Cool painting ideas for DIY glass vases

Cool painting ideas for DIY glass vases

Cool painting ideas for DIY glass vases

What do you do with all glass bottles and glass jars that are not returned to the store? Instead of throwing them away, use them for creative flower vases to beautify your home. We will show equal some creative craft ideas for DIY vases that you can make quick and easy new. The empty glass bottles and glass jars can ideally be used again as an interesting flower vases. You must refresh this only slightly, paint color and your own designer vase is ready. Need a new vase or would like to give one? You will be convinced with certainty of our examples for a homemade flower vase. Freshen the interior with a few empty bottles.

Ideas for DIY decoration DIY flower vases

creative craft ideas for DIY vase of glass bottles and glass vessels with acrylic paint white for modern table decoration

If you want to make a creative and elegant table setting with flowers for a special Anlas itself, use the following cool painting ideas for DIY-glass vases. These craft ideas are also suitable for a DIY wedding decoration. each table is determined on this occasion decorated with flowers. As a fitting inspiration for elegant and modern table decoration Wedding Decor, we present our first idea for a white glass vase. With the help of scotch you can design the bottle to your needs so that clear and uncolored places are left, to contrast with the visible green stems with white color.

cool painting ideas for DIY-glass vases in white

vase craft of glass bottles themselves and underline in white

Another simple swipe idea for your DIY glass vases is the staining with watercolors or latex paints. For different shades of one color you experiment with color mixing.

homemade flower vases in orange shades with watercolor

colored flowers, vase itself tinker

The following idea for modern flower vases for oneself is just fantastic. The combination of black with gold metallic paint transforms the glass jars in a beautiful series of DIY designer vases. In this painting idea a matt lacquer chalkboard spray paint in black was used. The contrast between the matte black surface and the golden glow surface gives the glass vases a spectacular look.

DIY-glass vases in black and metallic-gold &# 8211; Designer vases to make yourself

cool DIY decoration with glass vases from glass bottles to make yourself

great table decoration DIY flower vases from glass bottles

designer glass vases for itself tinker in black and gold

Window sill decoration idea with DIY flower vase glass vessel and sequins

Fensterdeko idea poppies with DIY vase of glass vessel and

creative craft idea with sequins for decoration vases

decorate flower vase with sequin itself

If you want to tinker a DIY vase with mica effect, use sequins or glitter. You can combine sequins of different sizes and to contribute with the help of a colorless glue (Mod Podge ® mat) from the inside.

Craft idea for the table and Hochzeitsdeko with DIY glass vase

tischdeko idea with tablecloth linen bag and DIY flower vase with glitter

cool painting idea in blue stripes for DIY vase of glass bottle

interesting table decoration with flower vase glass bottle to do it yourself

Tinker himself a designer vase with acrylic paint and Tesa

Vase do it yourself with acrylic paint blue as a cool DIY table decoration

Other creative and fast craft idea for cool DIY flower vases made of glass vessels is the painting by dipping. The result is just great. In this simple way you can already make more cool glass vase interesting. This simple technique you can even use the work of an ombre effect.

elegant table decoration with flowers and DIY vases of glass jars in white and pink color

cool idea for designers emphasize Flower white and pink tinker himself

cool craft idea for painting vases of glass bottles

craft ideas pink color with color for homemade vase of flowers in white and

What could make with hot glue is intended not only to glue items together. With hot glue You can also create allermögliche writings itself as a creative decoration on a glass surface. The following inspiration is in fact a great example.

creative decorating ideas for DIY vases of glass vessels

DIY glass vase black and white glass vessel

DIY fonts with hot glue as a cool decoration for glass bottles

creative craft ideas for flower vases himself to tinker with glass DIY lettering hot glue

empty glass bottles and cans as a new use for DIY vases

DIY glass vase from bottles in white as ideas for DIY table decoration

color DIY flower vases as creative decoration idea and cool craft idea

homemade flower vase made of glass and spray paint as a craft idea for DIY decoration

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