creative interior design and beautiful garden idea with lit tree stumps

creative interior design and beautiful garden idea with lit tree stumps

The wood itself is a natural material that has many facets and also offers so many processing possibilities. A material that brings fascination warmth and character with it. Wood as a piece of nature, we would like to have in the form of decoration and furniture for indoor and outdoor use around us happy. A creative idea, as the wood to become a part of modern interiors, has the furniture and lighting designer Duncan Meerding, who is based in Tasmania. The young designer works primarily with wood and creates unique art pieces for everyday living environment reminiscent of the beauty of nature and give them the space. By combining the traditional with the modern joinery techniques Duncan Meerding creates spectacular, functional furniture and light fittings with modern and simple design. For his art, he nutz sustainably managed wood should be burned else, what makes his work even more unique. What we have chosen of its products to present to you are the lighted tree stumps. A creative combination of furniture and lamp in a that comes to life in a piece of wood. The unique tree stumps combine design and functionality in an ideal way as a lighting fixture with seating and floor space. A fantastic design idea for the bedroom with a bedside table and bedside lamp as a unit, creative lighting and furnishing idea for the corridor, as well as a spectacular lighting design. Diet is one step further to the countryside with a wooden artwork.

Cool garden design and light decoration with tree stumps

beautiful garden ideas for garden decorations and garden lighting with designer stool wooden table

The great collection “Cracked Log Lamps” consists of various types of light variations, which are made of tree stumps. The farmed wood material is transformed into modern pendant and wall lamps, as well as multi-functional floor lamps, which could be implemented as an illuminated stool, Beistell- and bedside tables. A fantastic decoration not only for housing but also for the garden. The creative wooden lamps are a fantastic solution for interesting garden design and illumination. The cracks and crevices of the bark as a design nature naturally formed adorn the round tables and lamps with a natural texture and relief. By thin, vertical slots hollowed out from all sides of the tree stump, the artificial light passes through to the outside. The light beams of wooden lamps used to scatter in different directions, creating a cozy atmosphere through subtle lighting.

modern interior design with round wooden table lamps made of tree stump 

modern wood sculptures as creative table lamps and wooden Beisteltisch

unique designer lamp made of wood for creative lighting and interior design

round wooden table and table lamp as a cool decoration for garden and living room

The modern wooden table stool has a diameter of about 25cm to 30cm and 40 cm high. It is weather resistant and can be easily indoors as well as outdoors are used in many ways. White LED light strips that glow with warm light, are mounted inside. The round table stool can be connected to a 12-volt outlet and secure means of retaining brackets and the ground. A rechargeable solar battery as another variant of the table stool lamp is being prepared.

The cylindrical swing wooden lamp is intended to be fixed to the ceiling by cables and ceiling rose black and with a ceiling light provided Edison. The cable length is 2 meters, if you need a longer cable for hanging lamp, you can say that when ordering. The lampshade is 23cm high and 12cm wide.

If you want such an interesting light design in the garden or in the living area create, you can order the chic designer lamps in the online shop. The round floor lamp can be obtained for the sum of $ 280, the luminous, round wooden table and stools will cost $ 640, just like the chic pendant lamp.

creative interior design and beautiful garden idea with lit tree stumps 

round wooden stool with lighting as a round table and lighted bedside

Inspiration for modern bedroom design with an illuminated round Wooden bedside table

creative garden decoration idea and modern terrace design with wooden stools and wooden table lamp

modern interior design with the creative pendant lamps stump

modern hanging lamp made of wood for modern furniture and interior design

interesting sconces made of wood for creative wall design with tree stumps

modern Desiner wall lamp made of wood for interesting lighting and wall decoration

Carpentry and light art combined together

modere decoration with tree stump as a round side table and lamp

round lamps and stools tables as sculptures made of wood

homemade wooden lamp

interesting design and garden decor with bright stools made from tree stumps

a dream garden design with modern garden lighting and garden decoration

Tree stumps as a creative garden lighting and interesting lighting design outdoors

cool lamps of round wood for the garden and the living room decoration

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