cool model for DIY pendant lamp grid plate – lamps themselves tinker ideas

cool model for DIY pendant lamp grid plate - lamps themselves tinker ideas

Tinker a hanging lamp made of sheet metal grid itself. What you need is this lamp accessories, cross rail, wire, machine screws NR 8, washers M5 and two metal plates, which is mostly used for cover vent. The sheet metal sheet is fixed by the perforation adapted to the screws and the washers. In addition, the bolts are screwed to threaded nuts. The shade of your DIY pendant light is made to humiliating way.

Step 1. Fold the sheet metal and hold the two together Randen. Place the screws with the shims in the holes that are located close to the beets. The bolts can be fastened with the nuts.

Step 2. Place the crossbar in the middle and secure it with the wire. Place a brass pipe socket in the central hole of the crossbar. To fix the pipe connection, they also make use of threaded nut and the fitting screw.

Step 3. Pierce through the line cord for the lamp on the pipe socket and allow it to hang enough cable. Then thread the cable to the socket around. Let loose the screws of the socket. Turn the ribbed wire around the silver screw of the frame and smooth wire around the golden screw. Attach the screws now. Mount the pendulum lamp on the ceiling and install a light bulb.

*** Since the metal can heat up, use lamps with low Watten.

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