Creative wall design with decorative paper

Creative wall design with decorative paper

It’s amazing what you can make out of paper. When it comes to decoration, the paper offers endless and varied opportunities. Using various techniques, such as paper folding, origami and rolling, can be tinkering a fantastic and colorful DIY decoration. In this paper we have drawn our attention to the creative wall design with decorative paper. Tinkering with paper allows modern wall decoration, with which you can make your bedroom, living room, and the walls in the children’s room and in the hallway creative. For your inspiration we have prepared 27 cool Dekoiiden. Look at how you can make a special wall decoration itself.

spectacular wall design with the paper art of Yulia Brodskaya

wall decoration made of colored paper as a modern wall design

You can make your walls beautiful and unique decorating using colored paper, some glue and of course an interesting idea. If you’re after a search of unusual wall design, here you will already find some creative wall decoration ideas. Duch the Drehetechnik will create beautiful images and motifs as a 3D wall decoration. A fantastic idea for colorful wall decoration in the nursery, chic living room wall design, creative design for the corridor walls and for the walls in the bedroom. They will enliven the white walls with bright colors and rounded shapes and create a fresh accent in the room. The following paper craft ideas are the ideal solution for DIY wall decoration with style. Make your home in an elegant way. As an example, let’s start with a simple wall decoration with picture frame and wire mesh, are inserted in the rolled up pieces of paper to make a colorful picture.

creative wall design with colors and cool wall decoration idea with paper

Decorating ideas living room with DIY photo frame wanddeko as a modern wall design

cool wall design in the living room with colored paper and wire mesh

craft paper idea for DIY wall decoration as picture frames wanddeko

Here are other cool decorating ideas by rolling up the paper and even whole books. You will also find some examples of wall decoration from cardboard tubes, as well as inspiration for DIY wall decoration with various paper flowers and 3D geometry forms also made of paper.

creative wall design with heart decoration made of paper

living room wall design with DIY heart Wanddeko as a modern wall design for bedroom

Walls decorate with books &# 8211; creative decoration idea for the living room and bedroom

creative wall design with 3D wanddeko corridor as a modern wall design and bedroom wall design with books

Modern wall design with DIY wall decoration made of paper

creative wall design with white paper flowers on black wall

fantastic idea for wall-figures in style Shabby Chick with floral decoration from etsy

living room wall design with DIY flower wall decoration of paper in beige and light pink

Wall decoration itself tinker with paper

Modern wall design with deco of paper as a decorating ideas living room

Craft idea with newsprint creative DIY wall decoration idea for the bedroom

creative wall design and craft ideas with paper for cool bedroom wanddeko

Idea for interesting living room wall decoration

creative wall design with deco of paper as idea to tinker with paper simply

3D wall decoration itself tinker with colored paper

cool wall design nursery and creative craft paper idea for wall decoration of paper

Wall with pictures &# 8211; DIY decoration sheets of paper

corridor creative wall design and living room with DIY 3D images of paper in green and black

modern design white wall with geometric volume of paper

wall design with color as a cool decorating ideas living room with DIY decoration paper

black wall decoration made of paper for modern wall design in the living room

creative wall design with DIY paper flower black

tinker wall decoration with paper

Decorating ideas tinker with flowers of paper and wall decoration with paper itself

simple flower decoration as a creative decoration idea with paper

nursery wall design and creative wall design hallway with DIY wall decoration

fantastic wall decoration made of paper

living room wall design with DIY decoration from paper

Logo-decoration idea from paper to decorate walls

Decorating ideas paper living room with DIY font decoration of

cool nursery wall design idea with Paper letters of love it so much

wall design nursery paper with letters

Wall decorations to make your own paper

creative wall design kitchen with deco of paper

simple and cool wall decoration for the nursery with paper flowers

wall design kids wallpaper girls with deco of paper in orange and pink

creative wall design for children with DIY honeycomb and bees

nursery wall design ideas with cardboard tubes as DIY wall decoration

Decorating ideas living room with cardboard tubes

Modern wall design living room with DIY paper flowers

Wall design with painted cardboard sleeve flower

Decorating ideas living room and cool wall design children's room and hallway with DIY flower from cardboard tubes

DIY picture frame wall decoration with flowers from cardboard tubes

living room wall design with wall color beige and DIY image from cardboard tube-flowers

Decorating ideas for modern wall design with mirror and cardboard tubes Deco

Modern wall design hallway with mirrors and floral decoration from cardboard tubes

Cardboard sleeve Cross decoration as an idea for homemade wall design

creative-wall design-with-deco-of-papier_wanddekoration-tinker-with-paper

cool decorating ideas living room and creative wall decoration with paper

Modern wall design with paint and paper as a creative living room wall decoration

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