Craft ideas for cool DIY cloth bags

Craft ideas for cool DIY cloth bags

Craft ideas for cool DIY cloth bags

The cloth bag in everyday life! Each of us has at home one of them. As a shopping bag, tote bag or as a ladies bag finds its function in our daily lives. We have some suggestions on how to make the cloth bag as part of your outfit creative. If you surprise your mother on Mother’s Day, or a cool gift for birthday elect to make, here we offer different creative craft ideas for DIY fabric bags, as well as interesting design for this. The perfect gift idea for women! You can create many different models themselves that are interesting, unique and trendy. Transform your look every day at!

creative craft ideas for DIY cloth bags as a cool gift idea

creative gift idea and craft ideas for DIY cloth bag

For this simple craft idea you need a white cloth bag that has a long carrier. All you need even textile paint, synthetic rubber coating, Pencil with eraser, tape, ruler, brush and empty can. Use the pencil to create a punk pattern with fabric paint. With the tape divide the surface of the pocket, you want to color. In this case, a rubber coating for shaping the DIY bag is used. This synthetic rubber coating is specially designed for DIY projects and will stretch over time and flexible. If you can not find a coating, they use fabric paint. Here is an inspiration with different colored rubber coating west elm.

DIY cloth bag decoration with Gimmibeschichtung

creative craft idea for the cloth bag design

First, we will show two examples with instructions for those who would like to sew a cloth bag itself. The first idea is a cool inspiration for double-sided fabric bag in three colors. Here are the fought with:

Tinker themselves your double-sided fabric bag in bright summer colors

great craft ideas and gift ideas for DIY cloth bag with two sides

First, cut out the parts for the pocket. For the handle, sew the 2 cm x 64 cm wide strips along one side. With the help from the iron making seams along the other two sides and then sew them together (step 1). First, you combine the parts for the two sides of the bag (step 2.1). Once you have the two-color parts are connected to each bag side by side, cut a triangle from both sides of the bag reasons. They have nice generates the two sides of the bag. Apply the two pockets on its front and to the iron flatten a seam along the top sides. Plug one of the bags to the back in the other pocket. By pins, attach the two sides and the handle, and sew all the pieces together. In the same way you can make any desired bag itself and make etsprechend.

And fought for a cool gift idea that you can tinker

with double side orange cool craft idea for DIY cloth bag in white and pink

craft elegant fabric bag with a leather handle itself

DIY fabric bag black with leather handle

Craft idea for modern cloth bag in black and white

interesting gift idea itself tinker

Nachden you already know how to sew a cloth bag, the following examples provide easy inspiration for a cool and easy decoration of your cloth bag is! which might easily make by different methods and techniques and produce different patterns. Not only for Valentine’s Day, but also as a cool spring look, a heart pattern is always chic. The technique for entering the color with the eraser pencil is ideal for creating the heart pattern, as well as many other forms.

fantastic gift idea with DIY heart pattern &# 8211; ideal for Valentine’s Day

DIY cloth bag decoration with pencil and fabric paint as a cool gift idea

Another idea for bag design with a heart motif in black

Decoration fabric bag with black heart

tattoo your cloth bag with colored dream catcher &# 8211; cool decoration idea

gift ideas with DIY pocket decoration with colored pens

Inspiration for DIY Bag Decoration

fantstische DIY pocket decoration with textiles

creative DIY decoration for sewing &# 8211; fantastic design with white threads

cool craft idea for swarz white cloth bag with DIY decoration

Inspiration from we all sew for a trendy cloth bag

craft ideas for their DIY fabric bag in white and red

Inspiration for DIY cloth bags with stripes

cool craft idea for DIY gift Tote Bag and leather handle yellow

craft ideas for DIY stripe pattern as a bag decoration

Fantastic DIY fabric bag tablecloth with leather handles in green

creative craft ideas with tablecloths for DIY cloth bag

Inspiration for crafting idea and DIY decorating with crocheted lace and spray paint

craft ideas with old Crocheting

DIY Taschendeko with lace and fabric dye &# 8211; Your chic DIY cloth bag

tinker cool gift ideas themselves

creative Taschendeko with silhouettes of how about orange

craft ideas for DIY cloth bag decoration

easy and cool schenll &# 8211; creative craft ideas for DIY circle pattern

DIY circular pattern with cardboard

As you can beautify your cloth bag?

DIY decoration for cloth bags

DIY Apflemuster as a cool design for the cloth bag

creative gift idea for DIY decoration cloth bag with apple print

back to school time with a DIY cloth bag with a binding pattern

cool idea for cloth bag with line pattern

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