Creative decorating ideas with candles

Creative decorating ideas with candles

What is needed to give little pep to the living room? Through a simple and creative decoration with candles, an interesting and cozy atmosphere can be reached. You can without much money as often as you want to create an entirely different and new design in your home. A scented candle decorations in the bathroom or as table decorations for special outlets. Materials such as sand, stones, paper or wood allow endless combinations and decorating ideas for every taste. Homemade glass tea light holders or even fruits as a wall or stair decoration. You just need to wake up your creativity and to make the unnecessary items in the household again useful. The following 34 craft idea with natural materials show different creative versions of a DIY candle holder. You could create a unique scented candles decoration themselves produce in only a few minutes. Our goal is to help you with creative ideas and suggestions for the design of your living space. Cover a table with a fantastic Kerzendeko for a romantic dinner. Make you and your bathroom with candles. Outside, you can also make a discreet lighting design with beautiful glass candle holders. Let yourself insporieren by our ideas!

Idea for candlestick itself tinker with rope

homemade candles decoration with knitting

Homemade Teelichthalter

homemade candle holder white stones

Interesting decoration with Schnekenkerze

candles as glowing worm

Creative decoration with orange peel candle

Candles decoration with Steinhen and orange peel

Easter decoration idea with colored DIY candles in eggshells

Candles in eggshells

Apple Teelichthalter

Kerzendeko tea light holder made from real apples

Candle holder green wine bottles

interesting wall decoration with candles in green wine bottles

DIY candle holder chump

Candles decoration with wood

Craft idea with birch wood for DIY Candlestick

Tealight holder made of wood

creative craft ideas for decoration for Valentine’s Day with DIY candle holders made of wood

Tealight holder made of wood with carved heart

Craft idea with pineapple for creative Candlestick

interesting Pineapple Teelichthalter

Table decoration with candles in water

Table decoration with candles and branches in the water

homemade candle holder wire

hanging candle decorations

Weihnahtsdekoidee for hänhende Candlestick

hanging balls with candles

Table decoration idea with candles decoration of small corn cobs

popular candle jar

Tischeindeken with stones and candles

Table decoration in black with red candles in a bowl with stones

Upside-down martini glasses as candle holders

Table decoration with candles and snails

cool craft idea for DIY glass candle holder

homemade decoration of Teelichthalter

Cork Teelichthalter

Candle holder cork in glass

Wall decoration with candles

Candles attractive decoration for hanging wall with steel rings

Shells Candlestick

Shell decoration with candles

Fireplace decoration with shells and candles

Candles decoration with shells

Wall candle holders

Candle holder Ladle befästigt on white wooden plate

DIY lantern made of paper and glass

Decoration with Ginkobläter and paper in the glass as Teelichthalter

Craft idea for decorating DIY glass candle holders

homemade decoration with sands and blue candles in glass

see them as a candleholder can be decorated

Decoration with glass candle holder with lavender scent

Table decoration with noodles Teelichthalter

Kerzendeko with macaroons

Stair decoration with candles in wine bottles

Candle holder dark wine bottles

Sand and shells as decoration in candlestick

quadtarische glass vase with sand and candles

Home-made table decoration with flowers and candles

Candles decoration with fresh flowers attached with rubber ring on glass

Creative glass tea light holders with rubber rings

homemade candle holder decoration made of paper and Gummirngen

Glass vases with water and flowers as a candle holder for elegant table decoration

Kerzendeko in glass with stones and flowers under water

simple and creative craft ideas for candle holders made of wood

Wood panel as a candle holder with white candles

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