones for flower pots

the role of stones as a doorstop

decoration idea with stones as a modern doorstop

Stones as decorative element doorstep

great decoration idea with stones for wood door with glassEntrance door in walnut Hughes Woodworks

modern coffee table made of wood with small pebbles

wood coffee table with stones as a cool idea for residential living room

elegant solution for home-made coffee table pallets with stone decoration

DIY coffee table in pallets with indirect lighting, white stones and glass top

build fancy floor lamp himself with stones

craft ideas for DIY lamp with stones and lampshade made of rice paper

A floor lamp made of stones sounds interesting and looks fantastic. To build a similar lamp yourself, first need to gather some different-sized stones. For the reason, you can find a bigger and flat as possible stone. To make the floor lamp stable, you can attach 4 adjustable bolts at the bottom of the foundation stone. Then arrange the other pieces in a row from the largest to the smallest. Now you have to drill a 2cm hole in the center of each stone. When drilling all the time water must be poured so that the drill bit is cooled. After all stones are drilled, they sting a brass tube with a diameter of 2cm by all the bricks. Then pull the cable through the tube and set the lamp on. Finally, you still need a matching lampshade.

Interior design with boulders as a mirror tiles and flooring

modern kitchen with white tiles mirror of stone and cool interior design with floor coverings of stone

brick black stones for modern floor and wall design in black and white

modern bedroom design in concrete floating bed with ausgemauertem and reflective tape

elegant decoration ideas with stones for the bathroom

modern bathroom with white mosaic floor tiles, round windows and freestanding bath white with white stones as decoration

modern bathroom interior with stones

modern bathroom with gray wall covering from natural stone and washstand made of wood with stones and sink of glassBathroom Design: Supreme Surface, Inc.

Another idea for original bathroom design and modern vanity with lighting and stones

cool bathroom ideas for modern basin with stones and black sink

Boulders in the bathroom as a wall covering and flooring

modern bathroom with stones

Shower area in the bath defined by a stone flooring

bathroom ideas for modern bathroom with shower and bath, gray wall color and terracotta in wood optics

Inspiration for modern bathroom in black or white with stones as decorative element

cool deco ideas for modern bath with stones, plants and woodright: House in Moriyama / Suppose Design Office _ left: TriBeCa Loft Residence / A + I Design Corp / Photo © Magda Biernat

moss stones &# 8211; the perfect decoration for every garden

cool landscaping with green moss stones

make the garden with animals of all possible

animals tinker with stones or animals paint on stones

stylish Deco ideas in Japanese style with the bound stones of Shizu Okino

diy modern deco with bound stones

Cool garden design with DIY coffee table large boulders and with glass top

kafeetisch decoration idea for garden with self

the fireplace of stones &# 8211; Great idea for a romantic and cool garden design

Great idea for a cool garden design with diy fire space of large stones

great garden design and decoration ideas with stones for the garden wall

creative garden decoration ideas with steinen_hausnummer himself tinkering of stone

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