Craft ideas for iDock wooden

Craft ideas for iDock wooden

You want your smart phone or tablet device charging at home but they are always looking for the charger? Most often, we let our chargers in the wall socket or just lie on the table. Some of you who love to keep everything in order to hide it in a closet or somewhere else if they do not use it. What think of a dock that you could for charging your devices and use the same as a cool decoration in your living room or bedroom? The dock for smartphones and tablets is not a new thing. On the market is beautiful, a variety of creative inspiration and different models to find Dock. but a dock can also do it yourself. Today we will show you the fact – great craft ideas for iDeck of wood.

cool design inspiration with driftwood as decoration and Dock

tinker with wood as a design inspiration for homemade dock for smartphone and tabletiPhone and iPad Dock Station driftwood from DOCKSMITH

An even more interesting inspiration for original DIY iPhone and iPad Dock provides the driftwood. I agree! Part of a tree that has been torn by natural exposure from the underground and flushed into the water, the perfect piece of wood for a modern iDock can be. As a design inspiration, we have picked out some examples you can find on Etsy and order. But first we will show you how to specifically iDock to tinker your wooden disc itself. Then you can try this cool craft idea of ​​all possible pieces of wood.

Materials and tools for DIY iDock wooden plate:

  • a piece of wood
  • Dremel rotary tool as
  • drilling machine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Furniture wax spray for wood
  • Filzaufkleber or normal Felt
  • Cable with Lightning Connector

Craft ideas for iDock wooden

tinker with wood as a design inspiration for DIY idock_Dock for iphone and ipad itself tinker

Step 1: First cut a wooden disc or an interesting piece of a tree branch. best for the goal you use an electric saw.

Step 2: Grind the two sides of the cut wooden disc. First, treat the surface with a coarse sandpaper grit 40. Edit the wood surface further with a finer grain. Finally, use sandpaper 120 grit to smooth the wood surface.

Step 3: It’s time to carve the groove for your mobile phone or tablet device using the rotary tool in the wood. Measure the surface and the depth that requires your device to stay in place when inserted into the dock. Draw in pencil the contour of the depression, you want to make, on the wood.

Step 4: Once you have made the desired cavity, flatten it well with sandpaper to avoid unwanted scratching on the device. Then buff it with furniture wax.

Instructions for DIY iPhone Dock Station

diy idock for iPhone as a design inspiration and creative craft ideas with natural materials

Step 5: Drill the hole for cables in the center of the depression. If you want the device to sit tilted in the dock, drill the hole and slightly inclined.

Step 6: With the rotary tool to carve the groove for the cable in the bottom of the wooden disc.

Step 7: To fix the Lightning connector, use hot glue. However, you can pull the Lightning plug by a thin metal plate with three holes, then to screw in the recess and thus fix the Lightning connector.

Step 8: Finally, you can cover the bottom with felt and hide in this way the cable from the iDock, and the deepening of it.

tinker with wood &# 8211; creative craft ideas for DIY iDock

smartpfone dock itself basten from driftwood

Tinker himself an original and unusual driftwood decoration with function

creative craft ideas for DIY tablet dock and cool DIY decoration ideas with driftwoodDriftwood iDock of DOCKSMITH

great craft ideas for iDock of wood as a great inspiration for homemade Dock

how do I make a dock for smartphones woodSmartphone Dock of Modern Home Decorating

iDock simply tinker wood as a special DIY decoration

inspiration for dock station from wood as a cool craft ideaDocking station for iPhone and iPad from Doc Artisan

DIY iDock as fantastic crafting idea for all those who design and natural wood love.

interesting and cool craft ideas for iDock-yourself wood

cool craft idea and design inspiration for iDock as DIY decoration made of driftwood

diy deco ideas with driftwood and cool craft ideas for DIY idock

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