Craft ideas with PET bottles for DIY flower pots

Craft ideas with PET bottles for DIY flower pots

Craft ideas with PET bottles for DIY flower pots

Surely you collect the plastic bottles of various beverages to get the deposit back. Especially in the summer but many want to embellish the patio or garden with colorful flowers, or with herbs from you. If you renounce the pledge of few bottles, you can realize your desire and that without spending a lot of money for your desired flower pots. Instead flowerpots, buying beautiful flowers! We have prepared 20 creative and simple ideas that can inspire you continue to have to tinker creative DIY flower pots themselves. The possibilities are many, we have gathered a few examples showing interesting solutions for a small DIY Garden.

 Landscaping with DIY flower pots made from plastic bottles

craft ideas with PET bottles for diy flowerpots

For your new and creative DIY flower pots every type and size of plastic bottles suitable. You will find some craft ideas with small PET bottles, as well as with large plastic bottles, which are ideal for planting herbs. The bottles have a handle, offer creative way for a garden design to the terrace. You can use the handles this type of plastic bottles for hanging pots. they will also find an example. Another very popular option for a cool floral and wall decoration with DIY flower pots, the hanging of individual bottles from the ceiling or directly on the wall. If you want to be more creative, use waterproof pens or paints to paint the ready-cut flower pots. A facelift can also create means of textiles and colorful fabric strips. Case you want to discover more cool craft ideas with PET bottles, you can also see our post: Tinker with PET bottles – creative living ideas plastic.

 cool craft idea with PET bottles for creative design with yellow flower pots

cool wall decoration with black Tafem hanging with yellow picture frames and creative DIY flower pots yellow from PET bottles

interesting craft ideas for creative garden decoration with DIY hedgehog flower pot

Craft idea with Pet bottles for DIY hedgehog flower pot

creative DIY flower pot painted PET bottles as DECO craft idea

Deco himself tinkering from PET bottles

PET bottles for easy and cool craft ideas

flowerpot itself tinker from plastic bottles

great craft idea for colorful DIY flower pots made from plastic bottles and textiles

Craft idea with textiles and PET bottles

Terrassendeko himself tinkering of painted PET bottles

Craft idea for DIY Garden decorations of plastic bottles as flower pots

creative idea for your DIY Kreuter garden with funny flower pots

Craft idea with recycled PET bottles for cool DIY Kreuter garden

Inspiration for terrarium on the wall of plastic bottles

plastic bottles craft ideas for DIY terrarium on the wall

make the terrace with a cool white DIY flower pots of shampoo bottles

craft ideas bottles with schampoo

cool craft idea for the empty plastic bottles &# 8211; DIY Kitty flower pot

DIY cat pot from PET bottles

fantastic idea for vases and flower pots with fabric the wrapped PET bottles 

Deko tinkering with plastic bottles and flowers

the large plastic bottles as perfect pots for your Kreuter

PET bottles for kreuter garden

DIY vertical Kreuter garden of white PET bottles

gartengestaltung with DIY pots from plastic bottles

colored design with plastic bottles as flower arrangements for the garden wall

craft ideas with recycled plastic bottles

wish to convert green PET bottles as wall decoration

craft idea with green PET bottles as DIY wall decoration

Idea for DIY wall decoration with DIY flower pots

inspiration for DIY flower pots and DIY wall decoration

beautiful decoration idea with DIY vases of plastic bottles

Craft idea for DIY vase from PET bottles

use old plastic bottles again

use soda bottles new

Plastic bottles with handles creative wish to convert as DIY pots for your small terrace garden

cool Terrassendeko with DIY flower pots made of white plastic bottles

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