cool wooden decoration with printing on wood

cool wooden decoration with printing on wood

Images and pictures are perhaps the most widely used decoration. Not only as space and wall decoration they take part in our life and everyday life, but also as an expression of our mood in different networks as profile photos, and as the background of our smartphones and computer. Every day we take pictures with our cell phones and all these captured moments remain closed there. How often do you print them on paper? Probably never or rarely! Even the photos of special occasions we send on through the smartphones, we publish on the Internet, and we reserve the computer.

a creative wall design with photo print on wood

cool wood deco with photo printing on wood for modern living room wall design with aircraft-building

Today we want to show you how to perpetuate the memorable and important moments of your life in a creative way. For this, have chosen the pressure on wood as inspiration and interesting craft idea. We will introduce various techniques and examples of images and photos on wood that you could implement a creative wall design, for an individual decoration and design of old wooden furniture, as well as unusual and homemade gifts. Do you want your favorite photos or the best photos from your wedding, birthday or other special occasion print on wood? Are you after searching for a modern and creative wall design with pictures? Then here you have hit the target! How it works!

cool wooden decoration with printing on wood

creative ideas from wood for decoration with pictures and photos on wood

interesting and creative craft idea with wood for a special DIY decoration

make art out of wood itself and cool wall design with pictures on wood

First we will show you how to print ink images on wood. For this craft idea you need a wooden disc, shipping labels, Versigelung Spray (Krylon® Make It Last® Clear Sealer), modeling paste (gel medium from Liquitex), clear-drying craft glue, two foam pads, a plastic card, such as a poison card that you will use as a squeegee and of course an inkjet printer. So let’s get started on wood with the pressure.

Print images and photos on wood &# 8211; Aug pressure timber with ink

photo print on wood and make creative wood deco itself

First, you are replacing the shipping labels. They are in fact need the back of the shipping label for photo printing on the wood. It is best to buy a shipping label in A4 format. If you have a shipping label from several individual labels and the back is divided by Lochungsreihen, then tape scotch tape over the hole so that the side during the pressure does not cut into your printer. Then, in a well ventilated area, spray the other side of the paper with the sealing spray and allow it to dry them. Then you paint the paper with the clear-drying craft glue using one of the foam brushes. Now print the selected photo on the paper, or on the side with the dried glue. Prepare the wooden disc for printing. It is best to grind the wood surface with sandpaper and then wipe it off with a cloth. Now with the help of the second foam brush to brush carefully the wooden surface with modeling paste. Until the coating with the paste is still wet, place the photo on wood on it and iron the paper with the plastic card to be no bubbles. Before you pull the paper, let the pressure for one and half hours to dry. Pull the paper slowly and carefully and finally apply a coating with the sealant spray on.

Art from wood to make yourself as a cool craft idea with ink printing technology

photo on-holz_kreative-craft idea-with-wood-and-ink-by-cool-wood-deko

A second inspiration for photo on wood with ink, we have found in “we lived happily ever after.” In this cool crafting idea a foil bag is used. This fantastic printing technology is ideal for a vintage decoration and rustic design of your furniture with writings. The bicycle image used in this tutorial, as well as other cool pictures for printing, you will find in Graphic floor.

make the old wooden furniture with wood pressure aug &# 8211; DIY vintage furniture

pictures and photo-on-wood-print-as-cool-craft idea-for-decoration idea-for-vintage furniture-with-druch-on-wood

How to print images and photos on wood quickly and easily using the foil bag? Carefully cut off the lateral holes along the pocket edge. The pouch must maintain their bag shape, so the edge is not cut! Insert a piece of paper in the film bag purely for stability in the printing ink in the printer. Once you have the desired image on the foil pouch, printed, remove the white sheet out vorschichtig, so you do not smudge the ink. Place the printed side of the film bag on the wood surface. With the help of a ruler or plastic card you slide the slide. You can lift the foil pouch, and to absorb the residual ink with the white sheet of paper, if they exist.

creative decoration idea for designer furniture made of wood with a pressure aug wood

printing on wood with ink and transparent side covers

fantastic decoration with photo aug wood as inspiration for modern interior industrial style

tinker photo images made of wood

creative wall design with wedding photos and paintings on wood

print wedding photo on wood

interesting wooden deco idea with the Pressure aug wood 

tinker with wood as a creative craft ideas for wood deco with pressure on wood

Now we show you how you can take pictures on wood with parchment paper. As an example, you will see a DIY wooden box pallets, which is creatively designed with pressure on wood. If you want to accurately reproduce the images used in the following DIY project, you can download the Orange image of Graphics Fairy and stamps from here. They are still parchment paper (cut into pieces with the size of 21cm x 31 cm), scotch tape, two textile sheets (or cut two towels from an old T-shirt), a soft pad (like polishing), and require an ink printer.

build cool wooden box itself from pallets and customize

DIY crate pallets with wood deco idea by printing of images on wood

With the help of Photoshop, you can arrange the selected images and fonts. Forget freak out not the scriptures and the words, as they are printed mirrored! Next, attach a piece of parchment paper on an A4 sheet with the adhesive tape, whereby you need to fold the parchment paper only at one edge and fasten it to the sheet, but this must be the edge that is first received by the printer. Do not touch the printed representation! Dampen a cloth and make the wood surface where you will be printing, wet. Then you dry off the surface with the dry cloth. This way, you will prepare the wood surface for the absorption of the ink. However, the wood must not be too wet, so that the ink does not flow. You can choose from on another piece of wood, such as wet or dry the wood surface should be. Now cut off a printed on the motives and lay it on the wood, without pushing the paper sideways to fit the subject. Rub the pad. Repeat the same for the other subjects that you still want to print on the wood. Let dry the printed representation for about 2 hours.

tinker with wood &# 8211; interesting idea for DIY sounds with creative wooden decoration by pressure aug wood

DIY fruit sounds of pallets with pressure on wood deco

After your pictures or your photo is completely dry on wood, a layer of wax must apply for furniture. So a wax you can make yourself. Mix 1 part beeswax (planed) with 4 parts of jojoba oil or olive oil in a sounds. Warm the sounds in a water bath until the wax melts and stir the mixture around. After application of the DIY wax, the color of the wood surface richer and sharper look. In 24 hours, the creatively designed wooden box is ready to benefit.

Images on wood Print as inspiration for DIY vintage coffee table

wood deco idea for vintage furniture with pictures on wood and ink printed on wood

interesting craft ideas for improvement of old wooden furniture with photo printing on wood

redesign of old wooden cupboard with blue print on wood

an idea how you can make your furniture from pallets creative

decorate and build pallets

unique design Duch printing from the photo on wood

cool wood deco tinker with pictures on wood itself

Here’s a cool craft idea and inspiration for photo on wood. Here is the picture to be printed strictly from a laser printer, not the printer ink! They are also a foam brush and the modeling paste (gel medium from Liquitex) need. Coat the wood board with modeling paste. The coating should not be applied thickly. Place the photo on the tree and in any case, try to push it or adapt after the picture already is on the wood surface. Take away the glued Photo with hands or plastic card smooth and thus resulting bubbles. Allow to dry the pressure for 24 hours. In 24 hours you need to moisten a cloth and start gently wipe the paper surface. but do not push too hard in order not to beschödigen the pressure on the wood.

Images on wood as a creative Christmas ideas

sideboard rustic kreatiev decorate with DIY wooden images by pressing wood

Photo on wood &# 8211; a creative craft ideas for decorating with pictures and photos

photo printing on wood as a craft idea for DIY wall decoration and creative wall design with pictures

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