Cups in water color as homemade gifts

Cups in water color as homemade gifts

Everyone likes to drink coffee, cappuccino or tea. Home most coffee drinkers even have a particular cup, they have bought specially for it or got as a gift. Even in the office, many people bring their favorite cup. Others simply love different cups with a creative and interesting design to collect. For those who love to drink hot drinks in a special cup and for those who want to tinker your own DIY cup itself, we provide a simple and cool craft idea for cups with a water color effect is present.

design your white cups with ink &# 8211; cool Bastelide for gifts you can make yourself

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This creative craft idea is the perfect solution for homemade gifts. Instead you long time to consider what you could give this time, Tinker an artistic cup or even an entire coffee set. The DIY Watercolor mugs are a creative gift idea to make your own, you will have ready in just minutes. Turn the mere white cup in a special and unusual gift with the help of a few nail polish or ink drops and little water. How to make your own DIY cup through the water color technique interesting, we are equal to show step by step.

 homemade gifts &# 8211; DIY Watercolor cups

creative gift ideas to do it yourself and cool craft idea with white cups and nail polish

tinker with nail polishes as inspiration for DIY designer cups with water color effect

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What materials do you need? The best way to get those white ceramic cups, a plastic cup or a bowl of glass, or metal foil and of course nail polishes in the desired colors.

Pour hot water into the bowl and add a drop of the selected nail polish to the water. Let the nail polish from the spread alone or swirl the water by means of a rod. Dip the cup into the water and then dry them with paper towel. With help from the nail polish remover you can remove the unwanted coloration to the inside of the cup easily. Repeat this until you get the desired effect. If you are satisfied with the watercolor effect, let your new cup for at least two hours sitting before you use it for drinking.

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As you otherwise creatively use your nail polish?

Cups in water color as homemade gifts

Instead of using nail polish, you can create a water-color ink with alcohol and alcohol-based. Moreover, in this watercolor technique, you will also need two paintbrushes. In this case, the cup must be rinsed before and dry, then it is with alcohol, and wiped alcohol. Dip the wide flat brush in the alcohol and brush the cup. Then dip the other brush once in the alcohol and even into the ink and carry the ink color on the cup on. You have to work fast because the mixture of ink and alcohol dries quickly. To cover the cup with the ink color, use a straw. By gently blowing you will create the watercolor effect.

Watercolor Technique with ink instead of nail polish for designer glasses

tinker with ink as a craft idea for DIY -Watercolor glass

Tinker itself a special and original gift with love 

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DIY Watercolor Cups creative and easy craft idea for extraordinary gifts

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A watercolor design can be produced with a brush pen. For this you can use the Edding brush pens for painting on ceramics and porcelain. Obtain a porcelain cup and draw an abstract design on it. Then sprinkle some water and make the surface while playing with the resulting water drops. If you are not satisfied with the results, remove the water color by means of paper towel and start from scratch. If you have made the desired watercolor design, let the cup for about 15 minutes to dry, and finally burn them in the oven for 25 minutes at 160 ° C. In this way, the water color effect permanently and the cup is dishwasher-safe.

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