Cork flooring in the living room – The sustainable choice

Cork flooring in the living room - The sustainable choice

The cork makes the popular parquet and laminate flooring, as well as competition classic tiles because he is able to take on any desired look. At the same time he is still ecologically also why the number of consumers who opt for this alternative, is steadily increasing. However, the following applies: Not every cork is really a good choice, because there are large differences between the individual manufacturers. If you want to get a high quality and sustainable cork, also on Floating cork comparison of Ökotest orientate. Here in March 2017 twelve Korkfertigparkette were put under the microscope, one of which could only convince seven as a real alternative to the typical floors. A “good” by Ökotest the grade excellent cork For example, the “cork Classic KC 85 S structure coarse” MEISTER. He scored in particular with its harmful substances, while the twelve candidates tested ten showed weaknesses in this area. We’ll tell you how you can benefit a high quality cork and why you therefore make a particularly sustainable choice.

Flooring made of cork as a sustainable choice for any living area

living room designed in country style with cork flooring, fireplace, coffee table in wood edge, sichbare parquet floors and rustic wooden cabinet

Cork: material with many advantages

Cork is a material which is predominantly manufactured in Portugal and brings many positive attributes. He has a good insulating effect, is elastic and impermeable to water and moisture. Therefore cork was formerly used as a bottle cap. Moreover, the material is used but today also in many other areas. The material is also used for the production of the following products:

  • beehives
  • lifebelts
  • sealants
  • Murals
  • Pinnwände
  • buoys
  • insulation materials
  • Fishing and net floats

the cork as part of the color scheme in the living room

minimalist living room with black make cork floor, corner sofa dark blue, green and puffs diy coffee table from magazines

A great advantage is that cork is a renewable, natural resource. In the 1960s, however, the Korkwirtschaft went through a crisis such as the Wildlife Protection Society of Germany (NABU) reported. Demand fell because cheaper plastic cork displaced more and more by the market. Just as insulation, but also in buoys, floats and life buoys cork is replaced today by styrofoam. For about 20 years, but the trend is again more back to the natural product. This is also due to the increased environmental and health awareness of the people: the trend turns away from industrially produced plastics and goes back to the health-safe natural product that is less harmful to the environment. Even the natural material cork benefited as demand has increased again dramatically in recent years.

a floor made of cork tiles is the perfect solution for barefoot runner

transform the small space under the roof in scope for children with korkbodenfliesen

Cork flooring: characteristics and peculiarities

The Flooring selection is versatile and extensive. something suitable can be found for every style and taste. Depending on the living style you prefer and what functional features you need another flooring for you out of the question. In addition to parquet and laminate and the cork a growing popularity enjoys.

the rich color palette and the thinness of the material make the cork more popular

modern floor design with korkbodenbelag for duplex with glass railing and wood handrail

Cork is usually moved in the form of massive tiles. They are first glued to the ground and sealed afterwards. But there are also so-called floating cork. The Korkdielen are sealed and only need to be glued or clicked into each other by tongue and groove. In this way the cork can also be laid floating, so it need not be connected to the ground. This has the advantage that it can be more quickly remove what is currently in rented important advantage.

Cork tiles are, like floating cork in many different formats, sizes and shades available. The color palette is extensive: from the classic honey-tone numerous wood reproductions to modern gray and white tones, everything is possible. Even in stone or concrete look as well as abstract designs you can buy floating cork. A cork floor is usually four to six millimeters thick. That’s enough to insulate the floor, which is why it is especially ideal for the living room. Barefoot runners choose to love for a flooring made of cork, because he has a pleasant, warm feeling.

Benefits of a Korkfußbodens

cool idea for residential attic apartment with loftbett, dormer windows, palette bed, diy wood coffee table on wheels and bright cork

If you decide on a cork floor, you benefit from numerous advantages. He is:

  • sound-deadening
  • easy care
  • antistatic
  • flexible
  • insulating
  • warm underfoot

It is enough to suck the cork occasionally and wipe. Since he is antistatic, it is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. However, choose a cork floor, which was sealed with solvent-free paints. Well suited are natural sealing lacquers and water-based resins. They do not cause harmful fumes. Also, oils and waxes for the maintenance and upgrading of the cork floor in question. A massive cork floor can be sanded and versigelt. Thus, scratches and stains can be removed and the floor looks like new again. With a printed cork flooring that does not work. He would lose by grinding its beautiful appearance.

cork &# 8211; the right design element to any room décor

creative design idea with korkbodenbelag for penthouse with exposed roof structure of wood suitcase as a side table and sitting area of ​​upholstered sitting with white fur carpet

Many people opt for sustainability for a floor made of cork. This is a raw material that is 100 percent natural and renewable. For a cork not a tree to be felled. Only the bark of the so-called cork is peeled off. Who does not want to miss out on wood in the residential facility, meets with cork an ecological choice.

Images: Masterpieces Schulte GmbH

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