Crafting ideas with plaster – original gift idea and DIY decoration

Crafting ideas with plaster - original gift idea and DIY decoration

Flowers are one of the most popular decorations. In the form of pattern and motif of all possible textiles, in the form of pictures or textures of different surfaces, as well as in their natural form as fresh flowers, decorating our walls, dress up our furniture and refresh the interior with their fragrance and tenderness as a subtle accent and elegant table decoration. Everyone has their favorite flowers &# 8211; Flowers that you will like to plant in the garden or arrange as the original decoration. we often get for special occasions as a gift The beautiful bouquets, we want to keep fresh and lively and even sometimes we also take photos to keep the beauty of flowers and this particular moment in memory as long as possible. But there through to bring us associated with specific experiences flowers in memory and other creative method. Today we will present the creative plaster casts of the artist Rachel Dein within the meaning of cool crafting idea and inspiration for original gifts and DIY decoration.

tinker with plaster &# 8211; catch the beauty of flowers by plaster casts

gift ideas for creative gifts and cool craft ideas for creative wall design with diy deco move away from gypsum

How does Rachel this beautiful and unique flower Fissil Footprints? Actually very simple! She uses Naßton as a ground on which she arranges various fresh flowers. Then she pressed the flower stems and petals all in the unrolled sound to characterize every detail and their tenderness and either entfernet carefully the flowers or directly she pours plaster mixture. The sound acquires the most complex and gives the smallest details and at the same time the plaster a subtle staining. To close the plaster cast in the frame, Rachel puts a wooden frame on the clay form first one before the plaster is poured. but any clay-form can be used only once, making each individual plaster cast like. The unique embossed image is carefully finished by hand and sometimes also watercolors.

Crafting ideas with plaster &# 8211; original gift idea and DIY decoration

diy deco with gypsum and flowers as a creative craft ideas and gift ideas for unusual gifts

fire flowers Fossil gypsum &# 8211; fantastic gift idea for homemade gifts

diy deco tinker with gypsum and fresh blumen_geschenkideen for creative homemade gifts

The crafting of plaster casts offers not only a creative way for effective and modern wall design, but is also a fantastic idea for an original, individual and above all homemade gifts. Tinker with plaster is also an interesting work process where you mitbeziehen your children and could have fun together. If you are looking for ideas crafts suitable for crafting with children, that would be quite appropriate. The plaster casts of flower fossils is also a creative solution for many ladies a special bouquet of flowers such as want to keep forever in memory of the wedding bouquet. In this way also many other items that are close to your heart, creative pull the trigger and add as the extraordinary decorative modern interiors leave.

Plaster casts of flowers as decoration DIY and creative gift

interesting gift ideas and cool craft ideas for DIY deco floral fossil

Inspiration for an original and modern wall design with plaster casts

diy deco from flowers and gypsum itself basteln_gipsabdrücke as special gifts and for modern wall design

homemade gifts and DIY decoration made of plaster and fresh flowers

gypsum retreating as a creative craft ideas for DIY deco and diy geschenke_ideen to tinker with children

Look for original gifts and a minimalist wall decoration? &# 8211; Tinker them yourself!

homemade gifts and cool DIY deco from gips_basteln ideas as gift ideas

Wanddeko selbermachen plaster &# 8211; cool craft idea for individual wall design with flowers

creative floral plaster impressions as unusual gift and kreatiev wall design with diy deco

Craft ideas with flowers and plaster for a special DIY wall decoration

craft ideas spring for modern and creative wall design with flowers and gifts originele

Walls decorate creative with a DIY decoration made of floral plaster casts

plaster footprints of flowers gift ideas, as cool craft idea and original for DIY deco and unusual gifts

Crafting ideas for homemade gifts and decoration ausgefalalene

flowers deco ideas with diy deco flowers from fossilen_geschenkideen for homemade and individual gifts from gypsum

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