cover sent radiators or beautify skillfully

cover sent radiators or beautify skillfully

cover sent radiators or beautify skillfully

In cold days they donate warmth, but the Optical usually leaves more than a few wishes. Thus, it is still comfortable and stylish in their own homes, we have a few tips on how to hide unsightly radiators or can embellish at least.

How can you go along the old radiators with the new interior design?

ideas for creative radiator covers as diy window sill wood© / martin wimmer

Eyes already at Heating purchase

Old heaters do not visually look like much – but fortunately this is no longer the case today. Modern systems convince besides better performance with elegant and stylish designs. It is therefore worthwhile, already in setting up and equipping bathrooms to pay attention to a nice heater model or other spaces, like it or the rest of the decoration at least does not interfere. Here, you have the choice of conventional heating elements (vertical or horizontal), large-scale surfaces or other configurations. Even with the color choice no wishes are left open. Who does not equal to install a new heating system, but only the old want to embellish a bit, should look at the following tips absolutely once.

the radiators as decorative element and part of a modern interior

modern dining room wall design with vertical wandheizkürpern_kleines living dining customize zebra carpet, modern dining table black and dining table chairs in chrome© / daverhead

hide heaters uncomplicated

Modern radiators may indeed convince with their attractive look, but most older models this is not the case. So by the careful device is not equal destroyed heaters can be easily covered. In the construction market covers prefabricated wooden or stainless steel can be found. These grids are designed to be still enough heat can be delivered to the room – now, though a bit quiet full. Such a panel, you can also build it yourself. but it is also a transparent and heat-friendly material for this task. Just before the tensioning device and fixed directly to the wall. Similarly, you can also use the long curtains of the window over it to hide the little handsome radiator.

unsightly radiators hide behind stylish radiator cover

build radiator covers himself and old heizkürper modern dress and beautify© / Poplasen

The ideal place for new shelves

Not a few know the problem: the existing storage space simply still not enough. Here, the space above the heater is ideal for a to install new shelf. In various woods and colors usually already a simple board that is mounted directly on the wall or placed on stylish legs to create an aesthetic shelf extends. The result is simultaneously more storage space and attention is a little deflected away from the unsightly heating grids. Decorative Bücherstapel, elegant candle holders and vases find a nice place here. But also corresponding plants, even hanging plants can be placed here. This should, however, at least in winter when the heating is in operation, be heat resistant. Therefore, about cacti or succulents different types are optimized for beautification of the radiator. Through the shelf you have more space to creatively off steam.

cover radiators or embellish with a wall shelf above

vintage radiator cover with holzregal_coole wohnideen for room decoration with old heizkürpern© / archideaphoto

bring some color into the room and to the heater

Especially old radiators often look worn and dirty. A fresh coat of paint or a new paint can not hurt there. Whether classic white or a new color to match the device – can eventually a small colored highlight set great accents. Who takes the time and painted each heating part in a different shade of color, you can even create a stylish ombre effect. You should definitely pay attention to heat-resistant paints. Special paints for radiators suitable for this best, as they can withstand the high temperatures easily.

get the radiator to put fresh color accents in the room

bathroom and bath heating heizen_coole ideas for old heizkürper beautify© / TadejZupancic

give a new look to the old radiators

emphasize and embellish old cast iron radiators-© / bdStudios

So it works emphasize the radiator:

  1. First check whether the radiator grill has scheduled. If this is the case, the rust should be sanded to bare metal, otherwise it would develop further.
  2.  Next, you should roughen the entire surface of the heater with sandpaper, so that later the paint holds better.
  3.  Wipe the heating element with a damp cloth and dry him thoroughly before applying the color.
  4. Now you can begin to apply the paint. Ideally, do this, do not mount from the body. Instead, you can protect the environment with foil and masking tape before paint.
  5. Finally, you have to let the paint only according to the instructions on the packaging dry before you turn on the heating again. Finished.

old cast iron radiators collapse or beautify by color

cool wohnideen for creative color design living room with wall color gray, upholstered sofa dark blue and yellow radiators© / JZhuk

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